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Earth/Animal Grand Jury Roundup

Before dawn, this morning, two FBI agents from the Eugene office and several state police officers came to Southern Oregon to subpoena Suzanne Savoie, to appear before a federal grand jury on February 16, 2005 in Eugene...They told Savoie that if she didn't start giving them information she would take the fall for all the men they said were involved. They said women usually take the fall for men and that she shouldn't let that happen. They showed Savoie four named photos of men who they said were the "bombmakers" and that they wanted her to give information about them. The FBI also used the usual tactics of threatening 60 years in jail to intimidate Savoie.

...they tracked down [Jonathan Paul] on highway 238 about 50 miles from here. He was in a van returning from work with several other individuals. He saw a BLM law enforcement vehicle followed by the Jeep SUV carrying the same two FBI agents approaching from the opposite direction. The BLM vehicle made a u-turn and turned on his overhead lights and promptly went off the road into a ditch and remained there while the FBI vehicle turned and followed the vehicle Jonathan was riding in. Many miles later, the van had to stop to drop off a couple of the occupants and the FBI opened the door of the van and asked Jonathan if he was "JP". Jonathan replied "who's asking". Agent Lorin flashed his badge and served the subpoena.

At least 5 people have publicly stated that they have received subpeonas to a Eugene grand jury. Are there more? | addresses for recent USA eco-justice arrestees on remand | Police informants in the Round-up

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