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Portlanders critique media coverage of Dec. 10 events

Well, having read here about the demonstrations and other actions about time here, and only here, I proceeded (as an experiment) to check the local "news" broadcasts, to see what their take was on what was/had happened in Stumptown today. Nothing. Absolutely fucking NOTHING happened in Portland today. So, they had to fill the time with a review of Chronicles of Narnia (Again!), and weather. No interest in those protesting, those arrested, or the reasons for such actions. No "in depth" look at the issues surrounding wearing dead animals to highlight your personal shallowness, or World Trade, or Solidarity. Nothing about the woman who was assaulted by a cop, or the others who were arrested for the crime of being in the area. No fuckin news today.

Does anyone here STILL turn to the corporate infotainment tube to learn the truth of what is happening? It will rot your brain.

Oh, and don't bother telling them, THEY KNOW. I spent hours talking with several "reporters," who readilly admit that they come here to get their news, and sometimes they are able to run some of it past their corporate masters.

additional contributions:

  • In Portland, 2000-2500 people march down the streets of downtown against the WTO, the police officers assault someone, and what does the media cover? The lurking "problem" of prostitution in SE Portland. Wow. And someone jumped off the Sellwood bridge after a police chase. How exciting! 2500 people may have marched downtown, people were arrested trying to stand up for labor rights, and...that's more important?
  • I have double-checked for the impression we have of a corporate news black-out. Google News and Yahoo News searches show NOTHING about the Portland anti-WTO demos or any other local demos in the U.S. EXCEPT that Yahoo News search takes me to the Beta Blog search, which lists Indymedia links, mostly Portland Indymedia! (I tried many combinations like "WTO demonstrations San Francisco" and others.)
  • Another prime example of the lack of journalism is the "coverage" given to yesterday's protests downtown. There was NO mention of any of it on the infotainment shows or so-called 'news' stations. I sent the Indy articles to a friend who was shocked to know that all of that was going on in her city and she was clueless. Needless to say, she will be looking on Indy for news from now on.
  • I was requested to check, and if there was any coverage on any of the channels, to record it for those who were able to be the news. There was NO coverage on any "local" channel. Instead, between inane, and insane attempts to hold the commercials together, we had a review of Narnia, couple of "stories" taken from national infotainment during the week, a lot of giggling, and of course, the obligatory dead hero, home from Iraq story.

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