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Sandy Police

Sandy Police
I am going to try and meet with Carlos's father, Juan this week and try to put this together, I will post my findings here. This man is a vetran, I mean a seriuos vetran from Veitnam, not a gulf war vetran with video game-like battles. His story is amazing.

He has been holding one man protests in Sandy. I have never met a man so brave, but I guess this is about his child, and when that is taken what else is left? He needs some real help. I feel bad because he has tried to get me invoved, but I still have not gotten any kind of peace or closure with my cousin Fouad. He deserves so much more from everyone.

Like I said, I will try to post this story this week, if you think you can help or have some info, or would like to work with me on putting this together, please e mail me.


majo story 12.Dec.2005 19:24


This is real and horrifing story, I spoke with him briefly tonight.

Show you care 13.Dec.2005 15:03


Mr. Rubio has been parking his protest truck (with signs) each morning before 9am on the corner of Proctor and Bluff. If you see him there, please give him a honk and a wave - at the very least - to show his son hasn't been forgotten. Thanks.