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ITALY, NO-TAV protests: 50.000 fight against the police!

- the protesters managed to re-occupie the valley -
Italy, Val di Susa, (Turino):
Heavilly resistance in the Val di Susa Valley against the planned tunnel for the TAV-high-speed train. Fascist-Style Police raids (1000 robocops have attacked and beaten up 200 people, some while asleep, among them: children and old people...) 100s of injured people, some veryx seriously. This caused solidarity strikes at schools and at companies, and: on thursday 50.000 people managed to fight back against the police and to re-occupie the valley!






The people in the Val di Susa Region fight against the planned 54-km-long TAV-high-speed-train-tunnel because the work at the tunnel will set free uranium and asbest from inside the mountain.
The TAV will connect Lissabon (portugal) with Kiew (Ukraine) via Spain, France,.Italy, Austria and so on...
excellent report on indymedia uk 12.Dec.2005 08:38


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