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Another arrest and subpoena in FBI Eco witch hunt - Please write him a letter!

Former ALF prisoner Darren Thurston was arrested last Wednesday and is currently being held in an INS detention center in Tacoma. His extradition is based on his conviction for raiding a Lab in 1992. He was also subpoenaed to the Eugene grand jury for Feb. 16th, 2006
No word yet on how a subpoena can be served or enforced upon a Canadian citizen, but these are awfully strange times we are living in. Darren has been told, as most of the other recipients of the recent subpoenas, that he is a target of the investigation.

Darren can be written to at:

Darren Thurston
1623 East J Street, Suite 5
Tacoma, Washington 98421

homepage: homepage: http://www.fbiwitchhunt.com

more info 11.Dec.2005 17:44


Was Darren arrested in the US? Was he arrested in Canada? Has he had a detention hearing? What the fuck?

No mystery 11.Dec.2005 19:26

Mr. Groovy

If they find you in the US, they can serve a subpoena on anyone. Citizenship of another country doesn't buy you any immunity, unless you have diplomatic status.

Response 11.Dec.2005 20:53


He was arrested in Oregon. No word on hearings, still trying to figure out what's going on.

deportation not extradition 12.Dec.2005 12:10


this information slightly wrong, in that darren is not facing extradition. extradition is a term used when one governing authority wishes to have a person sent to their jurisdiction to face charges. by saying that darren faces extradition is saying that he is wanted in canada to face charges, which is not correct. darren is facing deportation, which is simply when a country wants a foreign national booted out of the country.

Correcting Comments 12.Dec.2005 18:25

A Close Supporter

The above comments are correct - Darren Thurston was arrested in Portland on Wednesday and transferred to the INS facility in Tacoma on Friday. He is facing a Deportation order and has engaged a lawyer to ensure to process moves expediently. We will post here any further information as it becomes available. Darren felt it necessary that people in the larger community know that he was arrested, is being held, and has been served with a Grand jury subpoena so a complete picture of Wednesday's FBI actions could emerge.