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Anne Hutchinson is an important study...

As a new student to Anne, I find her achievements are profound indeed.

anne is important 11.Dec.2005 18:01

kirsten anderberg

You are very right that Anne is an important historic figure that every student from elementary school on should know about. I am pissed I did not learn about her until I was 27 years old in a college women's history class! She is an amazing woman for sure.

Ah yes, Anne 11.Dec.2005 19:57


Wow; never anticipated this as a topic. I am very close (metaphorically) to Anne having grown up in the town in which she eventually settled and even went to a grade school named for her (Hutchinson School). I have been to the site of her home, long since razed. She is an interesting and colorful woman in early American history.

her biography 13.Dec.2005 04:27


Anyone ever read her biography? Getting kidnapped by Native Americans?

One word: RACIST

Read it for yourself before you go lauding her accomplishments - that piece was a puffer, and it had not one fact or anecdote (that I read) which put her in a bad light.

Thanks ENG 205

No Question Brian 13.Dec.2005 10:34


that there's more to the story than a feminist article. She does ave some laudible characteristics for the time period, but not without expense to local natives who did not feel so warm and fuzzy.

her accomplishment's are mireculus. 03.Apr.2007 13:26

Melanya Hamasyan

Anne Huthchinson is remarcable, I am very found of my history teacher for encouraging as to read about colonial leaders and that is how i learned about her, and i have one request to ask, and that is i wish that there would be like a list of accomplishements numbered 1-as many as there are so that people would read then and feel encouaged to read about her throughautly. Anne Hutchinson rocks!