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12.10 PDX Human Rights/WTO rally & pics

About 600-1000 unionist, anti-WTO/FTAA, imagrants-rights, and kids, mothers, anarchists, environmentalists, brothers, daughters, liberals, families, anti-capitalists, farm workers, and cops came to downtown Portland to oppose the WTO, support opposition in Hong Kong, march for union rights, decry the capitalist state and the republican federal government, sing, chant, shuffle, and charge a down-town office building. Some organizers read off of large report cards describing the voting record of state representatives to the US congress on issues of right to organize, immigration, the environment, and fair trade.


Speakers and Photogs from Human Rights Day March and Rally
Today, December 10, 2005, Human Rights Day, the Portland community took to the streets, demonstrating an immense solidarity with labor, the environment and human rights. The message was a resounding NO to the World Trade Organization, who will be meeting next week in Hong Kong, and YES to the rights of workers to organize. he crowd, which, in my estimation eventually topped 1000, gathered at the World Trade Center at SW First and Salmon in downtown Portland, enthusiastically listened to some brief speeches and then marched to various predetermined places in the city for more remarks from labor, environment and social justice speakers.


Brief Report, Photos from Today's March
In what may have been the largest labor or global justice protests in Portland in decades, nearly 3,000 people took to the streets today to say No to the WTO and YES to the right to organize! The day started with a brief rally denouncing the WTO and the corporate trade agenda at Gordon Smith's office, with speeches from PCUN's Ramon Ramirez and others. Despite the cold weather, thousands of people gathered for the rally, then the large crowd took to the streets. The march stopped outside the National Labor Relations Board office, where Stewart Acuff, organizing director of the national AFL-CIO, gave a rowsing speech, urging the crowd to support the right to organize unions.


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