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was Carlos Rubio the first settled score of 2005 for Sandy Police?

Tantalyzing rumours of sinister dealings on the part of Sandy Police in the demise of 20 year old Carlos Rubio beg exploration.
Google gives you the following website with corp news stories about carlos rubios:

 link to www.angelsmissing.com

Nothing in those stories offers anything tangible about about what could have brought about his death. From one of the stories, the following exerpt:

(begin)According to court records, Rubio was arrested by Sandy police last July and accused of reckless driving and attempting to elude police. Babst said Rubio's residence had been flagged as hazardous and that officers were required to respond to his address with a minimum of two patrol cars. (end)

Does in fact, there exist, possible information about the demise of Carlos Rubio and "...at least 2 others besides..." amongst the "..old timers.." around Sandy, Oregon? Is this information not possibly known to others whose identity could avoid being revealed? Indy people being the resourceful people they are, might they not be able to devise a way for those with info to share it and stay shielded.

It's hard to believe somebody isn't talking. If a crime by police against citizens occurred, probably those responsible are talking to someone about it. What will it take to get them to open up? At least it might be worthwhile to have some general idea about what might be the threshold for inviting treachery on the part of a hypothetically homicidally inclined Sandy Police Department.

(Sub)Urban legends are fine as long as the truth of a horrific legend is but a slim reality of that horrific legend. If there's sobering truth to the legend of certain Sandy Police officers offing those they don't like, perhaps it's time for the "old timers" to pull their courage together and accept offers to help prevent the police from turning the snowy foothills around Sandy into a graveyard for their settled scores.
Thanks st 11.Dec.2005 07:44


Since meeting Juan Rubio during the vigils for Fouad Kaady in October, I have been haunted by his quest for any kind of information about what happened to his son. I am glad that you have researched this and brought many of the postings together. It seems as if the incident is being 'cleared off of the radar screen' by those who might possibly help Juan. Juan has lost his son and he has no answers. He deserves much better than that.

Juan Rubio 11.Dec.2005 08:08


I never met Carlos or Fouad , but the fact that a punk-assed 24 year old cop who is guilty in at least one of the murders is still on the job and not serving a life sentence (like any of us would if we murdered someone ) enrages me !!! I am a sign painter...if Juan needs any signs or stickers made tell him to contact me...I dont know how to contact him.  vic_pittman@hotmail.com

Marginal people 11.Dec.2005 08:09


ST, thank you for posting this. It seems that in this case, the "law enforcement community" (read, Brotherhood of the Strong) has once again chosen to marginalize this man, to deny his value as a human being, and therefore make it somehow o.k. that they do not expend any more time and effort than necessary to investigate his death. As you say, rumors are rampant, and in the light of the Fouad Kaady case, they become more believable. Not nearly enough information has been forthcoming to allow the public to judge the cause of his death, and now, after the unmitigated murder of Fouad, it becomes very easy to assume the worst about the cops.

Years ago, there were persistent rumors that many of the so called gangland killings in New York and other large cities were committed not by the mob, but by the cops. If they could somehow put the stink of the mob on the victim, then it was assumed that it was a mob hit, and therefore acceptable, and even expected, that that was the end of the story. No investigation, no prosecution, no interest. Now it would seem that here in Oregon, the cops have picked up the same techniques, through insinuation and inuendo, they somehow make a marginal being from someone who was once a viable human being, and we are all then supposed to accept their murder, and go on with our lives.

I did not know Carlos, but I have spoken with his father. He deserves better. He deserves answers, and I hope that someone who did know Carlos will speak out. He deserves a better epitaph than, "his house had been tagged as dangerous, and requiring more than one officer to respond." What the hell kind of response is that?

Again, thank you for the posting, ST.

Suggestions? 12.Dec.2005 21:14


Perhaps it would be good here to suggest ways a concerned citizen might be able to come forward with a story while still protecting some degree of anonymity.

On anonymity 13.Dec.2005 09:26


Not being geekily inclined, I can give you only a little bit of information re/anonymity, but hopefully it will inspire someone more inclined to give more definitive and accurate information:

First, no matter what steps are taken to secure your identity (Indy is very reclusive, and fairly secure), a dedicated agent can find the ISP from whence came a message. That said then, the real clue would seem to me to be avoiding any identifiable attachment to the ISP and the computer from whence you wish to post. This is fairly easilly done. I have never been asked for an i.d. at a cyber cafe, and I am not certain, but pretty sure that most libraries have internet access that is not monitored too closely. If anyone else has good ideas, please post them here.

On anonymity 13.Dec.2005 11:58


Anon and LN; Regarding anonymity; When I wrote the article, I didn't have much of an idea in terms of a specific means for a concerned citizen to step forward with helpful information. It makes sense to create one though. LN's suggestion about using a public computer might be good if some of the geeks reading here could advise that this is a secure mode of correspondance.

I also thought the following could be done. A concerned citizen might elect to hand deliver information through another person to a drop-off point, say for example, the offices of The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center.

The NCRC, established with the help of Alan Graf, the hippie lawyer, who was instrumental in winning a sizable lawsuit against the city of Portland for nasty business it's police officers engaged in upon peaceful demonstrators including women and very young children, would be respectful and protective of information from a concerned citizen.

A specific name from that office to which a concerned citizen could leave information would be needed. Aparrently Alan Graf will be leaving soon for Tennessee. In the absence of a name, I'd address correspondance to Alan Graf anyway. It would get to him, and I believe he'd give it the proper care. It just might take longer for the information to be used.

Assuming there has been bad business in regards to citizens certain Sandy police officers have, or have had issues with, a person with so-called information might be very leery of providing any information in any way that could connect them with things that have gone on. Maybe it's even impossible to expect someone with information to come forward if theoretical parties involved know what each other knows.

You always hear though, that someone eventually blabs, and then it starts to trickle down the grapevine. So, if something bad in which certain Sandy police officers may have been instigators has occurred, it's likely that some second or third parties know about it by now.

Not corresponding by mail makes sense to me, hence the personal drop through another person. If I knew something, I might not want to phone either. The computer can be a dodgy route too. In the end, nobody is going to come forward if information has effectively been confined to an inner group. And finally, there's also the possibility that nothing underhanded on the part of Sandy police has occurred in relation to Carlos Rubios death.

The offices below are super easy to get to: take the west bound Max to the 10th and Morrison or Yamhill stop. Walk 1-2 blocks south (uphill) to the big building directly south of Central Library. You're there.

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center
1020 SW Taylor St., Ste. 449
Portland, Oregon 97205
Contact person: Alan Graf, Interim Director of the NW Constitutional Rights

My Family 03.Jan.2006 17:18

Rubio emariarubio@yahoo.com

On behalf of my entire family I beg everyone who knows something about how Carlos died & who was involved to please come forward. Via email, an anonymous ad in the paper, a letter, a phone call, etc. anything! This truly has been the worst pain any of us have ever felt & it hurts a little more each day that Carlos doesn't come home. The very least Carlos deserves is to have his name cleared & have justice served. I thank each & everyone of you who has sent your prayers & good wishes our way & ask that you continue to help us uncover & expose the disgusting, deplorable, pathetic & cowardly acts of an unworthy police department who lacks morals, ethics, character & human decency.

E. Rubio

Lending a Helping Hand 04.Jan.2006 19:59

C. Slingbaum csling04@msn.com

Nothing seems fair with the loss of a loved one, especially when the the W questions are not able to be answered. I will attempt to do my part and spread this information, in the hopes that the Rubio will be able to have some justice as well as peace. Thoughts and prayers continue for the Rubio family as they search for answers. No officer is above the law and should be willing to accept responsibilty for their actions....Cowards!