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Compilation of as many articles and downloads and resources relating to 911 information like clips or articles as I could collect. Hour's worth of time collecting and now sharing.
See what just one Joe-Anybody can do by just being concerned for the truth.
911 Truth Report
911 Truth Report
"Folks The "Zebra 3 Reports" brings you The 911 TRUTH REPORT

What the Corporate Media is saying is Lies

This report will help you find the facts they ignored

One Man named Joe-Anybody tries to make a change

This is what I have Ben Waiting to share Please, Read On"


homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

the five minute website 11.Dec.2005 10:58


This site looks like it took five minutes to throw together. What a bunch of multi-colored multi-media hoopla over so little actual usable content. Yeah, this sure does show what any "Joe Anybody" can do with their free Earthlink webpage template. And the spelling is atrocious. Garbled compositions are fine when blogging, but on a website? The overall air of self-importance is a turn-off too. It just doesn't deliver. All his 'Links' are sites that are vastly popular anyway. Thanks for letting us know. If anything, this posting shows the potential for using the free Earthlink websites for progressive purposes. But this isn't quite the example to copy. Then again, this could be some sort of Troll-0-Vision posting, trying to make 911 skeptics appear even more off the wall than usual.

joe, please check your spelling and grammar 11.Dec.2005 15:37

anonymous coward

Joe, it would be a lot easier to read your site if you would just use a simpler template -- or no template at all. It's hard to read. Black text on white background may be boring, but there is a reason most news sites stick to that basic concept -- it's readable.

Also, please run your entire text through a grammar and spell checker! It's hard to take the content seriously when it's riddled with basic grammatical errors. Since all this was presumably compiled on a computer, there is no excuse for not using the built-in spell checker.

Overall, there are some good pointers here, but I'd love to see you improve upon the vehicle of delivery. A lot of this info is still unknown to a lot of people, but if you want to really spread the truth, you'll need to package it properly.

Lack of Spellchecker causes Uproar! 11.Dec.2005 16:16

Joe-Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

90% was copied and pasted from other sites.
Besides being The Sites Grammarian,
If you spend more than 5 minutes checking you will see tons of stuff.

I am not claiming to be a spell expert and will try to edit as much as I can
I do think you may have missed the point.
It is hard to do it all; I don't really have an editing team.

Thanks for the comments, besides fonts & spelling and background suggestions there are some facts that deserve discussion.
And I did spend more than 5 minutes.... try 50 hours (and it's not a free web host)
(what is Earthlink?)
When all that I have posted, only gets a grammar comment, then that speaks about the content!

I will be reviewing my grammar and reviewing links where grammar may be misleading as much as possible, thanks.


His heart is in the right place. The Neocons have a bigger budget than he does 12.Dec.2005 10:06


Is is fashionable to know who Michael Ruppert was before anyone else did? Come on people GET THE WORD OUT ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. Spelling is important for message clarity, but don't follow the GOP policy of attack the messenger, ignore the message.
99.999% of the planet knows nothing of the truth regarding 9/11, just remember that.

dear awareness 12.Dec.2005 12:18



pix? 12.Dec.2005 13:29


OK OK. He's not trolling. But we gotta do better here. By the way, about those pix you posted- I just read a convincing article that postulated they were faked to help bolster the govt. version of events: a 'jumbo jet hit WTC' and did massive structual damage. And how heartwrenching to see those people still alive! I even read one report by someone claiming the female figure was his wife! I'm not sure where the truth lies here. If you want 911 history, there's plenty of detailed professionally done sites that delve into the truth. Rense.com is just one. No story in history has been so distorted by so many different factions for so many varied reasons. What did they say in the film 'JFK'? An enigma wrapped in a riddle? Gotta really be discerning these days.

Reading the Message Not the Spelling 22.Dec.2005 13:32

Ben Waiting

the human mind and
the search for truth

Lies speak louder
than misspelled words