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STRONG>AUDIO FILE: Speakers and Photogs from Human Rights Day March and Rally

Today, December 10, 2005, Human Rights Day, the Portland community took to the streets, demonstrating an immense solidarity with labor, the environment and human rights. The message was a resounding NO to the World Trade Organization, who will be meeting next week in Hong Kong, and YES to the rights of workers to organize.
< The crowd, which, in my estimation eventually topped 1000, gathered at the World Trade Center at SW First and Salmon in downtown Portland, enthusiastically listened to some brief speeches and then marched to various predetermined places in the city for more remarks from labor, environment and social justice speakers.
The activities at the World trade Center was moderated by Shazuko Hashimoto, of Portland Central American Solidarity Committee, who, after a few brief remarks of her own introduced the speakers for that segment of the event
First to speak was Marina, of the Seattle Audubon Society, followed by Barbara Dudley, professor of political science at Portland State University, and finally Ramon Ramirez, of Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United (PCUN)
A 19 minute audio file of this segment of the days events:

After these remarks, everyone marched along to the National Labor Relations Board, where a moderator introduced Stewart Acuff, Organizing Director for the AFL-CIO. Stewart is a powerful and inspiring speaker, insisting that human rights and worker rights are the same thing. Further, he remarked that those who were attending the rally were the forces of Justice, Compassion and the Future. He also mentioned the Employee Free Choice Act which allows employees to freely choose whether to join unions by signing cards authorizing union representation.
An 8 1/2 minute audio file of this segment:

Next on the agenda was to gather at the Federal Building, where a number of people spoke concerning various local and national union struggles. This segment was moderated by Lydia, representing American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.Following these remarks, a representative of VOZ, a group which works for the rights of day laborers, spoke about globalization from an immigrant perspective, and its effect on the people of Mexico. Following this speaker, Stewart Acuff again took the mike for some closing comments.
An 18 1/2/ minute file of the final speakers:

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