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Police Riot at Schumachers

After the anti-WTO protest had ended, 40 of us went to go to Schumacher Furs. Some of us had previously been there, and we went back to get more people. We were followed by at least twenty cops. As we arrived at Schumachers Furs, many of us were angry. We screamed at the top of our lungs chants against fur. This was all happening while the Schumacher people were laughing inside and trying to take pictures of us. We became nervous when the riot police came. In a split second the police just randomly started attacking us. Great job mayor Potter, you are now making the police system as bad as it was back in the Vera Katz days, something you promised you would change.
Mostly all of us were dressed in black. We were sick of the amount of profiling that happens during protests, so most all of us were also wearing bandannas. The energy in that crowd was unimaginable, we were quite determined. The police laughed and watched us from a distance as we peacefully assembled. Then, all of a sudden, Officer Lee and his cronies interjected with the protest and told us all to clear a path. We did what he said, but that was just not enough for the pig. We asked him why he cared so much about us having a foot in their property, while here you have a much larger issue when the Schumacher people were giving people death threats. They gave us some bullshit answer, but we knew they were there just to protect the rich.

Lee got into a confrontation with one of the protestors, and tried to intimidate him with violence. The protestor asked why he had a gun and why he was threatening people; Lee just stood there and laughed in his face. A comment was made, and Lee seemed extremely upset. We stood in-between the two to prevent any sort of violence, because it seemed as if Lee was very upset. OUT OF NO WHERE, the riot police started attacking us and started beating up everyone. A 16 year old girl was grabbed by the breasts from a sick perverted officer; he then pulled them for whatever reason, and slammed her against the wall. She is still in a lot of pain. A very small 14 year old was Billy clubbed in the head and has a large bump there. Another 14 year old was battered in the leg and has a bruise roughly the size of a tennis ball. Clubs were going everywhere, and for no reason at all. We were obeying all the laws, and have footage to prove it. Many people were injured. I was grabbed for some reason and pushed between cops. They started playing the usual game of tug of war with my body and the protestors, getting as much punches in as they could. The police were so determined that they even got on the ground to pull me. I luckily got away, but some of my friends didn't. A 14 year old friend that was just watching all of this was handcuffed and put in a police car, as well as 2 other people. 1 of those persons, while entering the cop car, was assaulted as the cops slammed the door on her face. The police ordered us to the side and said we were blocking people even though they were the only ones blocking people. Then they started Billy clubbing us again and said we had to go to another side. Elias and many other police were laughing at the kids that were crouching down in pain. I was incredibly mad, and traumatized by this sudden abuse, that I had to take a walk.

Thirty minutes later, we announced a protest at the (in) justice center. We sat outside and asked to go into the lobby and know the condition of our friends. They denied us that, and kicked some of us out. They told the others that someone would tell us the condition of our friends around back next to the police department. We walked back there, and 2 of the kids went inside to talk with whoever was to come to talk to them. No one ever came. Instead 2 asshole pigs come out and say we are all trespassing and if we were to cross the "drip line" we would be arrested. They also told us that we could bring in another person that wasn't with us to negotiate, and that is exactly what we did. Two friends that didn't even go to the protest at all showed up at the police station to see what was happening. As they entered, they were both grabbed. The white one was quickly pushed out of the building, as the Middle Eastern was kept inside and arrested. I believe the officer that did this was Officer Wyatt. So, after a brief argument with the police, one of the student activists said to Wyatt, "You know, you guys really inspire me, you inspire me to do well in school so I don't have to end up like a cop". This was followed by lots of laughs. Wyatt denied and said that he got a 4.0, but we all knew that was bullshit. He made a vast amount of ageist comments which were only responded to by comments of his ignorance. We could see that he took offense. He told one of the students to remove his mask, and we told him to remove his mask. He did that, and to our surprise we saw a shiny, ugly, bald head. All of us laughed for minutes at the ugliness of his head. It was hilarious.

One of the people that were arrested came out and told us the police went through her phone. They even left her a friendly, stupid, comment on her answering machine. This search was obviously illegal. 4 hours later both of the kids were released, to their angry parents. Their parents were not angry at their kids, but the behavior of the police force they once trusted. As the day died, so did the weather, and many of us had to retreat. I'm still a little in shock of the pig's reaction to, well, nothing at all. We were peaceful, yet they thought it was their right to hurt us. I hope the police force gets sued for all their worth, they deserve it after what they did today.
Get out the broom 11.Dec.2005 00:31


Even with Potter's arrival, it's clear PoPo is
no closer to being under control than it was under Vera.

It reminds me of my experience working for a corporation
that was bought and sold three different times during my tenure.
I sincerely believed in the policies of the new companies (as
dictated by the HQ in another city) as they pertained to
improving their employee's lot in life. We all gleefully
anticipated real change.

However locally, the same damned people continued to be in charge.
They took those good policies and perverted them to fit their
own ends. Oh, yeah - the company was our local Cable TV Co.

A clean sweep of PoPo's management across the board, including
the chief are long overdue.

I would hope for a successful lawsuit against these thugs for change.
The only bad thing is "we the people" pay the settlement,
NOT the thugs themselves. They keep their bank accounts,
homes, cars, credit, etc. They should not.

the pldn and the nwcrc will be following up on this next week 11.Dec.2005 01:19


thanks to bash for this informative posting. (you really are on top of the facts!)

we will be collecting video of these events during the coming week to review the behavior of the police during the day. the officers of the portland police bureau seem to have a rather short memory about how their poor decision making has a way of returning to spank them. if there is video evidence of the violation of people's civil rights, a lawsuit against the city of portland and the offending officers is likely to be filed.

sergeant mike lee, for those who do not know, is a crony of the notorious nazi former sergeant (and current lieutenant!!) mark kruger, who is currently assigned to a different precinct (east?) and is now thankfully a rare participant in central precinct protests (saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in monetary damages and legal fees).

Can someone post pictures??? 11.Dec.2005 13:12


Can someone post the pictures from the protest at Shumachers? I saw people taking pictures, where are the photos?

Careful With Pix Publication 11.Dec.2005 17:38


Image and audio documentation, especially that gathered at incidents of police riots, malpractice and incompetence, should be considered potential evidence in support for the purposes of the peoples' resistance of and redress for corporate authority crimes. Publishing this documentation indiscriminately can reveal identities of innocent people into the state's accumulation of information for its own nefarious purposes and allows the corporate state to prepare its perpetual case for evasion and mockery of justice.

Publishing this kind of documentation serves the good interest of keeping the community informed, but I believe the better, near term service is met by not making it available to the adversary. As cases move forward, any documentation relevant to charges brought against the police gang perpetrators will necessarily be made available to them under discovery. But broadcasting it all now, indiscrimately, only serves to build their intelligence files.

stand up 12.Dec.2005 07:18

made up

tough call.
of course it makes it easier on the police to collect info on people by showing it all in one easy-to-look-at catalogue, target and recognize format but WE all have to stand up and be counted. There are too many people afraid of what their co-workers will think or too afraid of being seen on camera.
People feel that way because they are afraid of losing jobs, respect, etc because they still feel that the majority of people don't support social justice issues. The majority of people though do care but are too timid or just not aware enough of the issues to truly understand how messed-up things actually are. The more people that are unafraid to stand up, the more people will be less afraid to express dissenting perspectives.
The more "mainstream" folks that are brought into challenging the power structure the more ridiculous "the man" looks as we watch otherwise "repsectable citizens" taken away.

Let's talk about photos and videos a little more 13.Dec.2005 06:36

filmmaker, not a lawyer

I'm not certain that the legal concerns here necessarily trump the media concerns. Yes, always be sure to think about what you are filming/planning to post. But I believe telling the story from something like this is as important in terms of bringing about police accountability as is taking action in court. It might indeed make the lawyer's job easier if they, alone, had access to the video/photo "evidence," but I'm not sure that this is more important than informing the community and sharing what we have seen.

I will be giving all of my video footage to the legal center, but will likely also be doing other things with it. I guess I'm just saying that we need to be thinking/discussing this as a community, and not jumping to conclusions about what the most important concerns should be.

Insanity 25.Dec.2005 01:39

Nick Vegan

I went there with those who were being followed, definatly at least 20 or so of the bike cops. When the riot cops charged, I moved out of the way, as I was on a cell phone at the moment and steped into the street. Not good enough, two or so of the pigs tried to grab at me from behind a trash can but I bolted into the crowd. After it calmed down they didn't even care, or look for me. Proof that we are being assulted for no particular reason. I love America's human rights!