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Update from Portland Legal Defense Network

This is an update from the Portland Legal Defense Network at 8:15pm Saturday.

The adult male who was arrested for entering the Benson Tower building during the labor rally is expected to be released from the Justice Center at about 9pm this evening.

The adult male arrested at Schumaker Furs is expected to be held until at least Monday, and possibly longer, due to a probation violation.

The adult female arrested at Schumaker Furs was released on her own recognizance at about 4:30pm. (She was cited for interfering with a police officer and released.)

The juvenile male (age 16) arrested at Schumaker Furs was released to his parents' custody from the juvenile justice center. His mother was contacted and she confirmed that she had picked up her son.

The juvenile male (age 14) arrested at the Justice Center jail (while inquiring about the status of his friend) was expected to be released to his mother's custody this evening.

All of these individuals are encouraged to contact the Portland Legal Defense Network at 503.295.6400 to discuss legal representation.

Anyone with video or still photos of today's events is encouraged to contact the PLDN and donate it for purposes of criminal defense and, if applicable, civil suits (prior to posting said video or stills on the internet).
VIDEO! 10.Dec.2005 20:53

Phil felldownthewell@netscape.net

I have video, about a half hour of DV tape that you guys can copy. I would be grateful as well if the legal defense network, indymedia, and anybody with a camera could give me a copy of the tape or the original for me to copy. Also, if anybody has tape from the November 2nd actions, I need that as well; my hard drive with my under-construction-documentary and footage from that day broke and the data is lost.

I'll put in here my email and you can contact me there to arrange a trade.

Please explain 10.Dec.2005 21:32


I saw dozens and dozens of people leave the march and swarmed into the Benson Tower Bldg. There were so many I at first wondered if the total march was taking that detour. Why was ONE person arrested inside? I saw only several bike cops come to the entrance in response. Not many cops, at all.