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Member of ELF Arrested

Who is Really the Terrorist ?
Several accusations by the FBI led to arrest of serveral activist from Washington, Oregon and West Virginia. This is an extensive hunt that has been int he works for a while now.

When the FBI was interviewed, they claimed that "ELF" respresents the biggest threat of American Terrorism.

Personally I believe they forgot the two biggest..

1. Corporations

2. The government that protects the Corportate Empire.

I have been labeled a non-corporate/Business person. The truth is companies play a significate role in society, similar to Government. They are both important and because of that importance they should be held accountable to the people, instead because they have become so important the opposite as been true.

Someone once replied that our government is not beyond saving.. I would question that, when people are replaced in our government, what are they replaced with? More the same...

If you really want to see who has the control, lets look at the facts..

Think to yourself about laws/bills that have been passed at the hands of city council, county council, state and federal.. Now... Ask yourself this question. If we were to allow the citizens of the city, county, State or Federal.. How many of these laws would be passed?

Personally I believe less then 50%.. That in and of itself tells us that our government is out of hand. In my eyes, the terrorist are those that work against the best interest of its people.. hince Corporate power and the government that allows it to do so..

Was Elfs actions bad/wrong.. Maybe, but they never killed anyone unlike.. our Government and Corporations have?

Food for thought anyhow...

The real question is.. When this all comes to a head in time - Will the police/Army/Fbi side with them or the people? Only time will tell...

Troy Prouty*
Indy Media.
The real eco-terrorists... 10.Dec.2005 20:17


...are people like those described in this article.
Anyone arrested in the latest sweep are alleged arsonists and saboteurs, but not terrorists. Even the Oregonian acknowleged that the term "eco-terrorist" was hyperbole in their article denouncing eco-sabotage today.

Ivy a serious eco threat 11.Dec.2005 09:24

Fear, Bondage & Intimidation

I think plants like Ivy and blackberry pose a much larger threat to the ecology than a few misguided pyromaniacs. As far as people using fear tatics to manipulate and control people and media well who do you think uses those tactics?

not convicted yet 11.Dec.2005 22:33


Let's remember that all those rounded up last week in the widely cast net are ACCUSED by the corporate government. none of them have been convicted. none of them have plead. let's not be the one's to assume and convict!!!!!!!!!!!

the gov't has arrested and jailed many, many people who had nothing to do with what they were accused of.