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Mesomorphic Pigs Attack Women, Men, and Children in the Name of Profit

Officer Elmore will soon be resurrecting his role as riot porn star for the Videos from the Resistance. Because, in fact, officer Elmore is a mesomorphic asshole who has too many anger issues to allow him to make a living doing anything other than cop or possibly contract worker in Iraq. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.
I attended the demonstration today, in solidarity with workers across the world. While there, I noticed a roving pod of riot police sticking closely to the black bloc. Officers Cox and Ismail seemed to be loaded for bear from the beginning -- cajoling and insulting people in the crowd. (Usually, the cops seem more like robots than human beings. It's unusual to hear so much nasty conversation from them.)

In any event, officers grew increasingly frustrated by their inability to figure out what the bloc was up to. It looked to me like the yellow-and-black pod had some inkling that something was up, and tried desperately to locate the ever-chimerical "Leader" of the bloc. In and out and around the crowd they wove, but the bloc continually shifted and changed and slipped through their fingers. In the end, they completely failed to notice as the bloc melted out of the crowd and went elsewhere. Where, you ask?

It was a fun filled afternoon, filled with clandestine wanderings, building occupations, and at last, a little ruckus at Schumacher furs. (That's on about 9th and Morrison for anyone else who might want to pay a visit to all those lifeless, blood-sucking profiteers who buy and sell the lives and deaths of thousands of innocent animals day after day after day.)

The bloc met up with the weekly fur protest (that's every Saturday at the above location), in order to show solidarity with animals and the people who fight for them. And a good time was had by all...except that Schumacher guy, who looked like he might come undone at any moment. Officers were fairly prompt about showing up, but they were the regular beat officers, not the riot pigs, so they were fairly polite in the beginning. They drew an imaginary line for demonstrators, which demonstrators helpfully etched in with chalk, that people were not to cross if they did not want to be arrested. Pretty much, people respected that, and no one got ruffled except, again, that Schumacher guy. Man, that guy needs some valerian or something.

Eventually, the bloc moved on, planning to re-join comrades at Terry Shrunk plaza. Once down there, the bloc reconvened, enlarged, and headed back up to Schumacher's. This is where things began to get weird. Because the bumble bee pod of yellow-and-black riot pigs spotted all that black, and realized they had been had. This pissed them off, causing them to follow the bloc all the way through town in a bizarre little parade that presented quite a spectacle for onlookers.

It was at Schumacher's that they decided to unload all the aggression they had been chewing on all day long. I watched as officers made explicit threats to demonstrators, grabbed a child and a very small woman out at random, twisted their arms, wrenched their limbs, and dragged them off to jail. For no reason. While all hell was breaking loose, I asked the cop in front of me where I was supposed to stand, was I all right where I was. (This, because I did not wish to be beaten, tazed, pepper sprayed, shot, or get my camera arrested.) He said yes, I was fine where I was. Two seconds later, I had officer Elmore's thick, black club crashing into my spine. It aches as I sit here and write this.

And so I say again, officer Elmore is a mesomorphic shithead. And guess what! After he hit me, I realized that his very voice is soon to be starring in an upcoming video, entitled "Eye of the Storm," which was just completed by the collective. Watch for this, probably in the next Videos from the Resistance show. Those of you who have seen Li2U News have already heard his voice. He is the scary and barely literate fascist who fingers Bill Ellis as a "leader" on m25. That's right, it is he whom you can hear telling officer Jones (the one holding the cop cam), "Get this guy. He's a leader." (If you haven't seen Li2U News, I urge you to go to the left side of the screen, click on the orange "Video" button, and download it for free. It's worth watching.)

So the appearance of Officer Elmore probably explains the otherwise inexplicable arrests. Because he seems to like to (erroneously) target people he perceives as being "leaders." At least one of the people arrested today has been a very vocal and tireless advocate for animals during the weekly Schumacher protests. Probably, he assumed that this person must be a leader. Who knows.

In any event, this has been my perspective of the day's events. If I were not so cold and tired, and if my back were not aching, I suppose I could write more, or at least more coherently. But stay tuned, because there will undoubtedly be more reports back coming soon.

By the way, Jail Support folks. Copies of all the video shot today by members of the collective will be in your hands asap. Is Monday early enough?
Finally 10.Dec.2005 18:34

real news

I have been hoping to find out what happened today in Portland. Nothing at all appeared on corporate news, which is not surprising, but still frustrating. Thanks for posting what happened today.

Eureka! 10.Dec.2005 18:53

Juan S

THIS is the news that I was looking for. Thanks.

jail support/video 10.Dec.2005 20:16

portland legal defense network


thank you for your report. monday is fine for delivery of video from the action today. we look forward to seeing what you have and we encourage anyone else who has video from either the labor rights rally or the fur protest (or both) to contact us about sharing video. we can be reached at 503-295-6400.

we will make digital copies of all donated video and make sure you get your originals back as quickly as possible.

Echoing PLDN post 10.Dec.2005 20:40


I also would like to see the video - we have screening facilities in the NWCRC, which is where the PLDN was located today. Call 503-295-6400 to arrange a drop-off of the video.

Aaron Varhola, Attorney at Law