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PLDN, 20 in front of Justice Center, 1 more arrest, woman assaulted by police

Reports that protestors went back to the Justice Center to inquire about arrestees. 1 more person arrested. It is reported that one female protestor was assaulted. IF YOU WITNESSED THIS ASSAULT PLEASE CALL US. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
Six arrests so far today. One female protestor has been released.
Assault 10.Dec.2005 17:00


I saw a police officer touch her chest. No joke up at the FUR protest. I know the girl too. I was there at The Justice Center said we could not enter the building with out reasonable cause. I was rushed by police after everything was done on my way to the Bus 19 and cop asked me questions. But I said "Im I being detained?" they said no I replyed "Im I free to go" and they kept asking questions untill I popped some words from the 5th amendment "I will remain silence untill I see a laywer" And then they stop asking questions and I went on my very way. Still to see what my taxes pay for, For police to harass minors. Holding them for 4 hours not spertting a word of the're well being. Its fucked