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9.11 investigation

UA vs. AA -the 9/11 Timeline 'screw-up'

More evidence, that American Airlines 11 and United Airlines 175 never arrived in New York City
UA vs. AA -the 9/11 Timeline 'screw-up'

Pt1 9/11: The contradictions between UA and AA
Pt.2 (the mathematical screw-up)


4:29 (11:29 EST)
SKY, a female reporter reports, that "we have just heard from american airlines, they have confirmed, that BOTH of the aircraft which slammed into the side of the WTC,
belong to them...
One of the aircraft had 81 passengers on board...
we also hearing that UA93 crashed....pentagon collapsed after a plane crashed..."

4:31 (11:31 EST)
SKY TV, a female reporter, interrupting:
."...my producer's giving me more information as i speak to you...
flight 77, which we think was also an american airlines flight from washington to la, was also hijacked.. 58 people were aboard...81 passengers aboard another american airlines

4:34 (11:34 EST)
SKY reports, that the AA Boston to LA "flight 11 was involved", carrying 81 passengers.

4: 40 (11:40 EST)
CNN, tv host is asking a correspondent on the phone:
"...lemme just asked you the flight that united airlines says, they are QUOTE deeply concerned about the boston to la flight,
are they confident that this is not one of the airliners that ahas already crashed?..."

The answer:
"...they're simpling not saying...
...the FBI is involved in this as well...they're trying to track this...
the other one... they are not giving any confirmation.."

4:45 (11:45 EST)
Joseph Lawless, director pf public safety boston (massport security director) is speaking at a public press meeting.

The phone number of AA and Massport is given, but not from UA.

4:49 (11:49 EST)
The briefing is finished. Journalists are asking questions.
"...what can you tell about UA175 which is unaccounted?
Answer of Lawless:
"...i don't have any- i can't confirm or deny...
flight 11 left at 7:59 i believe it was on time...."

"...united flight 11?..."
Answer: "...i have no confirmation on an united flight right now..."

4:52 (12:52 EST)
MSNBC LIVE Insert Breaking News
UA Flight 175 Due to Arrive 12:33pm in LA


Pt 2)


At 2:18 PM EST CNN repeats a timeline, which claims:

United Airlines confirms two crashes, 110 people aboard

But if we make the math according to the final official account, we get the following numbers
for "flight 175" plus "flight 93"

56 + 33 =89

56 + 45 =101

if we make the math for "flight 175" and "flight 11" we would reach the best lowest combination
of 142.

That means logically and mathematically at 11:59 AM , that not United Airlines did
hit the South Tower, but American Airlines.

In this case, American Airlines hit twice in NYC, as also confirmed by AA at 11:29 AM EST, almost 2.5 hours later after the official time of second attack.

The majority of 9/11 activists are clearly in denial, because they believe the TV account and cannot explain away these discrepanices.

However analysing all media timelines, it CANNOT be true, that both United Airlines AND American Airlines officially hit the Towers.

One of these airline companies are clearly lying.

The question is not so much why, but for which logical reason? :)

more at

homepage: homepage: http://www.team8plus.org

thanks for the info, and comment: put yourself in their position AA and UA 10.Dec.2005 18:49


First, if I was planning 9-11 hits, you would definitely want both airline corporations you were going to "use" as cover in on it, AA and UAL to assure that they are on the square so to speak. Particularly because you failed to tell them you are betting in the stock market on their stock falling, while they help you out.

Perhaps some of the UA and AA CEO's were paid off, or were involved as well. After all, Skull and Bones'er and pedophilia inclined ex-Senator Boren (with oversight/connections with the CIA) was a director on the board of the holding company that owns AA. Boren convinced Bush, another Skull and Bones, to keep his contact, Tenet, in as CIA in Jan 2001. Boren's quote of 9-11 is telling: "not surprised." It's additionally telling that Boren was having breakfast in DC with CIA head-Tenet that day...so they could watch and see what was going on together. This would only be important if Boren/AA was involved, or that Boren was the AA contact given irrevocable orders through his AA position? That may be the AA connection. I don't know about the UAL one.

Second, you would have a list of the planes you were going to 'off' (as alibi) that day, though you would keep the media in the dark to see how the state terrorist event goes with your plane substitutes everywhere, and if there was indeed a queue effect on the real planes, i.e., the "alibi" planes, you had to have them take off at believable times, or you had to fugdge the numbers later (where the next plane was only queued up when they were certain of success with the previous one, so it didn't have to be rerouted to take the place of a failed important hit). You yourself probably would want to see the whole day complete before you began crafting the most believable alibi plane story.

That seems to explain the desire "to say nothing till its over" you noted above.

That additionally seems to explain why several planes are still "alive" out there, i.e., they were never deregistered as destroyed.

That additionally seems to explain the quick overhaul of all public data at the Transportation Department, where you could look up accurate take off times (which contradicted widely with the "official aliibi lie"), so the TD was told to take off such detailed information within months of it being discovered as a 9-11 truth resource.

The concern about actual take off times would have to be kept in the dark as well, as noted above. Particularly since you had a double AA11 on the tarmac at Boston (I think a believable story, based on other's researchs) The AA11 mark2 would be the CIA substitute plane, that would eventually be the one to remote control hit the WTCs, while the plane for that day AA11 mark1, was not even scheduled officially, though was put there anyway to "gobble up" the ticket purchasers of the morning AA11 flight, the double being useful for where they shuffeled the people into it and...off somewhere, definitely dead as witnesses who would blow the whole operations if they talked. They didn't hit the WTC1 of course. Actually a UA pilot reported seeing an AA plane on ITS UAL course, south-south-west toward New York., while the official story was all being blabbed about AA11 taking a flight north-north-west.

Though they are humanitarian terrorists, and as well wanted to make the AA11 murder later easier on themselves, since they artificially kept the plane from being full on what was typically a crowded day of flying for that flight. That means rogue CIA spies in AA of course somewhere, and it helps that the Israeli holding company--only pretended as Dutch registered, full of high zionists--was taking care of the video surveillance of the airport, etc.

Someone should look into UA's board of directors and see what spook connections are there. That would be our man/woman I bet who helped set up the stall on UA information as well as agreement alibi relationships with the traitors in the U.S. government regarding the UA connections.

Playing devil's advocate however, many would not need to be in the know about UA's participation in the 9-11 events: you can imagine that they were scared of saying something wrong so early regardless simply for future legal suit claims, etc. However it does appear that someone had the power to tell the PR hacks at AA and UA to shut up until further notice. Would love to know who that was.

"The majority of 9/11 activists are clearly in denial, because they believe the TV account and cannot explain away these discrepanices. "

Until I see what I consider a reliable poll on "the majority of 9/11 activists" polled on your statement, I don't think it's true...and I don't think you can or should diplomatically say it's true either without providing evidence for such an assertion.

don't 11.Dec.2005 03:31


the 10 billion-dollar congressional bail-out of the big four airlines that came in the wake of 9-11.

thank you 'forget' 11.Dec.2005 15:01


I had yet to place that bit that I knew about that in this context. Certainly could have had a double meaning or purpose...hushmoney. Thanks. Certainly could have been publicized though cloaked version of "shut up, here's 10 billions compensation for killing your passengers, and a promise NOT to investigate you guys."

I want to hear more from the original poster..

Look DEEPER 12.Dec.2005 10:32

Do not pass go

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than
to a small one."- Adolf Hitler

I still cannot get past the number of passengers on ALL OTHER transcontinental flights that morning, 70+% compared with the four flights, which were what? 25-30%?
Witnesses had to be silenced, bodies had to be disposed of. I heard of one morgue that got bodies from the pentagon MIXED UP with bodies from Shanksville. This was a crime scene and mass hysteria ensued yes, but they always peice everything back together bit by bit in airliner crashes with uncanny detail; including the black boxes.
The real truth of the events of September 11th, would surely shock even the Michael Rupperts and David Griffiths of the truth movement.

I for one believe those responsible watched the useless eaters plummeting to their deaths from some kick-ass seats in the command bunker at WTC7.

Just some good ol' Ordo ab Chao huh?
The Grand shuffle of passengers
The Grand shuffle of passengers
Boaz & Jochin ( pillars in background ) WTC was strong Masonic symbolism
Boaz & Jochin ( pillars in background ) WTC was strong Masonic symbolism

UA 175 never arrived in NYC- MSNBC confirmation 12:33 PM, 12:53 PM EST 17.Dec.2005 14:21