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Statement from Friends of the Catalyst

community stands together in the wake of recent arrests . . .
Community Supports the Catalyst Infoshop and William Rodgers;
Catalyst Infoshop and Bookstore Remains Open

Prescott, AZ The small community of Prescott, Arizona is devastated by the arrest of William Rodgers, co-proprietor of the Catalyst Infoshop and Bookstore, located in the McCormick Arts District. Rodgers is facing an upcoming hearing Friday, December 16 in Flagstaff at 10am at the Federal Magistrate Court.

"Bill is innocent until proven guilty. There is much more for our community to learn regarding these allegations. We do know that Bill is an important part of our community and we plan to support him," said Liam O'Neill, Prescott resident and Catalyst volunteer.

"Bill is a kind and compassionate partner. He is one of the gentlest people I have known. I am proud of the work that we have done together through the Catalyst Infoshop and Bookstore and in the Prescott community," said Kathleen Nelson, partner to Rodgers, at the bookstore.

The Catalyst Infoshop and Bookstore plays an important role within the McCormick Arts District. The District hosts family and arts oriented events for the Prescott community.

"Bill is a loving person with great integrity. He and Katie have put their heart and soul into the Catalyst and the McCormick Arts District," said neighbor, Rachel Houseman, owner of Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery.

The Catalyst Infoshop and Bookstore has operated in Prescott, Arizona since 2003. The establishment hosts a variety of community events including a High School Girls Club, Knitting Circle, Philosophy Discussion Group, Prescott Free School, Sustainable Communities Group, and has served as a popular non-alcoholic performance venue.

Despite recent events The Friends of the Catalyst Infoshop is committed to furthering the mission of this valuable community resource, which is to "facilitate a greater sense of community among concerned citizens in Prescott and raise awareness of local and regional issues."

More than a dozen Federal Agents spent over seven hours searching the Catalyst Infoshop and Bookstore.

"It is troubling to see legislation like the Patriot Act applied to places such as libraries and bookstores. The implications of this could extend far beyond places like the Catalyst. The free-flow of information and ideas must be protected in these uncertain times," said Randall Amster, Professor of Peace Studies at Prescott College.

The Catalyst is open from 12 p.m.-8 p.m. The volunteer staff is helpful and knowledgeable about important community resources. If you are interested in supporting the Catalyst contact us at  info@catalystinfoshop.org.

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