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Anatomy of a Coup - Part Three

Five years ago this week, the forces of regression took over the office of President of the United States through a judicial coup.

There's people trying to get Democrats to stand up like everyone wants them to and say what we all know -- that Bush has never been elected President of the United States. These people are organized as "Progressives for Gore" because they want the U.S. to 'fess up to what happened five years ago and demand recall/impeachment of Bush -- with Al Gore being installed pending the next general election. This has been the program of these progressives since 2001 and is still their program. If you think about it, it makes sense.

The author is a true believer, a Gore loyalist, who also says that this "isn't really about Gore -- no matter who the candidate would have been I would be just as outraged because this was done to US and to our country."

Part One was published here on Monday as "Five years ago this week" and Part Two on Wednesday. Here's Part Three from the blogsite --
One of the main reasons why so many votes were lost, was due to the collusion between Katherine Harris and Choicepoint, a company that is located in Atlanta, Georgia, which provided certain data base lists for Florida in the 2000 election. Investigative journalist Greg Palast did much work regarding this part of the coup, and his summation is located here:


Here is also some background on Choicepoint:

In 1998 the state of Florida signed a $4 million contract with Database Technologies (DBT Online) which later merged into ChoicePoint, for the purpose of providing a central voter database listing of those restricted from voting. Florida contracted with DBT in November 1998 as a result of a controversial Miami mayoral race of 1997.The 1998 contract with DBT was worth $2,317,800, and was a no bid contract. Sound familiar?

Allegations surfaced in 2000 regarding listing voters as felons for alleged crimes said to have been committed several years in the future. In addition, people who had been convicted of a felony in a different state and had their rights restored by that state were not allowed to vote despite the restoration of their rights. Schlenther v. Florida Department of State (June 1998) however, had ruled that Florida could not prevent a man convicted of a felony in Connecticut where his civil rights had not been lost, from exercising his civil rights. It was also noted that people were listed as felons based on a coincidence of names, despite other data (such as date of birth) which showed that the criminal record did not apply to the voter in question.

It was estimated that 57,700 people (15% of the list) primarily Democrats of African-American and Hispanic descent, were incorrectly listed as felons and barred from voting. Greg Palast estimated that 80% of these people would have voted, and that 90% of those who would have voted, would have voted for Al Gore. The official (and disputed) margin of victory, in the election, was 537 votes. So, we have approximately 51,930 votes vs. 537 votes. Coincidence?

ChoicePoint Vice President Martin Fagan also admitted that at least 8,000 names were incorrectly listed in this fashion when the company passed on a list given by the state of Texas. He described the error as a "minor glitch". Imagine that. To these people, Democracy is a "minor glitch." Also FYI, ChoicePoint as a matter of policy does not verify the accuracy of its data and claims that it is the responsibility of the user to verify accuracy. In this case, the "user" certainly wasn't interested in verifying the information. Choicepoint also has a history of less than admirable practices.

On April 17, 2000 at a special Congressional hearing in Atlanta, ChoicePoint Vice-President James Lee testified that Florida had ordered DBT to add to the list voters who matched 80% of an ineligible voter's name vis a vis , middle initials and suffixes were to be dropped, while nicknames and aliases were added. Also, names were considered reversible. Ruth Frank could be added in place of Frank Ruth. On February 16, 2001, DBT Senior Vice-President George Bruder testified before the US Civil Rights Commission that the company had misinformed the Florida Supervisors of Elections regarding the usage of race in compiling the list. (BTW, Harris and Jeb Bush signed off on this outside of court, because they didn't want the truth to be known as they were both running for office under the same system they decried.)

Greg Palast concludes, "An African-American felon named John Doe might wipe out the registration of an innocent African-American Will Whiting, but not the rights of an innocent Caucasian Will Whiting." He believes that 80%, of the 57,700 people he argues were illegally barred from voting, were African-American.

In January 2000, Pennsylvania terminated its contract with ChoicePoint after alleging that the firm had illegally sold citizens' personal information. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We haven't even touched on the butterfly ballots, the "intent of the voter" bs excuse used, the forged absentee ballots by the GOP, and the fact that the same standards employed in Florida f0r manually counting ballots were also employed in 33 other states in 2000 without any intervention from the USSC.

But ahhhh, Florida was a "special " case. Florida was the state in which Bush's Governor brother had promised to "deliver it for Bush." And deliver it he did, in violation of every election law there was. They sued first to prevent manual recounts. They deliberately fixed felon rolls to keep African Americans from voting. They designed ballots meant to deliberately confuse people to steal votes, and they stretched the interpretation of Florida law to favor 'their " candidate over what was legally right to do for this country. Events like this where there are so many abnormalities do not happen by chance. They are planned.

Something else to digest:

"A new study suggests that American voters favored Al Gore by a larger margin nationwide than his official plurality of more than a half million votes - possibly significantly larger."


This is also worth watching:

"Theft of the Presidency" a RealAudio file by Greg Palast from BBC.

I will be exploring that a little more in the next installment, and going on to the shame that was the USSC intervention, which was unconstitutional in and of itself.

The President picks USSC justices, It should never be the other way around in a Democracy.


For the Palast RealAudio file, go to ProgressivesForGore page and click on --

"Theft of a Presidency"


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