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Dec 10th PDX IMC Radio Coverage

Broadcasting Dec 10th, stories from around the country
Dec 10th is International Human Rights Day. This year's focus is the right to organize. Organizations are also using this day to show solidarity with groups resisting the 2005 WTO meetings in Hong Kong. Portland Indymedia audio collective will be in the studio from 10am to 5pm PST, providing all day coverage for events that are happening in Portland and around the world. Call in if you are going to be on the streets or resisting in another fashion.

503-715-0994 (in Portland)
800-939-7973 (outside of Portland)

We will be getting calls in from actions and events from around the country. We will also be playing music, speeches and other content to tickle your ears and engage your mind.

Are you looking for a preview? Here is a one hour interview with some active volunteers with NWRAGE that have been working to bring this Dec 10th action to Portland.


Tune in for complete coverage, pdx imc style!