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We Save Trees

More people are desperately needed to sit in
these trees, and to help support the
non-violent direct action going on in this truly
magical forest.
Also, supplies and donations of money are
very much needed to help protect this forest.
Please call to get involved or to donate.

Please Visit www.wesavetrees.org Today

There's nothing to justifiy cutting these Ancient healthy trees 29.Dec.2005 10:03



There's nothing to justifiy cutting these Ancient healthy trees. There is plenty of selective cut second growth stands that provide plenty of good lumber elsewhere on Pacific Lumber lands.

I can't believe these pricks who are slaves to Charles Hurwitz are full of this much destruction and greed. I thought white rednecks were bigoted enough to hate Jews enough not to be a slave to one who is a greedy penny pinching asshole like Hurwitz --- the kind of sellout who'd gladly pick out the teeth from the skulls found in Auschwitz ovens.

These are the loggers are the orcs in the Lord of the Rings movies.

I'd like to "hate the deed" and not the doer . . . but I can't write like I do.