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Addresses for 2 Arrested Environmentalists

Addresses for Chelsea Gerlach and Kevin Tubbs, arrested by FBI on Thursday.
Below are addresses for two of the six folks arrested in the sweep yesterday. Chelsea Gerlach and Kevin Tubbs are being held in Lane County Jail, awaiting hearings in federal court in Eugene (for more information see link to indymedia story below). They are likely to be in there for a while, and letters and potcards of support are generally appreciated.

Please remember when sending letters to a jail or prison that what you write CAN AND WILL be read by the cops. You may want to check with Lane County Jail (541-682-2101) about their mail restrictions. Your best bet is to write in ball point pen on plain paper or cards. Glue, glitter, stickers, etc, usually don't make it in.

Does anyone know other arrestees mailing addresses?

Chelsea Gerlach #1308678
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Kevin Tubbs #1213751
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/12/329976.shtml

tubbs is going to wash 09.Dec.2005 18:30


Earlier today I was told by both Kent Robinson of the Or Criminal Division and also by Emily the Public Affairs Officer for the US Atty's Office in Wa that Tubbs was going to be brought to Wa, specifically to the US District Courts in Tacoma from Eugene in the next few weeks. Kent said that Chelsea had a hearing next Monday at 1:30 pm in Eugene and she was charged in the state of Or and would stay there...

Daniel McGowan's address 10.Dec.2005 11:00


Prison is a lonely place, and Daniel needs know there is a large community of supporters
wishing him well, and waiting for his return. A simple card, letter, or even just a brief note
of support means a lot to a prisoner kept from his or her friends and family. Remember
that all prison mail is read by the authorities, so think before you write. Mail to prison
facilities must always include a return address and the full name of the sender. For now,
stick to simple cards and letters without stickers, gel-pens, or a lot of decoration.

Write to Daniel McGowan at

Daniel McGowan #63794-053
Unit ZA
Metropolitan Correctional Center of New York
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007


**Don't discuss Daniel's pending case.
**Even if you are a lawyer, don't discuss legal information or offer legal advice.
**Don't discuss any illegal activity.
**Be Smart - remember ALL mail is read by prison officials.

For more information on writing to prisoners visit:

For more information about Daniel or about writing to prisoners email

Sarah Harvey's Address 10.Dec.2005 15:15


Sarah Harvey can be written to at the following address. Please note letter-writing guidelines in the posts above!

Sarah Harvey
Coconino County Jail
951 E Sawmill Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

If anyone knows the addresses for William Rodgers or Stanislas Gregory Meyerhoff, please post them. Also, if support groups have formed for any of these folks, please post contact info, so all the various and sundry support groups can network. Together we stand, devided we fall, and all that.

From the family of Chelsea Gerlach 12.Dec.2005 17:57

freechelseagerlach@hotmail.com freechelseagerlach@hotmail.com

As many of you may be aware, there will be a hearing tomorrow at the Federal Courthouse for Chelsea Gerlach. This will be a public hearing and all who have the best interests of Chelsea in mind are welcome to attend.
As her family, however, we would like to stress the importance and power of a silent presence. We, and more importantly the judge, will not tolerate anything but the strictest orderly conduct. This is not the time or place for political statements, but for quiet observation. Anything less will only harm Chelsea's chances of release.

Thank you for your ongoing support through these hard times.

FREE CHELSEA 14.Dec.2005 08:32

aron pieman kay pieman@pieman.org

we all know that chelsea will be acquitted since the "government" has no case against her

Website to support Kevin Tubbs 05.Jan.2006 16:39

His sis

Please support Kevin now. Any donation will do. A letter of encouragement. See his website for pics of the real Kevin.  http://www.supportkevintubbs.org/

We love you Kevin!