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Bin Laden kills another american

Another brother dead
It was the Miami airport, it was our guns, but this is exactly what he set out to do. In fact, when we start killing each other, its probably a great victory for him. He has won again.
Bingo 09.Dec.2005 18:48


Bingo, we are still loosing, the patriot act, security, discrimination. Yes, he has done some serious damage to this country, and his evil is still doing his its work here.

Amazing!!!!!!! 09.Dec.2005 21:12


Truly an amazing feat for someone who died of Kidney failure
last December.Check out whatreallyhappened.com


My Bad 09.Dec.2005 21:26


BL died of Kidney failure Dec 2001;not last Dec.


Bin ladens CIA gold card 09.Dec.2005 23:06

new jersey naval shipyard arsenal

Bin laden was CIA. if you dont like him quit bitching and ask for a refund from 802 at langley va.