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Portland Says NO to the WTO!!! YES to the Right to Organize!

A coalition of over 50 organizations invites you to Join us in the streets as we stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and around the world in the struggle against free trade and corporate globalization. Join us as we demand the right to organize unions!!

This Saturday December 10th at NOON
March begins at SW First and Salmon! [ more ]

Jail Support/ Legal Number for Sat. 503-295-6400 - Please write down our number and carry it with you. We encourage folks to video tape EVERYTHING. We would love to see your video after Sat. Even if you think you did not shoot anything important, you may have. Feel free to call us from the street if tension mounts and folks are getting arrested. Call us if you get a ticket for jaywalking or are threatened with a citation for not giving your name. Remember that shit often goes down as things are dispersing. If you are an organizer or are perceived as "a leader" you may be followed after an event. [ more ]

Queer Solidarity - Saturday, Dec 10th at Waterfront Park - This Saturday is Human Rights Day. As queers, we have an obligation to make our voices heard and to stand up for ourselves. We will be marching alongside the anti-WTO rally as a show of solidarity and to create awareness for ourselves. This Saturday's rally will also be in opposition to the upcoming WTO meetings taking place in Hong Kong. Along with it's anti-democratic, anti-union and anti-environmental policies, the WTO represents a significant threat to the queer community. [ more ]

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