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Portland Tribune: Taxpayers Should Subsidize More New Roads, Houses, and Pollution

n recent weeks the Portland Tribune, particularly through articles penned by the once-progressive Jim Redden, has been serving as a vehicle of unchallenged propaganda promulgated by the Portland area's massive growth machine--which itself is owned and operated by the most influential, elite leaders in big business and new construction, such as Don Morrisette, poster boy for the Home Builders Association, Portland Business Alliance's CEO Susan McDonough, and big-business attorney Jay Waldron of Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt.

The growth machine's propaganda goes like this: It's inevitable that the region's population will keep increasing, so we have to keep creating more jobs and keep building more houses and roads in order to ensure that the region's population will keep increasing. Tacked on to this circular argument is the threat that the machine's operators have been holding over our heads, also utterly false and absurd: If we don't keep spending our tax dollars on ensuring that the region's population and consumption will keep increasing, and if we don't keep subsidizing the building of more houses, roads and other new structures, our economy and livability will suffer even more than they already have been suffering because of the last two decades of precipitous growth.
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