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Jail Support/ Legal Number for Sat. 503- 295-6400

We are the group that has been doing jail support in Portland for the past three years. We were called the GDC but we changed our name and moved our location. There are 12 of us, and we work in conjunction with NLG legal observers.
Please write down our number and carry it with you. We encourage folks to video tape EVERYTHING. We would love to see your video after Sat. Even if you think you did not shoot anything important, you may have. Feel free to call us from the street if tension mounts and folks are getting arrested. Call us if you get a ticket for jaywalking or are threatened with a citation for not giving your name. Remember that shit often goes down as things are dispersing. If you are an organizer or are perceived as "a leader" you may be followed after an event.

We will be calling in updates to the indymedia live stream. If foks are arrested you can tune into the live stream for updates on charges, as well as when people are projected to be released.

Many Thanks, 08.Dec.2005 13:54


to all of you great folks @ PDX Legal Defense Network.
Just wanted to give you a thanks.
We'll see you on Saturday.

VIDEO VERY IMPORTANT! 08.Dec.2005 15:00


I will have my video camera and I encourage others to bring their own. Your home camcorder, anything. Some Indymedia people will have cameras I am sure, I will, my friend might, and hopefully the NLG people will, but we need as many as we can get. Not only does it help to record police brutality and frivilous arrests and tickets, but the presence of cameras often deters the police from acting with force. That is good. So bring your cameras and record what is going on. If you have tape, post it up here because I might be making a little independant film out of the footage and would like some other input. The legal team also needs your tape and if Indymedia makes a video they will want your tape as well.

See you all saturday, hopefully behind the lens!

please share more information 08.Dec.2005 18:08


i know that there will be protests surrounding the wto meetings in hong kong, but i know little about plans for solidarity events in portland. where/when will this solidarity action be taking place? has there been any posting on indymedia about this? if so, please post the link here so people will know what is going on.

Heres the link 08.Dec.2005 20:36



It's also linked to from the upper left corner...