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3 months since the murder of Fouad Kaady

Bergin and Willard, do not breathe a sigh of relief.
Just because the "grand" jury says that it is over, don't believe it. Your problems will be with you for a long time, and we are here to assure that.
He was not crazy, nor armed, He was injured 08.Dec.2005 09:32


Will be served

Keep the issue alive! 08.Dec.2005 10:22


Thank you for keeping this issue alive. Info on Fouad Kaady's murder should be
permanently attached to the top of the center column at portland.indymedia.org

As we all know, Americans have very short memories.
I see this alot here at portland.indymedia.org

A hot story is bantered around for a week or two weeks or so,
then never to be heard of again.

I have a laundry list of topics that have disappeared.

For one:
What's up with Tri-Met & Bernie Giusto's master plan to eliminate
fareless square in order to protect us from the terrorists (and
make it convenient for the law to demand our papers)?

absolutely! 08.Dec.2005 18:35

UB Ware

This killing and torturing MUST be stopped. I sure hope that Fouad's family gets a good lawyer, and makes those power crazed bastards pay.

Thank you 08.Dec.2005 19:54


Here is one of the poems I wrote for Fouad:

Where have ye gone?
Where are ye laughter and ye song?

Will I truly see you again?
In the blessed place of the heavens.

Emptiness envelops me in sorrow,
what purpose is there in tomorrow?

You left so suddenly and without a goodbye,
as a sparrow not returning into the sky.

I am left here without your laugh and your smile,
not within reach regardless of my travel for mile upon mile.

God, please protect Fouad, and embrace him with your love,
let him witness us with joy from above.

I am alone among many, many people,
I pray for ye and ye family's souls.

Have I failed ye? Have I not commenced with ye wish?
Or have I commenced with my own selfishness?

Should I have fallen in ye place?
Is this world truly an evil place?

I loved ye, and still do,
Please guide me with love from you.

And still am I alone.

Thank you, you would not believe the damage that occurred to a very large amount of people. Our family immigrated here decades ago with hopes and dreams of freedom, liberty and yeah yeah yeah. This country is built on death and lies, from sea to shinning sea, 200 years of the most indulging and exploiting of natural resources that has ever occurred on this planet. When people say America is the richest country, and that is why it must be the best governed, that is so untrue. Like I said, what occurred here was nothing more than a plunder of a whole continent, and the boon of that plunder was taken greedily by a few estates, while all else suffer and struggle. People are lied to and drawn here by a dream of riches and freedom, only to find in the end of their days of laboring and taxes that it all was a all just a lie. Just like saying we are going to free Iraq, then go there and "shock and awe" the people with death, torture and occupation. We get fed up with the police now, could you imagine being occupied? The US has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people, and Saddam is being tried for killing how many people?

When I did all that for the grand jury on Fouads murder, I did it with my heart, I did what was taught to me all my years as a young immigrant student, about freedom, and liberty, and racial acceptance, and I had (have?) a love and patriotism that I would die for.

I just do not know whether there is any hope here, the people are way to lax, and jump to believe anything the government tells them. What occurred to Fouad would not have occurred in Lebanon or Syria. Now you can respond with all the lies you have been taught for the last 60 years about dangers, and killing of babies by rabid terroristic people who just like to kill, but I am telling you here first hand, its all a lie. It is ALL a lie.

There is a serious problem with the grand jury process in this country, it has to be addressed, we should go back to the Perry Mason days of preliminary trials and public inquests. People now are being indicted now for political reasons, look at Delay, and the environmental people. Then you compare them to Fouads Case, where a person was murdered, and even after we hired our own attorneys to force the DA Dave Paul to present ALL the evidence, it was still presented by him while he was obviously looking to cover the police officers asses. I was prepared for a no indictment, the Connals told me it was almost impossible to indict a Police Officer, but I thought at least it would shed some light on the grand jury procedures, that it was so obvious that it could not be ignored. What the Clackamas County DA Dave Paul did is completely against the law, and rules and guidelines set forth by the Oregon bar association.

I am terrified here, I am worried about raising my two half American boys here, and look at that airport murder! I will never fly again except on a one-way flight back to where I belong, Syria. That is my dream, to someday sell my business and house and return to my home. Someday, I pray. I have been here since the Death of my father when I was 3 years old, but have never really been accepted. It is like staying at someone's house while they hate you and want you out, but you are stuck there because of money, so you have to live there. What would you do? Well, get a job or do something to earn some money then move out, right? Well, it is the same thing, when I look at the big picture, the answer is that obvious.

You are not alone Zaki 09.Dec.2005 17:18


We all feel you pain, and we all know the terror that the current regime has wrought upon this world. We cannot stress enough, the need for community action, people to people, helping and informing one another, and resisting the machine as often as possible. Please do not give up, Zaki. You have a large family here, who support you. I, for one, am very aware of how much damage this has done to Fouad's family, and hope for healing as soon as possible.
Keep the faith, buddy!

Don't lose heart, Zaki 09.Dec.2005 17:44


You brought tears to my eyes, Zaki. What happened to Fouad has hurt all of us, and we all struggle to make sure that he is not forgotten. We are working to make sure others who have fallen under the wheels of intolerable circumstances are not forgotten. Wherever we find ourselves, I am certain we will also find people who are oppressed, people who are sick, hurt and in despair. We cannot avoid the work we all must do. There is no turning back, and there is no safe haven in some other country. You have done a good job for Fouad, bringing his unjust death to the hearts and minds of others. Please do not lose heart now.

thank you 09.Dec.2005 18:27


I am still standing, I think. I am going down to show my support tomorrow at the WTO protest. But sometimes it seems so vain. Thank god for people like you, it gives me hope.

THANK YOU ALL 10.Dec.2005 09:18


It's so sweet to always see a poem, a reminder, a comment about Fouad Kaady. His family and friends have deep appreciation for all who have taken the time to write and keep this issue alive. I miss my friend so much that I log on the Indymedia daily to find something on him. That makes me feel closer to him. He's not in the physical and I feel separated from him but to keep his memory alive is keeping me company. I miss everything about Fouad and I hope for justice. I believe that nature is just and you can't hide justice no matter how hard anybody tried even the very higher powers. The light will shed and it will expose all darkness. Thank you all my friends and family on the IndyMedia.

His legacy will shine 10.Dec.2005 16:16

A Nutherfrend

Trust that there are a great number of friends of Fouad out here. I never met him, but I am his friend, and will not rest until he is vindicated. He is a perfect example of what we, here at Indymedia, are about, and we shall see justice served. Keep watching here, as there is more to come.

Please repost 10.Dec.2005 16:20

Incensed in Portland

Fouad Kaady's story needs to stay near the top. There is much news to follow in the coming weeks. Do not despair.

PURE LOVE 12.Jan.2006 17:25


The name Fouad means "heart" I am heartbroken I lost me heart I lost my friend. The grand jury did not see anything wrong in killing a burned, injured and unarmed man. Family and friends hoped for an indictment it did
not happen I guess it never happened in Oregon before but we thought it was a different story this time. I heard stories of anger and rage from different people and even police officers in different counties. How can
this be? how can it be justified? But it was. dissapointing to let justice
down to mask the truth to tarnish the reputation of a very decent young
man. But this is not done yet. Officers do not breath easy what you have
done was not acceptable it was criminal and if the grand jury saw no wrong
I hope you did not beleive it. the picture of Fouad will burn in your consciousness for the rest of your lives. Justice will be served regardless of how long it will take. The grand jury is a joke and hope one day it will done away with. The secrecy and the lies need to stop. Let
keep this story alive until Justice prevails....