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Grand Jury Targets Portland Activists

Two Portland activists, Frank Winbigler and Shannon (Nonny) Urick, were today served with papers ordering them to be a witness for a federal Grand Jury, and were also advised that they are both a target of the Grand Jury's investigation. Nonny and Frank both have a long history of human, animal and environmental activism. The Grand Jury is scheduled for 3/16/06 in Eugene, Oregon. In Oregon and elsewhere, there will be organized opposition to the Grand Jury. It is essential that we support Frank, Nonny and all individuals attacked by FBI fishing expeditions. More information will follow in the coming days. [ read the full article... ]

Two Portland residents were approached in a cafe today by 3 FBI agents, 1 agent from Homeland Security, and an Oregon Sheriff. They were given grand jury subpoenas and told that the FBI either had, or were hoping to, make several arrests. The only other information available right now is that the subpoena's may be related to a fire at a Poplar tree farm, and that one of the agents present, Millicent "Millie" Tompa, is from Minnesota and has previous experience harassing animal rights activists. Keep your heads up and let people know to be alert.

I (shannon (nonny) urick) and frank winbigler were the 2 people given supoenas today as we were leaving pho jasmine restaurant in portland,oregon. we are ordered to testify at a grand jury in eugene on march 16. we were also given letters advising us that we are both targets of the grand jury. any information on others who were either arrested or supoenaed would be greatly appreciated.

I (Jennifer Adrian) was also served a subpeona today, December 7, 2005. I was approached at my workplace by two FBI agents, and was told that many arrests had been made across the country today for animal rights actions. I was also told that many other people were talking, and was pressured to "come clean" for my own good. When I insisted on talking to an attorney, I was issued a subpeona for a Grand Jury set for the same date as the one listed for the other people mentioned here.

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photos from grand jury protest
photos from grand jury protest