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report back from Fur Free Friday and Nov 26 fur protests

Approximately 100 protestors and their dogs marched in defense of fur bearing animals on Friday November 25. The march went for a mile and a half, and included stops at Schumacher Furs, Nicholas Ungar Furs, Nordstrom, Meier and Frank, Saks 5th Avenue, and J. Crew (who has only just this week agreed to stop selling fur, due to protest pressure). Protestors handed out fliers, chanted, and spoke to onlookers about the ways that animals are used and abused so that fur hags can realize their cruel vision of status and fashion.

On-lookers learned about the millions of wild animals who are trapped, drowned, and beaten to death each year for their fur. And the millions more (including mink, which, despite what the fur industry claims, are wild animals) who are kept in barren wire cages, endure extremes of temperature, lack of veterinary care, and are killed by poisoning, neck breaking, or anal or vaginal electrocution. Many westerners are surprised to learn that dogs and cats are also used for fur (although these products are generally mislabeled in the US), and about the callous practice of skinning animals alive.
(Learn more about fur and see videos at:  http://www.furisdead.com).
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