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The Gates Of Hell

I have been listening to all the arguments about staying the course, leaving now, or some combination of these concepts. I have come to realize that this president has led our military to the gates-----no, not the gates, into the pits of hell. We cannot get out and we cannot stay in Iraq.

The most potent argument about bringing the troops home is that this was an illegal, immoral and ill-conceived war; it must stop now. We have spent over two thousand American lives, hundreds of billions of dollars, our reputation damaged and our country ripped apart. The cost to the Iraqis is staggering; as many as 100,000 civilians may have been killed by our invasion and the continuing battles in the cities and towns throughout Iraq. Torture, lies, corruption is at every level of the new government. Our military is overextended, we should get out now or as soon as possible. [ read more ]

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