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Queer Solidarity - Saturday, Dec 10th at Waterfront Park

This Saturday is Human Rights Day. As queers, we have an obligation to make our voices heard and to stand up for ourselves. We will be marching alongside the anti-WTO rally as a show of solidarity and to create awareness for ourselves.
At the 1945 International Labour Organisatioin Conference in San Francisco, a proposal to embody a "Declaration on the Essential Rights of Man" was put forward. The proposal spoke of "promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion" (Art. 1, para. 3).

Since this was 1945, sexual orientation was undoubtedly overlooked as it often still is today. This Saturday, on Human Rights Day, there will be a rally and march downtown. We, as queers, will be showing up to make sure that we are no longer overlooked. We will be making a visible presence to show that we too deserve fair treatment and our basic human rights.

This Saturday's rally will also be in opposition to the upcoming WTO meetings taking place in Hong Kong. Along with it's anti-democratic, anti-union and anti-environmental policies, the WTO represents a significant threat to the queer community. The WTO prevents efforts to reduce the price of AIDS medications in developing countries. They actually work to keep the price high, protecting the interests of pharmaceutical multinationals. This is just another reason why queers and allies should be more vocal in their opposition to the WTO.

To show solidarity and to create a safer space for queers to make their voices heard, there will be a queer contigent to the rally meeting at the fountain at Waterfront Park, near Salmon and SW Front St at noon.

For more information, e-mail  queerrevolution@riseup.net.
Students will march too 07.Dec.2005 10:50


Many students and I are planning to join this march for the millions of children with poor working conditions. Because of the amount of poverty in 3rd world countries children have to work day and night in sweatshops making 1 dollar everyday. Having horrible working conditions and little pay, children cannot go to school. When children reach the age of 25 they are automatically fired from sweatshops.

In other countries such as france and united states, teenagers trying to get jobs have a hard time, and are not taken serious when they ask for full time jobs.