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Five years ago this week

Five years ago this week, the forces of regression took over the office of President of the United States through a judicial coup.

Information clearly showing that Gore won the election in Florida in November, 2000, and should have become President in January, 2001, is at --


This week is the fifth anniversary week of the treasonous judicial coup that opened up the U.S. to the current fascist regime.
There's people trying to get Democrats to stand up like everyone wants them to and say what we all know -- that Bush has never been elected President of the United States.

These people are organized as "Progressives for Gore" because they want the U.S. to 'fess up to what happened five years ago and demand recall/impeachment of Bush -- with Al Gore being installed pending the next general election. This has been the program of these progressives since 2001 and is still their program. If you think about it, it makes sense.

These people are Democrats, I guess, but they aren't on good terms with the Democratic Party establishment. Here's from the blogsite --


This coming week is a sad one for all of those in this country who truly do cherish the Constitution of this country and what it stands for. It is also the week we begin to commemorate the coup that took our President from us. And no, I'm not crazy. I 'm not living in some dippy world high on drugs. I'm not on any meds. I don't drink, and am not prone to delusions. I am a grounded reality based American who simply is not afraid to tell it like it. I'm not one of those mealy mouthed subservient Democrats or Republicans who just goes along with any edicts passed down by their "masters" in the ivory towers. I therefore won't shut up about this, I won't forget it, I won't forgive it, and I won't stop "crying in my teacup" about it as John Kerry and others told us to do.

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's get down to business and not pull any damn punches. Bush, James Baker, Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, The Florida legislature, the MEDIA, and the USSC were all complicit in the end of 2000 in a judicial coup that forever changed the course of history. Their endless rhetoric of multiple counts was just BS. There were not multiple counts, there was simply the start and stop of the same count perpetrated by their Fascist enablers who didn't want the votes counted because they knew in their hearts Gore had won.

So certain of that were they, that Katherine Harris even abrogated her duty as the Secretary of State to not accept votes counted that she would have gladly accepted had she been sure they would have favored Bush, or had Gore been in the lead when the counting of them took place. She was the Florida rep for the Bush campaign, so of course, there was nothing subversive about her actions. There weren't thousands placed on the felon rolls who weren't felons and denied their right to vote because they lived in predominantly black counties. The civil rights of blacks were not violated in that election. The butterfly ballot was just a fluke. What complete and utter BULLS^^^.

This series for the week will then bring back many of the points that prove that this election was fixed from start to finish.

Here's a start: Link to information on the National Opinion Research Center's (NORC) Florida (November, 2000) ballot survey --


That information clearly shows that Al Gore won the election in Florida in November, 2000, and should have become President in January, 2001.
Continued 07.Dec.2005 09:50

g.d. dem

Continued 07.Dec.2005 10:00

g.d. dem

Continued with detailed account of Gore retracting his concession, based on the Florida vote, and Gore's repeated demands for recounts as required under Florida law -- and the Bush administration in Florida avoiding what the law requires, as well as Bush early going into court to attempt to stop the recount activity required by law --