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A special note on dream association

An example of dream association that doesn't fit the pattern which I've been documenting

I've posted a couple of articles to Portland indymedia about "dreams that foretold the future" or "unexplained recurring associative phenomena," and these articles dealt primarily with dreams and dream phenomena. There's another occurrence of dream-related phenomena from last June that's been on my mind a lot, which I didn't write about in those previous postings.

On the morning of June 2, I had a very unusual dream. In my journal I detailed the dream: "There was a dwarf black man with a dual detached arm—it was an arm with two hands, instead of one, separated from his body. He had at least one hand or arm [attached to his body] with which to grasp it and use it, ( or it was used simply through thoughts). [The detached arm in the dream seemed like a levitating arm that kind of floated next to the dwarf man]. [The] dwarf came over and stood next to a group. A couple young men were jumping into a pool of black water...They were also grieving over something. Then one of the men was toking on a pipe or joint...The neighbor and his wife were gardening or something. The wife bent over in front of her husband, in a provocative way. At that nice point in the dream, [a cat] began wailing and woke me up."

On one other occasion, that same cat woke me up at a critical point in a dream. But the reason this dream is so interesting is because later that day I went to the library and read a Portland indymedia posting titled 'Is United For Peace and Justice just another Bush front?' by the author "say it aint so joe." Accompanying the posting is an illustration of an octopus, (the author was trying to make an analogy between an octopus and propaganda coming from the Bush admin., though the author's brief remarks are confusing) and there is a wikipedia entry detailing the defense mechanisms of an octopus. The wikipedia entry dominates the author's comments:

"Three defensive mechanisms are typical of octopuses: ink sacs, camouflage, and autonymous limbs. Most octopuses can eject a thick blackish ink in a large cloud to aid in escaping predators. They also have specialized skin cells both for color changing (chromatophores) [missing word] reflection and refraction (iridophores and leucophores). They use this ability to blend into the environment to hide, as communication with other octopuses, or as a warning: the very [missing word] Blue-ringed Octopus becomes bright yellow with blue rings when it is provoked. When under[missing complete word] some octopuses can detach and autonomise their limbs, in a similar manner to skinks and lizards. The crawling arm serves as a distraction to would-be predators; this ability is also [missing] mating. A few species have a fourth defense mechanism, in that they can combine their flexible bodies with their color changing ability to accurately mimic other, more dangerous [missing] such as lionfish and eels." (the printout I got yesterday cut off part of the text, accounting for missing words)

So I read this on the afternoon of June 2nd, after my dream. The article was posted on June 1st.

The imagery in my dream is strikingly similar to the description of an octopus's defense mechanism, particularly the detached limb. In my dream there's a pool of black water which obviously corresponds to the ink that an octopus can eject: "thick blackish ink in a large cloud." But it was the detached limb in my dream that really stood out.

What are the chances that a person would dream of a detached arm and black water, and the next day read a description of an octopus's defense mechanism, including detaching limbs and ink ejection? When I read the article and made the connection to my dream, I attributed the striking similarities to some kind of paranormal force, and not necessarily a negative force. In other words, I saw the similarities as evidence that there are instances in nature when wavelengths intersect or meet up, without any outside interference.

The dream, and my subsequent finding of that article, happened in the context of numerous other phenomena involving dreams and thoughts, (brain activity), which I've described as "dreams coming true" or "unexplained recurring associative phenomena." The octopus dream however didn't quite fit into those categories, chiefly because that article posting was a day before my dream. And it's entirely predictable that on any given day, I would check indymedia and scan the newswire, and read a few articles. Up until this fall, that's something I did about every two or three days. So the question surrounding the "octopus revelation" is not what drove me to check indymedia and to click on that posting and read the brief wikipedia entry. That I would do that is entirely predictable.

I've concluded that at some point on June 1st, the seeds of the octopus imagery were introduced into my unconscious or subconscious mind. It may have been something I saw or heard, etc... At the same time, an anonymous poster posted the indymedia article containing the wikipedia description of octopi defense mechanisms.

I wonder, did anyone else have a dream about detached limbs and black water, (and marijuana), and then happen to read that June 1 posting?

Dreaming of the past

I've written a lot about brain activity-related phenomena, and almost all of this phenomena has been since October 2004. That is, I began noticing it at that time. I only began taking serious note of it several months later. But one of the examples of "dreams coming true" was from Feb. 2003, an example that I just happened to come across in a journal of mine. I recently found an earlier example of a dream coming true. This journal entry is from May 14, 2002: "I had a strange dream last night about my sister. She was obese in the dream. And then, surprise, I saw her in downtown Portland for the first time in years and she was overweight. My dream told me directly that I would see her. It wasn't just a coincidence."

So now I have examples of "dreams coming true" or "unexplained associative phenomena" going back more than three years, and spanning three different places that I've lived at. However, I only have two examples from when I lived in downtown Vancouver, and each one happened in a different place I was living at. On the other hand, there have been maybe two dozen or more examples from the place I've lived at in east Vancouver, (which I just moved out of a week ago). So far, I haven't had any examples in my new place, which is also in east Vancouver.

Merry X-mas
explained associative phenomena 04.Dec.2005 19:55

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

You could have seen a branch broken off a tree the next day, made the association, and concluded pre-cognition too. If you can make loose analogies you can connect just about anything.

But you know whats really spooky here is that I used to work at The Octopus Car Wash and the water running out of the tunnel was sort of murky and now here I am reading an article about an octopus and people might loose fingers working at the car wash...

Doesn't that prove that there's an astral realm where it's all been pre-ordained ? Well not really. Your connections are too flimsy. To prove pre-cognition you need to pick a winning lottery number or something extremely specific like that.

octopus imagery syncronicities 05.Dec.2005 00:16

mark holladaymark@yahoo.com

hey i was channeling the lyrics to this new song i was writing (today)and it was something like "then, so slow, the octopus hides away". i set the song down since i was having trouble finding the right chords to express the spookiness of the melody i was looking for, and to this moment have no idea why i was singing about an octopus. they are however extremely fascinating and probably undeserving of comparisons. think leviathan, kali yuga, or cthulhu mythos. go vegan, oh and yeah, much love forever!.