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Election Fraud Bigger Issue Than Illegal Iraq War

While the lies of the Iraq war continue to break through the constant propaganda of a Right Wing controlled media and onto the floor of Congress, the total hijacking of US democracy at home remains blacked out, despite the recent GAO report confirming the election problems...
Meanwhile the corrupt operatives of the political right continue to implement the electronic voting scandal, even when states like North Carolina and California take legal action to stop it. And yet not a word in the mainstream media. For some reason the discipline surrounding the black out of the stolen 00, 01, and 02 elections that were characterized by impossible swings toward Republican candidates and measures, remains stronger than the discipline surrounding the Iraq War talking points. Even a BYU professor who contradicts the official 9-11 theory can get on Tucker Carlson's widely-viewed show, but the outrage from academia surrounding the statistically impossible vote outcome can get a shred of press from the New York Times, Washington Post, Knight-Ridder, Newhouse publications, Hurst publications, ABC, NBC, CBS...

To be certain, Republicans and Democrats have become essentially a single party of moderate conservatism, but at least the voters had an opportunity to choose a Clinton instead of a Bush, as was the case when Bush Sr. took the nation to war and ignored domestic concerns. Yet even this amount of independence on the part of the radical right in America can't be tolerated. As Henry Kissinger points out, "the issues are too important to be left to the people."

I propose that the reality is that, had the theft of elections in 00, 02, 04, not been permitted by the Help America Vote Act and the criminal and treasonous activity of Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, etc., there would currently be a Democratically controlled House, Senate, and Executive Branch. The big, corporate media would not be able to intimidate Democrats so effectively (though to be sure, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, etc. would try) or silence honest Dems like John Conyers and Barbara Boxer.

I also posit that 9-11 would not have happened, since the radical Right would not have had the control over the investigative powers of Congress or the ability to plant conspirators in the CIA, FBI, NORAD, etc. The Neocon agenda, so at odds with about 70% of Americans, could never have used 9-11 to force through the PATRIOT Act or fix the intelligence used to justify the Iraq War.

One group of Machiavellian, globally self-interested, criminal, and profoundly "evil doing" has taken control of American democracy, taken control of our Press, and without such control, could not have colluded to make the inside job of 9-11 happen or fabricated the pretense for the Iraq War and so-called "war on terror" which has been used to justify every affront to America's prestige and civil liberties.

If there is one good thing about Guantanamo Bay, it is that should the American people wake up and seize control of their government, Bush, Rumsfield, Cheney, Rice, Frist, DeLay, and the rest of this evil cabal could be held without access to an attorney, placed under lie detectors, and the horrible revelations of these traitors could be revealed at last. Then just for kicks, we make them form a naked pyramid and ridicule them on national TV. Once the evidence is brought out and arrests are made of Rupert Murdoch and all the other corporate conspirators, they will get the due process they themselves deny and the whole corrupt system can be restored to what our founding fathers fought and died to give us.
Good point 05.Dec.2005 10:28

Jody Paulson

We tend not to pay much attention to elections after they're over, but we have to live with their consequenses for years! We're just not focusing enough energy on those two major enablers of the evil-doers in power right now: a monopolized press and crooked elections!

Print this off and distribute widely:  http://nightweed.com/usavotefacts.html

To The Only Sane Man 07.Dec.2005 23:05

red forest fox

You're not the only one who has noticed. And we don't have much time.

Sane Men... Please! 10.Dec.2005 12:33

Another Sane Man

You are definitely NOT the only person with this knowledg, opinion, view, of the truth.

There once was a law (Sherman Antitrust) which forbade too much power falling into the hands of too few captains of industry. It was enacted to forevermore prevent the Great Depression happening again. The stage was set much as it is today, back in the 1920s, with absolute monopolies sprouting like monster mushrooms across the globe. When capitalism failed that time and our economy totally collapsed, abject poverty was felt by the vast majority of Americans, as well as most citizens of the world around us. It took a huge amount of human suffering before the recipe for a successful restart of capitalism was found. The laws put in place back then have been systematically corroded and undermined by the Republican party of recent past (takes a C-SPAN junkie to know that).

You see, capitalism under default was codified in a game invented to teach the people what shouldn't happen. It was a wonderfully fun game to play, but anyone who has played knows that when any player finally owns both Boardwalk AND Parkplace, and begins to build hotels on those to KEY PROPERTIES, the game is virtually over; the end of a quite long game comes quickly and inevitably.

Communism had its own Achille's heel, and to my recollection, their comeuppance came rather suddenly. Today what was once the competetive equal of the United States is a shadow of its past self, not to be feared except for the nuclear weapons it still has at the ready. It still doesn't make sense to PISS THEM OFF!!

The world of empires works in cycles inspired by human nature. The fall of empires is as inevitable as the sun's rise tomorrow. It is because of the same human greed that is so valued by those who worship the mighty US dollar. As greed makes the "Adam Smithian" economic system move, as if "by a guiding hand," it cannot be trusted with absolute power, EVER! Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the greatest truth I know so wisely says.

And you can be certain that the FILTHY WEALTHY who are behind all this crap you are describing are doing what they are doing in order to defeat the coming of the next GREAT DEPRESSION they know is in the cards -- made certain by their most recent maneuvers in Congress. They are simply smarter than us on this issue. They knew this over 30 years ago when they put their now fully engaged plan in motion, and backed its instituation using BILLIONS. Ask yourself who is behind all the BS streaming from FOX TV, and is being uttered by Rush Limbaugh, or ask how wealthy Rush is by now and who paid him all that money to brainwash us.

You can see what's really happening by watching gold stocks. It's the simplest indicator I know of. They just hit historic highs last week, indicating that the men of MONSTER WEALTH are beginning to head for the hills with all that money they have just stolen from our hard-won, but pitiful piles of NET ASSET VALUE. For the vast majority of us, it is downward like water seeking its level with the slaves of the third world. While you and I have been asleep talking SPORTS they have been wandering around in our treasury, and probably Fort Knox, stealing anything that isn't nailed to the ground. Most of it has been pretty much out of sight. Pensions being "frozen"? You ain't begun to see the horror. Katrina? You ain't begun to see the horror. Get laid off and you go directly to the bottom where you will earn the "minimum wage." They speak of a fully engaged economy with so many new jobs. Then never speak of the average salary of those new jobs, or the average wealth of the citizens. They would become totally undone if they spoke that way. For it would then become too obvious to the non-thinking.

Don't sit there being proud that you are the ONLY SANE MAN in our downward spiraling country, do something about it. Set up some kind of CENTRAL CLEARING HOUSE whereby all of us pissed off but educated citizens can find a group voice that can develop some grip on the problem. It will all start with a single first step, but hopefully at some point the kindling will catch fire and burst into full flame. We need to be ready with the identies of those who have done this to us, for they should be made to pay for their crimes against our country, against humanity, against our sacred democracy. You can be certain that they are quite familiar with your name. You cannot hide from their powerful computer technogies like DATA MINING. If they completely succeed, we the "early birds" are done in.