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ICANN kills .xxx domain name

ICANN uses a parliamentary procedure trick to shelve implementing the .xxx domain name.

The good thing is, good riddance.

The bad thing is, this is one example of many of ICANN's abuses, who, along with the contribution of transnational corporations, has compromised the integrity of defining and registering Web registrars so countries everywhere can have domain registries and hence people can get domain names cheaply and easily. IMHO, registering a domain name should be free or have a recurring micropayment to avoid mass registration of domain names by spammers. Seriously, not more than a one time payment of $1-5.

" ICANN has come under pressure to release the report and so provide adequate excuse for delaying .xxx's approval yet again. The people behind .xxx, ICM Registry, opposed its release, complaining that no other new domains had had their ICANN report released before they had been granted final approval and that they were being unfairly treated. "

This is what's wrong--somebody is pulling out documents in-between official meetings or during the interim and substituting regular documents and procedures with something else. I know this because myself and others are trying to locally form an organic foods organization on a nearby campus. When we were in the preliminary stages of establishing this group a student intern sold us out to Coca-Cola or whoever, switching our organization's constitution required for school club recognition with a lesser, ineffectual document *between the time our meeting was adjourned and before the document submission duedate*.

Back to " .xxx " the least they could have done was implement transparency and open release document standards. Still, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Even the pornographers don't want .xxx 04.Dec.2005 23:44

just a thought

even the porn industry does not want .xxx as a domain name because then everyone would know it was porn just by looking at the tld. why would they want this when com, net and org work so well for porn already.

but there are those who would want it 08.Dec.2005 02:29

like me

I wanted to run sites with .xxx, not porn sites of course. And given that this decision was put forth by the christian taliban I see no positives in it. Of course, ICANN will never make everyone happy, and are doing more harm by trying than by just trying to do their jobs. The future of the internet will surely look very different. And this is still nothing compared to the verisign agreement, if you really want to talk about rubbish let's talk about allowing monopolistic business practices.