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Photographs From Iraq: November 19 - December 3, 2005

A selection of photos from the last two weeks in Iraq, with links to an extensive archive covering the last 14 months.
Photos From Iraq: November 19 - December 3, 2005

Americans kill children, hand out candy, and sponsor democracy. Iraqis protest torture and die by the dozen.


An Iraqi Red Crescent refugee camp near al-Qaim, for people fleeing "Operation Steel Curtain", pictured on November 19.


On the same day, a suicide bomber attacked a funeral, reportedly mostly attended by Shias, near Baqouba killing at least 36 people.


Also on the same day, hundreds of people demonstrated against torture by the U.S. and its collaborators in Baghdad.


One Brit was killed and four were wounded in a roadside bombing in Basra on the 20th.


Another protest against torture was apparently held on the 20th.


American soldiers sprayed a car with bullets on a road between Baqouba and Khalis on the 21st, killing five people including two children and wounding several more.


The two kids shot dead by an American.


Former CIA agent Iyad Allawi is once again being backed by someone with money in Iraq's elections - almost certainly the U.S. government, as in the previous election. November 21


The commander of the American occupiers and the American ambassador got a jolt in Tikrit on the 22nd when a mortar exploded near a ceremony to handover a base to the U.S.-installed government which they were attending.


A suicide carbomb killed 10 police and 8 other people, and wounded dozens more, in Kirkuk on the 23rd. Later the death toll was put as high as 30.


A carbomb in Hilla on the 24th took a girl's eye.


A suicide bomber killed 30 people in an apparent attempt to hit Americans, who were once again passing out candy (this time at a hospital, fuck knows why), ignoring the fact that they are the targets of such attacks every single day.


"Who does this person remind you of?" - a sticker on a graffed up election poster for US-backed candidate Iyad Allawi compares him to Saddam Hussein in Baghdad on the 27th. In a shrude and hypocritical ploy to attract votes, Allawi, who personally executed a prisoner while he was "Prime Minister" moaned to the media that the torture, death squads, and general repression in Iraq now are "as bad as Saddam".


Same day, a protest was held by families of "detainees" in front of the "Human Rights Ministry" in Baghdad. The placard reads "where is my father?"


Kids pick up thier house in Ramadi, also on the 27th, after a visit from the U.S. military and some collaborators.


A child flashes a "V" (for victory) sign as an American Bradley tank burns after being hit with a roadside bomb in Baghdad on the 28th. Three soldiers were reportedly injured.


Another shot of the tank burning.


November 28, near al-Qaim on the road to Syria.


American troops and Iraqis under their command continue to harass and kill people in western Iraq - this picture is from Saadah on December 1.


Ahmed Chalabi's connections to the U.S. government aren't as well known as Allawi's, but he also appears to be receiving significant backing. (Dec 1)


Hundreds of people denounced torture by Iraqi collaborators and demanded that all prisoners be released in Adhamiya, a Sunni neighborhood of Baghdad on the 2nd.


Many carried pictures of imprisoned - or dead - family members. The girl's sign: "They killed my grandfather"


On the same day, the U.S.-installed Interior Ministry allowed a few detainees to meet with their families for the first time. Look at their faces closely.


Eleven Iraqis working as soldiers for the U.S.-installed government were killed in an ambush near Baqouba on December 3; the man in the picture later died.


Al-Jazeera aired a video, from the Islamic Army in Iraq, which claimed to show the killing of ten Marines on foot patrol near Fallujah. Such a blast was reported by the military, but it was unclear if the video showed the same incident.

American-installed Iraqi politicians are planning to hand over billions of dollars' worth of oil to foreign companies.

The U.S. military has admitted to paying money to have stories written by its officers planted in the Iraqi press.

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selected sources:
Cryptome's Iraq-kill-maim.org, which has just started to archive AP photos from Iraq. High quality.

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Dahr Jamail
Please reply here if you know where more original Iraq photos, preferably with details, can be obtained.