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ROB LOS RICOS Oregon anarchist political prisoner update; 777 months down, 7 more to go!!!!
Dispatch los Ricos for 24.11, 25 and 27

thanksgiving day N24. I in no, way shape or form "celebrate" a date that marks the genocide of my people; haven't for over a decade. For myself, as well as many other's worldwide, this day is marked as a National Day of Mourning. This year it also meant an extra Santiam prison visiting day with Rob...

The visiting room was less full than usual on thanksgiving. Rob is in good spirit, feeling well and happy as I am that we have an extra visiting day. After a quick catch up and getting dragged to the backdrop for yet another prison photo, we talk about the web work and speaking presentation that Rob has in mind for next year. He asks that I send two books to him, one on html and the other on Power Point (already in the mail from Powell's Books). Rob is still finetuning his presentation outline. It will be a great one with a few surprises. We also discuss his friend and enviro activist Jeff "Free" Luers. Free is currently incarcerated at Oregon State Prison serving out a 22 year sentence for torching three SUVs. As always, we are outraged at the sentence given this young man. His trial, a political trial from the onset as was Rob's, was fraught with bias. A lot of our discussion was around activists and political trials and how those who go to prison because they put action to words too often lose the support of those on the outside who do nothing but talk and are incapable of carrying the conviction of action... this was a sad discussion, really, some sentiments to be shared later...

Please carry both Rob and Free in your hearts... send a birthday card? Free turns 27 on December 3, Rob will be 46 on December 31.

I was finally able to get Rob's 1999 Lane County booking photo/mug shot from DOC for Rob's speaker's presentation. Even though I had been told by Rob that the photo that appeared in the media was obviously digitally altered to erase the blood from his face and hair, it is still clearly evident that the LC robo cops had a field day tap dancing with spiked boots across his face and head. I knew that his nose had been broken and shoulder dislocated; still, I was not prepared for the image that pounced upon me as I opened the e-mailed attachment...

Friday evening and Sunday afternoon N25&27. Things discussed: Inmates had a thanksgiving dinner at Santiam. Was edible, much happiness abounds. Sunday Surprise for lunch, inedible and unrecognizable, "Is it meat, is it roast beef... what the fuck is it?" Rob and Marlena taste test: "Famous Amos" vs "Grandma's" brand prison vending machine cookies (Famous Amos, hands down; given a real choice of which to eat, neither), Winter Solstice gifts for me to deliver to Rob's daughter Raven (a surpise!), Stupid But True Santiam Prison Rules.

Let me close with Stupid But True Santiam Prison Rules.

1. Visitors cannot wear blue. Clashes with prison décor. Jus playn. Blue is the color of inmate garb. No visitor over three feet tall can wear blue... clothes exchange may serve as foundation for... I have no idea, what; a prison break? Levi envy? I ask Rob the definitive reason for this rule as given to inmates. Answer: "Because it's prison.
2. Visitors cannot dress all in white. When inmates are in transit, they wear white uniforms. Same logic as color blue? Why? "It's prison."
3. On certain days, inmates are allowed to walk or run around the prison yard track one way, on other days they must go in the opposite direction. How come? "Prison."
4. Inmates are not allowed to wear hair ties. WTF? "Because it's prison."
5. Mail protocol (all communication is monitored and read, both incoming and outgoing): letters/envelopes must not have evidence of tape, lipstick, White Out. I sent Rob a card a while back. It was returned to me because some of the artwork contained glitter. I am not making this up. Why can't glitter attached to paper be sent to prisoners? "Prison."
6. Inmates are allowed to have food and snacks in their bunk area that comes from vending machines and commissary but not food and snacks from the cafeteria. Where is the logic in this? "Doesn't have to be any logic. It's prison."
7. Books can only be mailed to prisoners in Oregon that come directly from the publisher or bookstore where books are purchased. "You need to ask?"

Sorry for the tardiness of this dispatch, computer problems. Talk to y'all in one week. Be well, bring down Babylon.


Oh! The elderly women who passed out in the visiting room is a-ok, no thanks to prisoncRAT medical prorocol who took forever to assist her...