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Cop protest in Sandy?

What's up with the truck parked on Hwy 26?
Just saw a large truck parked on the side of Hwy 26 just west of Sandy DT near the stop light to Fred Meyer's on 362nd. It's plastered with signs:

"He was Murdered"
"Sandy PD Profiling?"
"Sandy PD Must Be Held Accountable"
"If I'm crazy, then why is he running?"

There's also a phone number (which I won't post here).

What's up??? Is this about Rubio and/or Kaady? Who's running?
It's there right now (2:45 pm), but probably won't be much longer. Lots of people are stopping to check it out.

Not sure. 02.Dec.2005 17:37


It could be either Rubio, whose son was found murdered after a run-in with the Sandy PD, or else Kaady, who was murdered by Sandy officer Bergin and CCSO officer Willard. Either way, I agree: Sandy PD must be held accountable.

some info 02.Dec.2005 17:37


This sounds like the truck Juan Rubio drives. He has serious issues with the Sandy Police Department which I won't go into right now. Juan did come to each and every vigil we held in front of the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City when we stood for Fouad Kaady during the grand jury delibrations.

Boycott Sandy 02.Dec.2005 19:09


There will be no semblance of justice here...the most we can hope for , I'm afraid , is getting the 24 year old murderer Bill Bergin fired. I think the only way might be to contact Sandy businesses and the Chamber of Commerce and let them know that as long as Bergin is on the police force you are not going to come into Sandy , and not going to spend your money there. I did that and added that if Bergin felt threatened enough to kill a naked ,unarmed man , then surely I would be killed if pulled over by Bergin as I am usually dressed and I am a large man..in any case , much more of a threat that Fouad Kaady was. Unfortunately, it is the dollar that people listen to. Boycott Sandy...but let the businesses know that you are ,and why, or it is ineffectual. Does anyone have more info on Bergin?

Great Idea! 02.Dec.2005 21:53


I cannot believe that the City of Sandy has not only not terminated his unworthy trial service, they actually returned him to duty before Fouad's body was cold, and long before the "grand" freakin jury found untrue that he had committed any evil by killing the poor lad.

What's up with the Rubio case? 03.Dec.2005 02:41


My kids went to school with Rubio. What happened? Did they ever determine what killed him? Maybe you can't say here, but those of us in town here would like to know more. I feel so bad for his family and the lack of info surrounding this is certainly suspicious...

Lack of information 03.Dec.2005 09:31


Can't say here, because the cops have a lid on all inquiry, intimidating those who would even ASK wtf they are doing about the murder. It is assumed by those who knew him well, that he pissed the cops off one time too many, and they terminated him. Those familiar with Sandy, and the police there, assume that this is a correct assumption. Nobody, but perhaps the Brotherhood of the Strong (cowardly bastards) knows the answer to this question, and they are not telling. Neither do they make any attempt to excuse their lack of attention.

Help the Family 05.Dec.2005 16:15

Levi of Sandy, Oregon

Yes, the circumstances regarding Rubio's death are certainly very suspicious and my heart goes out to the family. I think many people feel bad for them but no one really seems to be doing anything to help them. Imagine what that would feel like. I think it is obvious Rubio was murdered. Does anyone have any solid info on this case? I would be curious to know if there is anything new going on with this.

And yes, to confirm that is the truck driven my Juan Rubio. He puts signs on his truck to make sure no one forgets his son's death and what he believes happened. Young Mexican boys dont get year long investigations like the Brook Wilbergers of the world do.

(sub) Urban Legends 05.Dec.2005 23:17


There's tales in these here parts of others who've run afoul of the local gunslingers and went missing, only to be found some months later, dead of mysterious circumstances - and usually hard to identify. The oldtimers round here tell of at least two others besides Carlos.

don't sound like there is any help for rubio in sandy 06.Dec.2005 01:15


I think I have a picture of rubio from the day of the protest for Fouad in Sandy. I think he was holding the sign that said "Dont shoot I'm Dressed". Somewhere back in the Fouad articles, I think someone did a synopsis of what happened to (Rubio's son Carlos?)but I can't remember the details.

It's not good to hear that there's funny stuff been happening in Sandy for years that people can't get an accounting for. Is this the way it works? The boys get together, take care of business, and gets everybody so scared they won't band together to pin the tail on the donkey? This town does need some help. Time for batman.

CARLOS RUBIO 07.Dec.2005 13:24


carlos rubio is believed to have been murdered by the sandy pd. they have threatened carlos and his dad on a few different occasions. carlos was a fine young man - and it deeply saddens me that he is gone. i have known the rubio family for many years and only have wonderful things to say of them. imagine the grief and despair that they are feeling with the loss of their son. the sandy pd and clackamas county sheriff must be held accountable for both the death of carlos and fouad. two fine young men - never to grow up - have families - and make their impression on this earth. carlos was missing for 13 weeks before his remains were found. he was removed from the mountain 2 days before the authorities even notified the family. where is the justice here? did anyone care about carlos when he was missing? the family and friends of the rubio's had spent every weekend looking for carlos - how is it that he was so close to where his car was originally found? is this a coverup of some kind? if anyone knows anything about what could have happened to carlos - please - please let the family know. the burden the must carry on their shoulders can only be imagined as the hardest thing in the world. justice needs to be served for both carlos and fouad. when will the right thing be done??????? mr. rubio is only making sure that carlos is not forgotten - nor will fouad. please - for the rubio's if you know anything that could help with what happened to carlos - please - please let them know. their son was a hardworking man with integrity and honor. his life was cut short - and someone knows who did it. please help these people.

CARLOS 07.Dec.2005 13:27


carlos rubio was a fine young man who was constantly harassed by the sandy pd. they threatened to fuck him up and fuck him over. carlos was also convicted of eluding the police in may, 2005 because he was afraid to pull over again. these cops are not good people. carlos was an honest man with integrity and honor. he worked like a man since he was 15 years old. why won't anyone help the rubio's. if anyone knows anything - please let them know. to lose a son is the worst thing that can happen to parents - where is the help for these people? whose son will be next - fouad was next after carlos. carlos' body was found on the 13th week that he was reported missing and the authorities took him off the mountain 2 days before they even let the family know. i have known the rubio's for a long time and i believe they deserve for justice to be served. a wonderful life has been taken and can never be given back. please - if anyone knows anything about what happened to carlos - let the family know. their hearts have been broken and their grief can only be imagined. please - please - someone help the rubio's. they are good people with kind hearts and this loss is so hard for them to carry on their shoulders. justice needs to be served and the sandy pd needs to be held accountable as well as clackamas county for both carlos and fouad!!!!!!!!! when will justice be served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harassment 08.Dec.2005 17:39


If I recall correctly, Mr. Rubio was also arrested during the Sandy Mountain Day parade. He was trailing the other cars in the parade and handing out fliers about his (then still missing) son to the people along the route watching the parade. The cops told him to quit and he got into a verbal altercation with Chief Skelton about that and his beliefs that the Sandy PD had something to do with it. That's when these compassionate and caring "public servants" hauled him off to jail.


who's running 12.Dec.2005 13:33


sargent helton is or has alreadya retired. he must know that something is going to come down and doesn't want to stay aroung. but don't worry, because the rubio's will not give up their fight until justice has been served for their son carlos.

Skelton is A Sccccaaaaaaaarrrrrrddddd!! 12.Dec.2005 21:05

Skelton wishes he knew

Mr. Chief is retiring because he is scared. He knows he is going to get caught along with the other murdering cops. These mother fuckers murdered that boy Carlos. And they will get caught. Someone out there has solid info on this...Call the Rubio's. Carlos was a good man.

And Chief...Just so you know, you cant run far enough and neither can that fat fucker Kevin Taylor. Your squad of murderers is out of commision!

Which one? 12.Dec.2005 22:34


Is it Helton or Skelton that's retiring? (There's both at the Sandy PD) Skelton just took over as chief - what, only about 2 years ago?

check this out 14.Feb.2006 13:59


have you seen this site?


What's Your I.Q.? 02.Mar.2006 22:28

Trying not to be stupid?

I stopped in Sandy to get gas, I think it was the day after the not so Grand Jury failed at their appointed task in the Kaddy killing and let taxpayer funded killers go free, I heard they were pressured by the D.A., Foote and told they could be kept on duty for up to a month thereby forced to feed their families on the what $4.00 or $10.00 a day you get for serving, Anyway, arriving at the counter to pay for my gas their are 4 of 5 young gentlemen and says I "So I hear the cops in this town shoot unarmed injured people" And every face lights up with shock and they comment:Yea what's up with that? Do you believe it? And one says Cops are no good. Then a booming voice from the coffee, donut area says are you talking about the Kaddy thing? Yea I say. One of the gentlemen asks What are you a cop? He responds, yea and you shouldn't talk about things you don't know. Says I, He was unarmed and injured. He responds "if your going to act stupid you're going to get shot" We leave it at that. So good people of Oregon, be warned IN CLACKAMAS COUNTY IT IS A CAPITOL OFFENCE TO BE STUPID! Are your children safe? Is anyone safe?

going down..... 31.May.2007 17:13

pissed off

the sandy police are a bunch of pigs in my opinion. they like to harass inoccent people and i dont care what anyone says. (i mean come on look who's in charge, skelton) there going down this time!!