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AUDIO pmnews and public affairs 5-7pm Fri 20051202 pdxCommunityRadio 02.Dec.2005 20:34


see December Listener's Guide for detail
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| Bread and Roses | 6-7pm Fri Dec 2nd 2005
| Bread and Roses | 6-7pm Fri Dec 2nd 2005

pdxCommunityRadio Listener's Guide and Program Line-up 02.Dec.2005 22:20


pdxCommunityRadio program lineup
pdxCommunityRadio program lineup
December 2005 Listener's Guide pdxCommunityRadio
December 2005 Listener's Guide pdxCommunityRadio

december 2005 - program listings - pdxCommunityRadio - from listener's guide 06.Dec.2005 03:49


| e x t r a . s p e c i a l s | dec 24-26th | new years eve & day |
see below

= M O N D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 – PROGRAM LISTINGS – pdxCommunityRadio

12/26: Cecil & Celeste take the day off.

12/5, 12/12, 12/26: Dr. David Naimon hosts.
12/19: The Food Show with the KBOO Food Collective

10:30 am: EARTHWATCH
12/5: Monday on the Environment with host Scott Forrester
12/12: The Dirtbag. Host Glen Andresen welcomes local slug authority Claudia Groth to talk about those ubiquitous - and most interesting - mollusks.
12/19: The Food Show continues

12/5: Poco/Better Think Twice (1970). also Gene Clark, Pozo Seco, Little Richard.
12/12: Groundhogs/US Tour 1972. Blues featuring T S McPhee. Plus Graham Bond/Ramsey Lewis/Mose Allison.
12/19: Wrong Too Long (1964-'71). Forgotten soul singers get their turn, also Roy Hamilton, Irma Thomas, Booker T & MGs.
12/26: Your meddling Devil In Law and other holiday leftovers: Nashville Teens/Kinks/Sir Douglas Quintet/Remains/Del Shannon...

6:00 pm: LABOR RADIO
A show about working people, the labor movement and organizing.
12/5: Bill Zimmerman hosts.
12/12: Ken Allen hosts.
12/19: Kevin Card hosts.
12/26: Don McIntosh hosts.

Hot tunes, jigs, reels and songs will keep you warm through out the Holiday Seasons! Jewell hosts.
12/19: We celebrate the Winter Solstice
12/26: More Holiday Spirits

12/5: Ginger Andrews is a small-town girl from the Oregon coast, a cleaning lady, a Sunday School teacher, and a gifted poet. Her work has been featured many times on Garrison Kiellor's Writers' Almanac. Tonight Ginger joins host Barbara LaMorticella to read and talk about her life and work, and we'll hear excerpts from some of the Verse in Person readings at the Northwest Library.
12/12: Howard Aaron, director of Portland Arts & Lectures, will read his poetry. What the Worms Ignore, The Birds are Wild About. Walt Curtis hosts.
12/19: Barbara hosts a holiday special: books and voices for your holiday gifting. Stay tuned.
12/26: Call in Xmas or New Year's poems. "And so I cross into another world/shyly and in homage linger for an invitation..." -D.H. Lawrence

12/5: The uBu Hour hell-a-day holiday special.
12/12: The Listeners. Completely Improvised Holiday Cheer - bring your own Egg Nog!
12/19: Gremlin Time. Tune in to The Bedtime Radio Show for Grownups, for their annual Holiday Special as they present The Father Christmas Letters by J.R.R. Tolkien. Listen to the adventures, and misadventures, of Father Christmas and The North Polar Bear as they prepare gifts of all the children, and sometimes have to fight off the threat of toy-stealing goblins.
12/26: The Sudden Radio Project. Our traditional non-traditional succulent examination of the year is presently simmering. We will be ready to serve your 'holiday' show at eleven. We've set a place for you at our radio table. Wash your ears and sit.

= T U E S D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 - PROGRAM LISTINGS - pdxCommunityRadio

12/6: At 9 Julie Sabatier interviews Myla Goldberg, author of Bee Season and the more recent novel Wickett's Remedy, which takes place during the 1918 flu epidemic in the U.S. At 9:30 it's Black Book Talk with O.B. Hill, Patricia Welch and Emma Jackson Ford.
12/13: At 9 host Alice Perry's guest is Nina Marie Martinez, whose debut novel is I Caramba!, a story inspired by La Loteria, a Mexican game of chance.
12/20: At 9 hear a special one-hour interview with David McCullough, author of 1776, an insightful look at a pivotal year in American history.
12/27: At 9 host and funeral director Elizabeth Fournier speaks with writer Mary Roach about her latest book, Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, which asks the question, "Is there a soul that survives our physical demise?"
At 9:30, Words and Pictures presents a panel discussion, True Portland Comics, moderated by Oregonian cartoonist Mike Russell and featuring Ryan Alexander-Tanner of Willamette Week, along with David Chelsea, Dennis P. Eichhorn, and Khris Soden.

12/6: Bombhunters of Cambodia film and Part 2 of John Lennon Tribute
12/13: Aaron Meyer Holiday Concert performance
12/20: Mamma Mia and Margaret Cho
12/27: Willamette Radio Theatre presents A Christmas Carol

1:00 pm: WORLD MUSIC
12/6: Accidental Tourist with Kathy Fors
12/13: Back to The Islands with Ron Scott
12/20: Indonesian Memories with Ron Scott
12/27: TBA

= W E D N E S D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 – PROGRAM LISTINGS – pdxCommunityRadio

7:30 am: LOCUS FOCUS
12/28: Whole Community Radio Project, sponsored by Sound Partners for Community Health. Another look at what's happening in Damascus, Oregon, an area recently added to Portland's urban growth boundary, where planning is a foot to design a new healthy, sustainable urban community from scratch.
9:00 am: Wednesday Radiozine
12/7: From 9-10 the KBOO Bike Show features esteemed bike lawyer Ray Thomas discussing a newly-proposed law that will allow cyclists to pass on the right. Bet you didn't even know it's currently illegal!
12/14: At 9 MovieTalk with Ed, D.K. and Dawn.
12/21: At 9 hear Veteran's Voice with Northwest Vets for Peace.
12/28: At 9 it's MovieTalk. At 9:30 Laurie Sonnenfield hosts Speaking of Animals with a look at animals.

12/28: Friendship... how friendships change over time, real life friends versus computer friends, ex-friends, etc. The Youth Collective is open to anyone under 21 who is interested in creating radio. Call KBOO for more information.

1:00 am - 3:00 am
12/7, 12/21: Rock Till You Drop with your host the pink lady. Tune in for a mix of punk, rockin' oldies, two-tone ska, and some spoken word, every second and last wednesday of the month.
12/14, 12/28: Thirty Hour Throwdown

3:00 - 6:00 am
12/14, 12/28: Radio Under The Influence. Does your radio crave a fix? Then turn it on during our show for a radio-bending experience. This month get ready to bash on Santa and ridicule the religious holiday as we present two specials titled "lets pants Santa."Red, Dev, Mark and Silv hosts.
12/7, 12/21: Lounge World

= T H U R S D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 – PROGRAM LISTINGS – pdxCommunityRadio

6:00 pm: AFRICA ON FIRE!
12/29: Local Nigerian author and storyteller
Dr. Scholastica Njoku reviews African books with
Dr. Robert Hamilton. Plus all the regional and international African news the corporate media won't divulge. Join host Marianne Fry.

12/1: "Not So" Good Times
12/8: Intro to Reggae
12/15: Soul Christmas
12/22: Kwanza
12/29: Year in Review

12/1: Musique Concrétè: Steven Feld's newest field recordings explore European and Mediterranean bells within the context of their natural soundscapes as they're used for churches, animals, costumes, festivals, protests, parties and to mark special times and places.
12/8: Surprise Night
12/15: Classics, Antiques And Curios: Early John Cale. After his '63-'65 Flux-tenure with LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela in The Theater of Eternal Music a/k/a The Dream Syndicate, Cale entered a time of intense pioneering with The Velvet Underground and created (with Tony Conrad during '65-'69) very private recordings of himself in solo and with like-minded artists exploring in the then-still-bold new world of minimalism and microtonal improvisation.
12/22: The Palm Court: Iva Bittova. Tonight we celebrate Winter Solstice with the music of this Moravian artist who draws upon the traditional folk music of her land to compose very contemporary works which she then sings and performs on violin and viola.
12/29: Jon Hassel. A jazz trumpeter working within a style which he calls "Fourth World Music," fusing exotic musics from the tribal cultures of the Southern hemispheres with the technological possibilities of the West, in an attempt to create music which dissolves the dichotomy between the structural (classical) and the sensual (popular).

= F R I D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 – PROGRAM LISTINGS – pdxCommunityRadio

12/2: At 9, APA Compass speaks with comedian, actress, author and activist Margaret Cho about her perspectives on Asian America. Other features examine global issues affecting APA communities. At 10:30 Paul Van Dyck hosts Sounds of Awareness. His guest is Dr. George Weghorst, MD, who discusses menorrhagia. In some women, menstrual bleeding can be so severe that it is disabling. Learn about a procedure which may avoid the necessity of hysterectomy.
12/9: Marlene's Electronic Salon. Guests include naturopathic physician Dr. Steven Bailey, who will take your calls.
12/16: Marlene's Electronic Salon. Marlene Smith and Ed Goldberg discuss politics and culture.
12/23: At 9 KBOO Reports, an information magazine about KBOO and community radio in the world. At 10:30 Pat McGuire hosts Boneheads and Bigots.
12/30: A pre-New Year's special. From 9-10 hear an interview with educator and writer Jonathan Kozol on "The Shame of the Nation: the Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America." Stay tuned at 10 for a lecture by Dr. Michael Kimmel, a sociologist, author and activist in gender issues, who teaches classes on men's lives from a pro-feminist perspective. His talk is "Mars, Venus or Planet Earth: Women and Men in the New Millennium."

12/2: Live interview - Joanne Rand's CD release concerts for Where Our Power Lies, anthems of grassroots power and personal transformation. Laurie Sonnenfeld hosts.
12/9, 12/23: L.C. Earnest hosts.
12/16: Tom Rawson: singer of hope and social justice accompanied by a sense of humor and a hot banjo... And just maybe a small reunion of the Portland Folklore Society songsters... Jade hosts.
12/30: Music to carry you into the new year. Laurie Sonnenfeld hosts.

1:30 -3:00 pm
12/2: Buscando America with Lisa Loving.
12/9, 12/23, 12/30: Nick & Molly Show with Nick Gefroh
12/16: Buscando America. Listen for live interviews with local Latino and Latina artists, as well as artistic efforts in theatre, literature, and drama, and music from all parts of Latin America. But, since my roots-our roots-also include Spain and Portugal, you'll hear music from there as well. Kosmo, my spirit dog, will sit in. Paz, Arte, y Amor! Eduardo DeLanderos-tierre.

12/2: Excerpts from a reading by Ika Huegel-Marshall, author Invisible Woman - Growing up Black in Germany, about the experience of growing up Afro-German in post-World War II Germany. Ika Huegel-Marshall was born in 1947 in a Bavarian village to a German mother and an Afro-American father who returned to the US before she was born. Her story, including the state-initiated placement into an institution when she was 6, is fairly typical for the experiences of thousands of Afro-German "occupation babies." Hosted by Gabriele Ross.

12/2: If you think your culture is weird now, experience it as it drifts through AM radio in the Asian third world. Pop seldom gets ... better. Orion hosts.
12/9: Julie Sabatier hosts.
12/16: Eduardo DeLanderos-tierre hosts.
12/23: Anneliese Hummel hosts.
12/30: KBOO Youth Collective

= S A T U R D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 – PROGRAM LISTINGS – pdxCommunityRadio

12/24: Forest of Fennario Halcyon Days Special with Phil G.

2:00 pm: BLUE RHYTHM
12/3: Joan Semprebon's guest will be local guitarist Alan Hager.

SATURDAY 31ST, Noon - 6:00 pm
Be sure to tune in on New Year's Eve for the GD & FRIENDS 6 hour Special - a special "thank you" to all the listeners for a fabulous fall pledge drive from the GD collective so be sure to, "wait until the midnight hour" with all of us at KBOO and enjoy some, "Good Ol' Grateful Dead" New Years style. Andrew Geller, Phil Garfinkel, Matt Smith, Alicia Olson and Sun Lee host.

SATURDAY 31ST, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
URBAN/HIPHOP MIX SPECIAL Deena Barnwell hosts.

SATURDAY 31ST, 10:00 pm - 6:00 am
Including Very Special Live Guests, w/Deejays, Toasters, Poets, Singers and Chanters, bringing forward an irie New Year in a reggae stylee... Live from the KBOO studios. Ras Danny hosts.

11:00 pm - 1:00 am
12/3: Your Blue Room. Swoon - an evening of cinematic sound
12/10, 12/24: Music People Hate with Claire
12/17: Your Blue Room. The Way Back Machine - digging into the dusty vinyl crates with guest Horace B. Schmidt

1:00 am - 3:00 am
12/3, 12/17: Higher Reasoning Reggae
12/10: Sounds Unsound - Surreal sounds from the underground.
12/24: Sounds Unsound - Psychedelic weirdness from the religious commune cult band Yahowha 13.

= S U N D A Y = DECEMBER 2005 – PROGRAM LISTINGS – pdxCommunityRadio

9:00 - 10:00 am
12/4: The Holland Hour. A program dedicated to the Dec. 5 birthday of the saint of goodness for young and old: Saint Nikolaas, with many songs by children about this jolly holiday (Santa is based on this saint).
12/18: The Holland Hour: The Christmas Shows - with holiday songs from Holland, Germany and many other locations, including Spain, France and Italy. Ding Dong!
12/11, 12/25: Italian Hour

SUNDAY 25TH, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
A special rebroadcast of Gremlin Time's annual Holiday Favorite The Father Christmas Letters by J.R.R. Tolkien. Red Ryder presents the imaginary adventures and misadventures of Father Christmas and his assistant The North Polar Bear. So relax after all the festivities with some holiday surprises.

12/4: Bhangra Beathouse with D.J. Dunkin
12/11, 12/18: S.A.A.M.
12/25: Pre-empted for The Father Christmas Letters

12/4: Chinese programming with Victor Leo
12/11: Hmong Voice with Chong Vang
12/18: TBA
12/25: Pre-empted for The Father Christmas Letters

9:00 - 10:00 pm
12/4: Lost In Time
12/11, 12/25: Dog & Pony Show
12/18: Lost In Time. Join Chrisa & special in-studio guest duo Abiento, playing old standards sure to delight.