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Message to the Soldier

Why'd you sign up, Soldier-

"-To defend America-you pinko piece of shit! You wouldn't have your Freedom to lip off with your peacenik claptrap without REAL MEN like us putting on the uniform defending your rights! Fuckin' Bush-hater."

First off...

J. Croft

Why'd you sign up, Soldier-

"-To defend America-you pinko piece of shit! You wouldn't have your Freedom to lip off with your peacenik claptrap without REAL MEN like us putting on the uniform defending your rights! Fuckin' Bush-hater."

First off, you'd never find me burning the flag-I love America too, which is why I write these articles. You set out to fight for our Freedom by joining the armed forces. I set out to fight for our Freedom by casting a light on the dark heart of our nation. And it is a dark heart that our America has-like there are TWO Americas that are and always have been engaged in a struggle for this nation:

*The America we all grew up with, which really exists as myth. The land of the free, home of the brave. The land with a Constitution that was meant, at least,(1) to limit oppressive government whether that be a foreign invader or homegrown and help secure our God Given Freedoms. The land where as long as you don't hurt others you can do what you want, be who you want to be. The land that strove to overcome it's horrible shortcomings to become in reality the ideals expounded in the American ethos.

That's not the America you've been fighting for, Soldier.

*THIS America, the one you volutarily submitted to be transformed into a psychotic automaton for is where your orders come from. This America is the back alley whore of the ruling caste: the central banks, oil conglomerates, megacorporate arms merchants, and the violent inbred psychotic bluebloods that pull all the strings. Your strings too, with their headlock on America's culture and society, and the way they dress up their clapped out prostitute of a nation with the trappings of the America we-and the rest of Earth-still cherish. This America sells itself out to the rich and powerful every chance it gets. The results are all around you; a People under the heel of millions of laws enforced by millions of lawyers. This lawyer-made system of laws, regulations, taxes and enforcement without regard to justice has stolen our Freedoms, our livelihoods, our money and soon the very food we eat... as this country finishes self-destructing.

These are shocking words. Disconcerting words, that bring up some powerful defensive reflexes in you right now. Yet these are things that must be talked about and talked about now because your unquestioning loyalties to the U.S. Government's military is actually having the effect of robbing us of our Freedom-


Heard of the "patriot act"? How do you defend Freedom by taking it away? And if the United States government is adept at anything, it's taking people's Freedoms away. It's something nearly everyone in government is trying to get onto for what seems like a authority turf battle, with the turf being our Freedom.

The "war on terror"? Let's look at this war from a military standpoint, being a lifetime civilian student and a Citizen-Rifleman.

... How do you wage war against a strategy? Some neoconservative sloganeer got confused right before coming up with this retarded name for this war. Terrorism-the arbitrary use of military power be it conventional or clandestine against random or selected civilian targets to force societal and governmental change-terrorize those changes into being as a "lesser" of two evils.

Who uses the strategy and tactics of terrorism? Governments, clandestine groups, individuals. The U.S. Government for example uses aspects of terrorism in it's warfighting strategy and tactics, as well as in it's daily administrive and law enforcement activities.

Who is waging war against those that use terrorism? The United States Government, in a worldwide campaign of conventional military invasions of Third World Islamic nations that also, without a trace of mere coincidence, control vital oil interests in a time of peaking oil production... according to the oil corporations that have a energy stranglehold on the global economy. Oil dependency in a age of lower production isn't just a technological bitch; it's a manufactured shortage that's a key component to our true enemy's domination of Mankind.

More on them below, but the point is: the "war on terror" is self-perpetualizing, because America's leaders are sending you into these strategic Third World countries. What's happened?

-First, you're either outraged over their barbarism, or that they might get their hands on nuclear weapons. Well, in Afghanistan we left them on their own, permitting the CIA backed Taliban to gain control. And Saddam Hussein was "our boy" for a quarter century; we even sold the bastard chemical weapons with a handshake from your Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld!(there's a pic of that)

All the generals and intelligence types knew for a fact that the Taliban were backwards fundamentalists. They knew Saddam Hussein was a wannabe Stalin. They only became targets at the ruling class leisure; the Taliban when they refused a lucrative oil pipeline contract from western oil corporations, and Hussein when even he got tired of having Iraq used as America's punching bag, threatened to convert it's oil sales from dollars to euros. Which is part of the ruling elites domination of oil supply and the prop to America's financial economy.

So, that Al Qaeda, what in Arabic means the "toilet seat", is funded and set in place in Afghanistan ahead of time. Clinton makes some deliberately half-assed cruise missile strikes to not just distract from his impeachment scandals(which cover his higher treasons with China) but also to as a institution piss you guys off for when your leaders are ready to unleash you on whoever they label "terrorist".

-Then, with pretext and goal set, you guys are sent in... underequipped and manned for the task needed, and with the wrong doctrine. Yes: our bombs, rockets, fighters and tanks are awesome but you need troops, lots of them, for ground conquests. Or liberation if you still want to believe that fairy tale. In neither Afghanistan or especially Iraq were nearly enough of you Soldiers sent in. Worse, you're still burdened with worn and faulty weapons(thanks to Clinton's drawdowns and the Pentagon's big boner for big weapons). Not enough body armor, not enough ammo, a piece of shit rifle known as the M-16 that was made to jam up and shoot a ineffectual round. The planning was faulty. The execution was made to fail-going into a horrible duststorm and then have you sit still like targets for a full day for whatever the Iraqis were thought to have.

Worst of all was after you won; any liberating force wanting to remain on the good side of a very well armed populace would be wise to respect it's customs and ways of doing things whenever practical, and to treat them respectfully, as Individuals and as a Nation.

Well, we sure as hell didn't do that in Iraq! After securing that sorry country's oil infrastructure and intelligence files we let all the criminals go buck wild looting everything from refrigerators to arsenals to the most heinous crime, the six millennia worth of antiquities stolen in broad daylight-when a few of you Soldiers could've stopped that with a show of force. The heritage of Sumer, the origins of much of Human Civilization-certainly the West's-is now a mere memory.

This was a terrible slap in the face of the average Iraqi, who was expecting us to be Liberators, not conquerors. Not criminals. But that slap in the face would be followed by many rifle butts in the gut, boots on the neck, rifle barrels pressed in the heads of the Iraqis we were led to believe we were "liberating". By you. Treating Iraqis like Americans-conditioned by generations of TV to accept being hogtied, terrorized and beaten in order to "protect and serve" at 3:00AM-when even Saddam's regime was more discreet... it was a recipe for defeat.

Face facts: our criminal abuses, our bull in their china shop conquest was the catalyst to setting off Iraqi resistance. Not merely Al Qaeda that moved in after Hussein was deposed(Saddam hated Bin Ladin)-though that CIA supported pack of murderers has used Iraq as a giant live fire training camp for their misguided "useful idiots".

Not merely that Saddam had used all that UN food for oil money to buy every RPG, AK, and pack of C-4 explosive he could purchase in the world's arms markets.

Not merely that we fired the entire Iraqi army en masse without honoring any pay agreements instead of using them as a transitory force to help stabilize a society we've waged war against for over a decade.

Not merely that we ignored that Iraq is a tribal society and we could've saved a lot of lives if we merely showed their tribal leaders the time of day.

Not merely that you Soldiers were given policing duties when you are trained killers on the razor's edge and will shoot at anything.

Not merely that restoring basic infrastructure and a basic level of civilized living was put on the back burner furthest back.

Not merely that you, the U.S. Soldier were sent in without a clue as to how to communicate with the people you were obstensivley liberating, their customs, what they perceive as insults.

It was all of these, together; a willful obtuseness, the simple-minded arrogance that we as Americans have time and again shown as we've been directed by the powers-that-be, the ruling elite, our true enemies to throw America's military weight around. In effect, WE in every possible respect created the "problem"; that thug Hussein and his "Ernst joins the Army" level of competence waging war against Iran and Kuwait. April Glaspie encouraging Hussein to be the dupe to invade Kuwait-those asshole sheikhs slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields so America's ruling elite can have a war to assert our effective control over the Middle East oil fields. And after the atrocity of 9/11 WE have been used to solidify control over half the world's currently exploited oil sources.

We've been used, and will continue to be used for world conquest.

"That doesn't matter! We gotta wage this war on terror to secure the homeland, no matter the cost! REMEMBER 9/11!"

I remember September 11, 2001; the day America died as the internet writer John Kaminski rightly put it. I still remember waking up, turning on the TV... seeing the live footage as one of the World Trade Center towers burned from a hit by a jumbo jet. I remember thinking "this is some kind of movie made up as a live telecast"-but at 9 AM?

Then the second plane hit-and then there was no doubt this was a military strike.

I remember pacing back and forth with a fury like I've never quite felt before, keeping in mind where my rifle and ammo were, like some knee jerk survival reflex. Like I was going to encounter some "muslim terrorist" on my own streets, as that was what this attack was attributed to.

... And then I started seeing the contrivances, the very visible flaws in what I was being presented.

First, how do two subsonic passenger jets elude the United States Air Force-both NORAD complex and the various Fighter Wings along the Eastern Seaboard for over a hour-flying peculiarly zig-zagging courses throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio? How does a Boeing 757 outrun a mach 2+ F-15? (Later it was revealed that NORAD was running a large series of hijack scenarios that very morning-so how would Muslims terrorists possibly know about them to time their supposed attack? Aren't such exercises kept secret?)

Then the towers started to fall. I remember the live coverage; audio reports of explosions near the base of each tower. The massive amount of dust and debris generated up and down the towers. The way each building fell into it's own "footprint" as it collapsed-and so fast! So neat! So very much like a demolition...

... Yet those towers are modern skyscrapers, specifically designed to withstand fire, jumbo jets colliding into them. The jet fuel fires were beginning to taper off, with not a chance in hell of even beginning to melt the 47 steel columns. There's even a photo available on the internet-there's a woman standing at the very edge of the hole where one of the jets went in-ALIVE! The fires that were in the uppermost section of the tower-yet massive amounts of debris started to erupt from the base of each tower like a volcanic eruption.

If Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda were behind the attack, why the low loss of life? Why not make each tower tip over into lower Manhatten, get the maximum amount of death and destruction-supposedly they managed to elude the world's best air defense network with a handful of passenger jets for over a hour, made the towers fall neatly as if demolitioned. And those towers were made to withstand jet plane crashes.


... Why such a low payoff? Why crash that third jet into a section of the Pentagon that was being refurbished, that wasn't being used?

If Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda were behind the attack... no-Muslim terrorists couldn't possibly be behind the attack. They'd have had to have insiders-high level traitors in the U.S. Military-to arrange air drills on the day of their attack, or time their attack to the secret drills.

They'd have had needed the most brilliant demolitions and metallurgical experts ever born-to execute a relatively neat demolition of the twin towers, not have those towers topple to the sides, potentially killing many thousands more... why not make those towers topple?

Explain WTC 7 being demolitioned in the same manner as the twin towers-with no airplane strike, a minor dying fire-falling into itself demolition style virtually at the speed of free fall, a feat that as you've read only professional demolition experts have the knowledge and MOTIVATION of doing.

Explain Israelis videotaping and cheering as the World Trade Center was destroyed. Israelis-not Muslims? Explain how the Israelis time and again on 9/11, the Jordan bombings, the London bombings and other events-that they alone get the word not to be in a certain place at a certain time of terrorist events.

Explain how the state of Israel has been the net benefactor of 9/11 and the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq as they hide behind terrorism and the holocaust as they perpretrate their own genocide against Palestinians-men, women, children, whole villages.

And then, listening to the news broadcasters-the ready made phrases, the ready glitzy graphics, the entire ready-made new language of the post 9/11 paradigm trotted out at once that day, to instantly brand it after the shock and awe of the, let's get it out, staged terror attacks.

Staged, to scare and bludgeon Americans into accepting their country's role as imperial ogre-to wage that "war on terror"(funny how the media had those buzz phrases ready that day). And a lot of you mind conditioned, power loving Soldiers are willing to go along with it. I know personally because that night, I was at a bar. Across from me was a soldier-Ranger he told me he was. Short, squat, buzzcut blonde dude-and the only happy dude in the entire bar, grinning at the coverage and everyone's reaction like it was fucking x-mas for him.

I guess it would be if you considered your ideal x-mas to be let loosed onto the world for imperial glory. I swear, the dude was about to bust a nut, knowing he was going to be turned loose on the world under the cover of this "war on terror". He bragged about the prowess of Americans at warfare(undeniable). I'll give you a quote of his: "hell, we're worse than the Germans!"

He went on... with that knowing tone of someone on the inside of a crime who's just gotta brag. "Yep, things are gonna change. We're going to have to learn to live with fewer rights", "lower standard of living". Being me I forcefully disagreed... yet he proved right-no, on the inside knowing of things. The "patriot acts", "homeland security".

That man is a traitor, and anyone-particularly you, Soldier-who agrees with him out of lust for power or fear is a traitor too.

"That ain't me, Dude. I signed up to defend America and our Freedom no matter what my bosses say or do!"

You still say you defend Freedom? Historically, government forces-in particular, ours in the "land of the free"- have been used to crush dissent-using terrorism as a key part of it's warfighting doctrine. Yes: despite the hype, American government has caused more than it's share of suffering. A few historic examples:

*Whiskey Rebellion-Western PA farmers got tired of the federal government's brutal taxation of their liquid corn-based products... they'd fought and won a revolution against England for such a thing. So those farmers started shooting government tax agents and burning their offices. George Washington, President at the time, personally led a 30,000 man army into the Pennsylvanian hills to crush the populist revolt. A trivia note: our founding father had thousands of acres of estate in the area, so he probably had a personal interest in securing his property. He DID own slaves to the time of his death, y'know.

*Civil War-Now I know we're all told it was fought over slavery. In fact, the slavery issue was a underlying cause; the thing that actually tore America apart was the old "who's in charge" issue. Black suffering was just being used as a excuse for war and war profiteering. The Southern States wanted no interference from the federal government in it's internal matters-as sordid as they were. The leaders North, whipped into a anti-slavery fervor by hypocritical abolitionists who shut their eyes at Yankee versions of human servitude.

Yes: blacks were kept as slaves in northern states, but also children who were enslaved by the northern versions of plantation owners in factories that maimed and murdered them. Pushing the South to revolt over state's rights became the excuse to get the government to spend billions of dollars raising and equipping a "Union" army. War is a racket(2). The free the slaves goal was only brought up to keep the North fighting the qualitatively superior Confederate Army until they were overwhelmed by coastal blockade, their own lack of industry pitted against the North's much greater industrial base and manpower reserves. The Union army tore the South apart, sparing no one the horrors of war-like Al Qaeda terrorists wished they could! Lincoln himself stated that if could've avoided freeing the slaves to win the war he would've. Look at the end products: the federal government became all-powerful, the South crushed, the Blacks got Jim Crow, and all kinds of eastern establishment arms merchants got really really rich. The slaves needed freedom, yes-but ALL the slaves needed freedom. This issue didn't need a civil war that wound up enslaving us all to a rapacious beast of a government.

*Indian Wars-200 years of the government practicing eminent domain on the original owners of America for the rich. If our ancestors really DID believe their propaganda, at the end of the American Revolution the slaves and indentured servants would have been freed. And the Native American Tribes would have been offered a chance to join the United States-not be destroyed. Yet most of them love America as much as you or I. Amazing the power of the ideal of America. Amazing how people still mistakenly assume the ideal of America synonymous with the United States government.


*Bonus Army Riot-Middle of the Great Depression Americans were literally starving. Thousands of desperate World War One vets and their families made a gigantic Hooverville in Washington. A Hooverville was that era's term for a encampment of homeless. Again, these folks weren't crack fiends or bums, they were hardworking folks who got squeezed by elitist-generated economic forces... same ones threatening us all today.

So what did Herbert Hoover do? Sent in those American heroes Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton, who sent in cavalry and tanks and broke up their peaceful marches, burned their camps and murdered them and their families. Would it have been too hard to simply convert their bonuses-due in 1945-into some kind of note they could each sell at a discount? Near unknown bit of history, our Tianamen Square helped kick Hoover out and bring in FDR... who all but made the United States of America into a form of communist state with all his federal expansion, his THEFT of our individually owned gold, and most of all, his DELIBERATE SACRIFICE of 3,000 AMERICAN SOLDIERS to get us into World War Two-a war his eastern establishment buddies(Prescott Bush prominent, Dubya's granddad) set up by financing the Nazis into power into Germany after crushing that nation in World War One and the 20's. Not to mention, pissing off the Japs by threatening their nation's destruction by a oil embargo.

Off on a tangent-no! History is interrelated, events spin off to bring on better, or worse events-all by our standing up for principle or taking the easy way out and going along with the powers-that-be. Safe for us, until our acquiescence comes back to exact it's price when it's OUR TURN to be sacrificed.

*Waco-1993, a criminal, unchecked branch of the federal government known as the ATF staged a showy, over the top raid on some sorry countryside church and their off the beaten path leader... which in their utter lack of regard for Constitutional Rights by trying to murder them with heavy automatic weapons fire they bungled. So they called in the pros at the FBI, who got a hold of some military hardware-including tanks-which they used to burn that church and poison gas 83 men, women and children. A tragic mistake? No way-another example of federal government expanding it's perceived mandate to crush all-now it'll be mainstream America's turn. What our rulers like to call "flyover country".

*Hurricane Katrina-2005, the worst natural disaster to hit America yet makes a desolation of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. While all the "rednecks" as they're demonized daily by the ruling class' owned media lost everything, the People of the Big Easy got it much worse. See, being so poor they can barely keep up with rent they didn't have the resources to evacuate. The city did; hundreds of school buses they just let lay in their depots to be ruined when the levees broke. We'll never know how many thousands died from the storm itself-just as well as the ruling elite still thinks of these people as "niggers". They think that of all of us, even you Soldier.

That was just the beginning of their suffering. Anyone not deliberately keeping his head ducked in the sand remembers what happened: the long lines, the endless waiting to get into the Superdome/shelter only to be searched like common criminals. The inadequete resources made available to them. New Orleans bungled preparations, generations of poverty, crime, and welfare slavery combined with Hurricane Katrina to make a human catastrophe of death and suffering Americans haven't been exposed to in living memory, but the perfect storm wasn't made until the Federal Government comes into play.

Or, lack of play, as the Federal Emergency Management Authority threw it's bureaucratic weight around like a sumo wrestler to... stop all effort at rescuing the People of New Orleans. They stopped convoys of relief thrown together by folks from all walks of American life "because they weren't FEMA approved". They threw every conceivable bit of red tape at efforts to evacuate people from what became the world's largest open air toilet. So what WAS "approved" as relief?

How about buzzing around in helicopters over the heads of American Citizens slowly dying, not even dropping a few pallets of bottled water or emergency rations until the outrage over the live TV coverage threatened to begin civil unrest and Citizen resistance.

How about letting neighboring racist Parish authorities set up roadblocks and send refugees back to the hell that New Orleans became at the muzzles of their shotguns.

How about making a Potempkin Village of relief activity for George W. Bush, miles away from the real crime scene so as to keep him bullshitting the government miseducated and TV hypnotized American People.

How about sending in the fabled 82nd Airborne along with state and federal SWAT and FOREIGN MERCENARIES to transform the shattered city into a federally operated police state-with those goons swaggering around with automatic weapons to disarm our fellow countrymen-so they could be forcibly evicted even from areas not flooded.

How about plans to use eminent domain and tax forfeiture laws to rob the People of New Orleans of their property after they were forcibly evicted.

There, even America's history makes your short-sighted assertion that you're "defending Freedom" a delusion. The America that's the empire you serve isn't the America that's been victimized by empire.

And for the record I'm not so much a Bush-hater as I think he'd be better qualified as say, a bartender at a sports bar picking up the slower shifts. Frankly I'm glad I not in his shoes; dancing a proverbial razor wire tightrope suspended above a fiery pit. One wrong move either sending the planet into a maelstrom of thermonuclear hellfire, or himself being introduced to the kind of hellfire in the hereafter-after getting "Kennedy-ed"(3) for not following the game plan. I DO hate the traitorous trash around him though: they're the terrorists who executed 9/11and it's aftermath. There's nobody else on Earth who couldve pulled it off.

So, I'll ask a question: Why DID you become a soldier again?

To endure months of humiliation, stress and behavioral modification designed to instill the basic programming of a modern US soldier-ideally to the Pentagon a expendable pawn, a human shaped meat robot that does whatever they're told without question. Knowing the above, and that the government in it's various local, state and federal incarnations take half of your income and subject you to the most extensive, the most pernicious and diabolical code of "law" ever conceived, WHY DID YOU SIGN UP? You still wanna say "Patriotism"-to serving the beast in Freedom's clothes: to go to foreign lands, kill without remorse, without question-

"-They're America's enemies! We gotta go in there and take them out before they do it to us! Besides, it's our orders!"

Who cuts your orders again?

Your generals, your elected representatives, the bureaucratic machinery of the government? Not really, they're all of a caste secretly getting their orders from others much more powerful. They're American ruling caste, the "eastern establishment"; old money, who have whole buildings named after them, whose wealth is hidden under innumerable corporations, foundations and trusts, who uses that wealth to buy power by pimping all the lawyers, bureaucrats, elected representatives-and yes, the generals.

They are my true enemy, your true enemy, the true enemy of all Mankind who spend their lives plotting to take more and more from everyone else. They belong in such societies as the Masons, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of International Affairs-the most powerful of them belong to a much more secretive order known as the Pilgrim Society.(4)

On the other hand, you my fellow countryman and I belong to the working caste; we wear our names on our workshirts and do all the grunt work, and are supposed to believe the ruling caste's propaganda that we're all equal under the law. The ruling caste can't manage us themselves, couldn't stand the thought of them and us being equal so they take the most pliable of their slaves(that's what we are to them) and promote them to the managerial caste: lawyers, politicians, generals, bureaucrats, cops and soldiers.


And you Soldier, you see your superiors, the managerial toadies, those generals and politicians, stand and wave American flags of Chinese manufacture as they spout their treasonous crap-so you JUST GOT to bob your fool head in agreement with whatever the hell those traitors have to say. All they have to do is drape themselves in the flag and the America we were brought up with. Next thing, you're flying overhead your fellow Americans in blackhawk helicoptors denying them relief in their flooded city. Or maybe you're on the ground backing up thug cops as they tackle down 90 year old women for actually taking the Bill of Rights at face value, and having a mere revolver for defense against gangbangers and other low level criminals.

Low level criminals the ruling class has seen fit to cultivate the past half century through more laws and worsening economic and social conditions so that the great herd of mainstream America will accept the loss of everything they should hold dear for some perceived "safety". The "safety" of slavery. The "safety" of not having guarantees against government theft of your property, of your Rights to Free Speech, Free Assembly, your Arms, to not be detained without cause or inquiry, or be tortured while detained.

If you're in uniform to defend America, why do you go unquestioningly along with policies and orders that you know betray our nation and our people-AND YOU? Does wielding the might of the U.S. Military trump doing the right thing? You really won't stand against tyranny in your own "homeland" but you have the gall to say you'll go anywhere else on Earth to take out some third rate Third World thugs?

"I can't say no, I'll lose my job!"

What, you don't want to lose your job? Face court martial, a dishonorable discharge for disobeying orders that go against Americans and their Freedoms? Lose the privilege of continuing your service to the beast as a cop or a private contractor-a fucking mercenary?! Are you going to shoot your fellow Americans like some of you do Iraqi children? I do recall the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: at least one of you stated you would if your fellow countrymen didn't surrender their own arms. Shoot them for being desperate for food? Shoot them for wanting to defend themselves and theirs against criminals-whether of the street variety, or minions of a ever-rapacious government?

You're not afraid of losing your job that much are you? Afraid of not being able to qualify for debt slave loans for overpriced housing? Overpriced gas-guzzling SUV land yachts you can't even drive safely? 25% annual percentage credit cards to fill your overpriced house with shoddy made in China crap that'll either break in a year or sit in your garage collecting dust because it really was another stupid gimmick toy you fell for?

Then kick back, physically and mentally exhausted and let yourself be hypnotized by that god you really worship, the TV set-that electronic narcotic that you let do all your thinking for you? Sells the very crap you waste your money on? That electronic narcotic who's content is produced by the very ruling class, the very violent, psychotic, inbred, retarded bluebloods who want you-American Soldier-to not question why you let yourself watch all that crap assed PROGRAMMING.

That PROGRAMMING of YOU that gets you to just let the politicians worry about the politics. The politics that get you to use what money you have after having half of it stolen right out of your paycheck by the very government that owns your ass, gets you to blow that too hard earned for cash on spending sprees and debt slavery that help prop up a artifice of prosperity.

A artifice of prosperity built on you being a foolish slave to consumermism and debt payments that create demand. Demand and cash flow the ruling class uses to take over the Third World, reduce those peoples to slaving away for a buck a day as their country's looted of it's resources and future-just to shod your feet in the latest sneakers, because LeBron James or Christina Aguilera hocks them?

That the kind of "freedom" you defend?

"You can't fight city hall, and you certainly can't fight the pentagon! Who else am I gonna convince to take a stand? All this empty talk about fighting for rights and principles... "

No, you can't do it alone.

So join with others. Individuals start revolutions-groups finish them!

You can start, in private, with others in your unit-at least get a consensus of general principal that you're all being used. Keep your own survival in mind at all times, going out like Michael New should be a last resort. And mind who you talk to-keep away from the brown nosers and other snitches who'd be happy to wreck your life to get that extra chevron or star on their uniform.

On missions, as individuals helpless against a all-powerful military you must walk a fine line between conscience and what those traitors in command call "duty". Because those bastards want you to kill, destroy and terrorize other peoples. Create enemies, conflict, wars for them to get the government to buy more weapons, take over and monopolize vital resources, keep the entire Human Race at each others throats as they profit.

It is vital that you show them by your conduct that you're Americans, not the U.S. government. Represent our America. Fight: every moment, every action you take counts. Educate those you serve with. Figure out more loopholes by which you can make a stand, or at least make the burden of empire on everyone easier.

And... if... you can turn your unit reach out to other like-minded individuals. Get your people higher up in command and get yourselves reassigned to other units so that you can continue to reach out to others.

Be very careful whom you try to reach out to. Snitches and other people of low character abound-we were brought up that way, y'know.

When you're discharged, likely you will become a police officer-continuing your role in the other America's "enforcer caste". I have a whole other message for them called "Message to the Police Officer", and Second Message to the Police Officer" at my blog, freedomguide.blogspot.com. Basically, the whole "cop culture" has to be changed; you cannot "serve and protect" people you think you're superior to. The superiority complex, the government and cultural reinforcement of that complex with privileges and a deceptive image portrayed by media, it's serving to transform America's cops into the overseers of a fascist plantation.

Help others with their efforts to regain Freedom, as they're being misdirected, sabotaged, or plain stopped in their tracks by the enemy. Your fight doesn't end when you take off the uniform for the last time-it just morphs.

There are union workers-patriotic citizens just like you-who are being economically pulverized by the empire, and their own sold out leadership.

There are civil rights organizations desperately trying to keep our Freedoms, defend those brave enough to directly challenge the beast or otherwise victimized by it.

There are local elections in your own hometown; you can run for office and then with others use that local government to resist as best possible tyranny-maybe even take Freedom back. All politics is local, and having you a Soldier go in and clean up city hall; repealing regulations and taxes(especially the property tax that has robbed Americans of their homes)!

Third party political organizations need your participation, your dedication and skills. Left, right, somewhere off that false dichotomy; look for and recruit those honestly wanting Freedom.

Keep up with your physical fitness, your marksmanship, your training. Train others. Organize three or four man groups to make peaceful change and share self-sufficiency knowledge with. Alone, you're as scared and dependent as any other brainwashed person in this twisted society-stand together and your strength is far greater than the sum of your numbers.

Start a shooting club and get some land for a range and some rifles-use a anonymous legal entity or a person you keep unconnected from your cell for the land and corporation and get your guns and ammo at gun shows through private sales and cash. Because a nation of Individual Riflemen saying NO to being slaves is the greatest threat the ruling elites fear. A lone man skilled making his rounds count with a semi-automatic battle rifle in rapid fire can engage and defeat a squad of thugs. A community skilled with the rifle, self sufficient, saying no to government and corporate slavery can change history. I talk a lot more about this with my (admittedly long) article, "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at freedomguide.blogspot.com

There's a website for the proper rifle training you'll need as, unless you were in the Marine Corps you didn't get it: rwva.org.

Eventually, stronger actions will need to be taken-because the ruling class has plans for the U.S. military; engage the rest of the world in a destructive world war. The only possible defense against that with "our leaders" is to do what the British, French and German soldiers did on Christmas Day, 1914.

Those troops, classically educated, working class products of imperial Europe had been fighting in muddy, disease, lice and rat infested trenches for the past four months, living, fighting and dying amongst their own dead, sent headlong into suicidal frontal charges against interlocking machinegun fire and massive artillery fire.

So Christmas Day comes around. Everyone wants to celebrate Jesus' birth but the same breed of inbred psychotic sociopathic bluebloods who got Europe to killing each other over one of their own wants the killing to go on.

The soldiers started refusing.

First as individuals, making gestures. Then those individuals started to meet each other in No Man's Land and talk. And trade. And celebrate the holiday. Whole units followed, and soon the entire western front was shut down!

For the generals, politicians and royalty this was a affront! How dare their slave stop killing each other! Worse, talk was rapidly spreading of stopping the war on their own.

Heads had to roll. Examples made-and they were.

See, the Europeans had had enough horror to stop fighting, but they lacked that cultural aspect we have-rebelling against leaders. The generals made some arbitrary examples, the Europeans caved in against a few lackeys of the murdering motherfuckers who started that war... and spent the next four years charging in suicidal human wave attacks against interlocking machinegun fire and massed artillery barrages.

We have to do better. We can't afford to buckle under like they did. It's hard making the adjustment of viewing all those terrorist "ragheads" as being victims, but if you STILL haven't gotten the gist of this article, so are you! We as a race, the Human Race can only survive and overcome the genocidal plans of the ruling elites-the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, DuPonts, Vanderbilts, Windsors, Foleys, Bushs, and all the other interlocking and interrelated old money violent inbred psychotic bluebloods-if we stand together and say NO MORE FIGHTING YOUR WARS!

So which America will you represent? Which one shall you fight for?

Decide now and steel yourself for the consequences of promoting "subversive ideologies", "aiding and abetting the 'enemy'", "insubordination" and "mutiny". Because it's going to take teaching others about their God Given Rights enshrined in the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights to get them to want something better than some elitist's "new world order" of feudal slavery.

It's going to take giving heads up on treasonous plans to those in this struggle for Our America.

It's going to take standing by the side of those you'd normally wouldn't because we've all been duped into arguing over the smaller issues.

It's going to take overcoming all our petty prejudices-class, race, culture.

It's going to take learning from others everything we can-down to the very basics of survival.

It's going to take seeing yourself not as a soldier, but as a American, a Human Being and asserting YOUR RIGHTS.

(1)Order from Javelinpress.com the book by Mr. Ken Royce (Boston T. Party)Hologram of Liberty about the elitist origins of the 1787 U.S. Constitution; how it was hustled into becoming the law of the land by eastern establishment types of that era, and how it was so cleverly designed to unfurl the hydra headed oppressive federal government we have today.

(2) Smedly Butler, War is a Racket. No pinko peacenik, this Marine Corps General spent his career making the world safe for American Corporations by blasting beaners, chinks, crackers, coons and other poor riff-raff. He was even tapped by certain rich folk during the depression to stage a coup to replace Roosevelt's communist socialism with their more fascist brand of socialism... Butler refused.

(3) Kennedy-ed: my term for presidential assassination staged as sacrificial ritual for those foolhardy for making a frontal assault on the powers-that-be unprepared. Usually held on a numerologically significant date, at a symbolically important place, important time, two or three shooters and backup. And a nosepick patsy given credence for the event-supposedly with a wop piece of junk "rifle" with a defective scope. Whose assassinated himself by another deluded dope.

(4)Go to silver-investor.com, then to the archives. Find the articles by Charles Savoie: World Money Power, World Money Power II, World Money Power III. It's these articles that I believe expose the ancient center of power that have dominated, exploited and harvested Man in endless series of financial and social manipulations-the most cruel yet profitable to those bastards being war. It's what you signed up for, Soldier!

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This artical is to long. I got to the point where you said you love america, and had to stop.

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I'm going to look up your article on police.