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Cobra Hits in Iraq: Graphic Video

Check out Google Video, in general. It's got a lot of stuff. IndyVideo should put their stuff here too, I think.

Here is a graphic video of US helicopters blowing shit up in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. I am sure we can all be very proud of this war and America's behavior in it.

How much more can one take? 02.Dec.2005 15:26

Sick of it all!

Lets see, between animals being skinned alive, citizens being randomly sniped at on highways and the country being obliviated of all buildings, vehicles, trees and life forms, what is left to do? Of course there must be a rational reason for all of the above.
Obviously, SATAN RULES! I am waiting to see a video of the Great Army of Darkness, doing a good deed, like actually helping someone. Anyone who is an American and can look me in the face and say all of these acts are righteous, belongs in a Luny Bin,well I guess they are already in one; Its name is America. God Save Us All............
About the video. I quess blowing up million dollar equipment, empty buildings most likely with people inside and obvious buildings used for agriculture along with wiping out humans that happen to be in the fields and wiping out all habitation is really helping the people of Iraq. I am glad to have seen what Democracy can do,arent you? This truly has shown me what example the U.S. is setting up for the rest of the world.But of course, Satan likes Hot and deserted real estate, doesnt he.......