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sambuck's coffeehouse stood up for the little guy and hear what happened

Starbucks sued sambuck's coffeehouse of Astoria, Oregon a few years ago and here is the latest report
I have just heard the opinion that Judge Haggerty ruled in the 9th Circuit Court in the District of Oregon. The Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland 13th floor.

Judge Haggerty ruled that I willfully infringed and diluted Starbucks trademark. I have to pay Starbucks attorney fees (laughable). I am to have the name sambuck's off everything within 48 hours and the clock started ticking today (laughable). What a crock of _ _ _ _!

I have learned alot about the corporate world in the past few years and it is not pretty. I am still in shock, but it is very important that this news gets out as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support when you have stood next to me on this issue, alot of you came and visited me at my sambuck's coffeehouse, called, sent encouraging cards and just the daily updates you inquired with me and my wonderful team at sambuck's. The support is appreciated and will be for the rest of my life. I have alot of people to thank. MY ATTORNEY GAVE A STRONG CASE. I thank him for all his hard work.

sambuck's coffeehouse team

address: address: 1154 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 97103

Starbucks serves Swine Juice 29.Nov.2005 20:00

Starbucks riding on the back of the working class

Starbucks your greed is as disgusting as your explotation.
Take a look at Starbucks financial highlights for 2004. The coffeeshop they took to court probably had sales of $50,000 and two employees. Corporate pig is to good of word for Starbucks.

Financial Highlights
Fiscal Year End: September
Revenue (2004): 5294.20 M
Revenue Growth (1 yr): 29.90%
Employees (2004): 96,700
Employee Growth (1 yr): 30.70%

I know that judge 29.Nov.2005 20:26


I went to elementary school with that judge's daughter. I'll been wondering recently if they're a good judge or a bad judge. guess they're a bad judge.

Oh... 29.Nov.2005 20:48


Well, I guess I'd better drop my idea of starting a company called WelMart selling cheap Chinese goods stocked by just-above-minimum wage part-time employees and invading every little town in America will get me sued...
Seriously, really sorry to hear this. Was it just the name or did you do some parody of their logo, too? Just wondering.

Starbucks 29.Nov.2005 21:11


Think Starbucks will sue the Chinese company "sambucks"?...  http://www.sambucks.com/

Problaby not...

Hey, Shaker 29.Nov.2005 21:21


It's Sam Buck's name!! StarBuck's stole the name from Moby Dick, but they have TONS of money, so it's OK!

Let me see 29.Nov.2005 22:23

if I have this correct.

Your legal name is Sam Buck? And a judge is telling you that you can't name a coffee shop after yourself? And your attorney gave a strong case?!

I'm also wondering: Was it just the name, or did you do some parody of their logo too?

Have you talked to the media about this? Is it in any of the newspapers? I would recommend contacting a reporter or two -- to get this story out to the general public. Fucking Starbucks could use the negative press. They deserve it!

I wish you the best.

Thanks... 29.Nov.2005 22:33


I didn't realize that, Astorian. My poor presumption. Thanks.

It's the Law 29.Nov.2005 23:37


Under the law, corporations are persons for whom protections of functional processes solely intended to produce wealth without bound, with no accountable obligation to bring sustainable, viable good to the beings it exploits, harvests and converts, supercede access to basic necessities for a reasonable life of anywhere from one to billions of natural persons, of all species and forms, anyplace, anytime.

This is just one more carefully nurtured perversion grown out of centuries of civilization, divine right of property, capitalism, monetary systems of exchange and legal bias, developed by protectors of the elite status quo in the name of stability. It resides along side the perversions to free self-determination and collectivism perpetrated by governments, priesthoods, generals and admirals and self-perpetuating elites.

All living beings and spirit-inhabited places and objects are stock in the corporate feed lot.

whoa! attorney fees!!?? 30.Nov.2005 02:11


knowing a little about copyright law (and how unfair it can be), i figured that starbucks might win this case. it is sad that this corporate behemoth was able to crush a small business. i am certain that part of their argument was this: if we don't go after every trademark infringement, no matter how small or insignificant, we will not be able to protect our mark when we really need to.

it's sad.

what is maddening, though, is that the judge said you have to pay starbucks' attorney fees, which are sure to be astronomical! how is this fair?

sambuck's logo 30.Nov.2005 06:31

Sam Buck sambucks@charter.net

parody? nope! I used my logo my mother designed.

1154 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 97103
my logo for the curious
my logo for the curious

It's not just you.... 30.Nov.2005 08:03


Starbucks steals from everyone. Maybe 10 years ago they put out a series of coffee mugs with Monet paintings on the side - without permission from the estate.

I also remember maybe 25 years back when IBM stole Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp character for a series of ads.

The radical cheeky chic set thinks it's cool to violate copyright, demanding everything be free and available to all - until someone steals from them.

I'm sorry you got hit by the coporate muscle. Get a better lawyer. Start your appeal now. Reclaim your good name.

Ask for your own chapter.... 30.Nov.2005 09:02


This is too good to be true - this poor pr flack deserves to hear from each and every one of you...

seattle.craigslist.org > writing gigs > Starbucks experiences wanted!!
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Starbucks experiences wanted!!
Reply to:  chababy@aol.com
Date: 2005-11-30, 6:31AM PST

I'm looking to include your Starbucks experiences in a new book. I'd like to hear if an employee provided extra service, if you felt that something unexpectedly positive or unique or different happened during your visit, if you had a problem and an the employee worked with you to provide a favorable outcome, or any other noteworthy experience you may have had. Big or small, I'm looking for examples of customer service or community service as it relates to Starbucks.

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Compensation: copy of the book, credit in the book, $25 Starbucks gift card - if your experience is used in the book

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Starbucks sued HaidaBucks; in doing so, locked horns with entire Haida nation! 30.Nov.2005 19:36

The brew-ha-ha

When given notice of a trademark-infringement lawsuit from Starbucks, the owners of HaidaBucks café refused to back down. Having created a public-relations nightmare for itself, the Seattle-based global enterprise, which prides itself on "support for local communities" and fair trade practices, officially announced that the case is closed.

"We won," said Darin Swanson, one of four HaidaBucks co-owners. "We did more than defend our name; we defended our honour as indigenous peoples and our right to our heritage."

The brew-ha-ha began boiling in March 2003, when a Vancouver law firm, acting on behalf of Starbucks Corp., sent a cease-and-desist letter to the owners of HaidaBucks, requesting that they change the cafe's name and stop using the "confusing" variation of the Starbucks name and trademark. A formal notice of litigation arrived the following month.

The owners of HaidaBucks, who opened the cafe in 1999, refused to budge. They argued that "bucks" is a colloquial expression, akin to "dude".


give us more 01.Dec.2005 04:00


Sam Buck: I read the story in the big O last week. First read it here on Indy I suppose, some time back. Sounded like you had the basis of a strong case. I wish you could have given us a little more information about how the judge was able to make his determination that you "willfully infringed and dilluted Starbuck's trademark". Suppose it was how you linked your first and last name together withought a space between. Imagine if you just had that space between....maybe their argument would have fallen flat. Or, maybe the size of the circle with logo in relation to the cup, set next to a starbucks, was too similar. Or, maybe the judge in fact, fucked up. Make a big stink and appeal.

Did Starbucks get customers to alledge you boasted about deliberately ripping off their trademark or some such thing? Haven't been in your shop, but I wonder if a starbucks customer could actually be deceived by your name/logo, into going into your shop, buying and drinking coffee there under the impression they were in a starbucks.

I suppose they could say you were ripping them off of the marketing they invested in their uniquely rendered variation of a logo within a circle. In general though, a logo within a circle with text on the edge doesn't really count as a unique design. I can't tell for sure without a sample right near me to compare, but looks like yours and their font is different too.

Your loss of the lawsuit sounds more like a consequence of the zeal of corporate lawyer vultures that a big corporation can afford to set upon the public.

Starbucks coffe stores are kind of like that weed, that plant that is infesting coastal areas in mediteranean. Spreads rampantly, started out as something genetically bred just for survival in aquariums. Starbucks stores have thorougly permeated much of world community culture, because people by and large, love starbucks for now. Many good people of good will work in their stores. Starbucks has a kind of monopoly going though. Too many people depend on them for their living. When the market starts to drop off, they'll be pulling the rug out from under people.

Dirty Starbuck's 01.Dec.2005 12:06


There has got to be somewhere in the past that the word starbucks was used before. Im middle-aged and there is something very familiar about that name. Too bad it cant be found and the tables turned on this corporate pig.

Never buy multinational 01.Dec.2005 13:10

Cup a joe

Just another reason never to darken thier doorsteps.
If I'm ever in Astoria, I'll be sure and stop in for cup.

Who Steals What? 01.Dec.2005 13:13


Is Starbuck Cafe, in Starbuck, Washington, nearer in similarity to "Starbucks" than SamBucks Coffee? Looks like it to me.

Is the blind corporate cyclops going after this one next? After paying for an injunction prohibiting a natural person from using a legal, given birth and family name to identify his small business, predating the corporate handle, will the corporation next buy another injunction, this time against a town and a small business in and named for the town that also predate the corporate label?

From the phone book:
Starbuck Cafe
Starbuck, WA 99359
phone: (509) 399-2003
Starbuck, WA
Starbuck, WA

Who Steals What? 01.Dec.2005 15:01


Is Starbuck Cafe, in Starbuck, Washington, nearer in similarity to "Starbucks" than Sambuck's Coffee? Looks like it to me.

Is the blind corporate cyclops going after this one next? After paying for an injunction prohibiting a natural person from using a legal, given birth and family name to identify his small business, predating the corporate handle, will the corporation next buy another injunction, this time against a town and a small business in and named for the town that also predate the corporate label?

From the phone book:
Starbuck Cafe
Starbuck, WA 99359
phone: (509) 399-2003
Starbuck, WA on the Map
Starbuck, WA on the Map

Contact Starbuck's 02.Dec.2005 17:12

Jenny D

I've just finished sending an email to Starbuck's, telling them that I will never enter another Starbuck's until they rectify this situation. And, that I plan on passing the word around as much as possible about how greedy they are. I invite you all to do the same. I live in Chesapeake, VA and have never before even heard of Sambuck's. But after hearing the story on the news tonight, I am enraged that yet another small business owner got screwed-over by a large corporation and an idiot judge. I wish you lots of luck, Sam Buck!

FourBucks 02.Dec.2005 18:11

Angel aamitrano@berklee.net

Hey There,

Your shop is adorable. I am a poor college student on the east coast. If I were on the other side of this country I would buy 400 of everything you sell with my loan money. This is B. S. I only go into FOURBUCKS and get WATER. then in front of them I put in a tea bag of trader joes tea in their cups. and ask for honey and sugar. I am a financial drain on them everyday for the entire semester. In some small way I feel better. Their teas, hot coacoas, expressos - I have tried everything and to be as honest as I possibly can I would rather eat my dogs poop. It all has no taste.

The best part is when I ask for water then cant understand. You mean you want a mocha double tall latte creme whip no ice? No fucktard a WATER. a simple old skool water. you overpaid underschooled TWIT.

I wish you luck in your endevor. We're all on your side here in Boston and boycotting as fierce as we ever were FOURBUCKS coffee houses.


never again 02.Dec.2005 18:34

someone open-minded and objective

Starbuck's has disgusted me entirely. I have many friends who work for Starbuck's, but I will never purchase another item from them in my lifetime. Sam, you need to find a better attorney and appeal this. I am a true coffee lover, you could even call me a coffee snob or connoisseur, your choice. I always tell my friends who work for Starbuck's how crappy the coffee is there. They give me a free cup, and I say "it still sucks". I can't in good conscience even accept the free cups after the verdict in this case. I'm not just bad-mouthing Starbuck's, try the coffee I make at home. It's incredible, it blows away Starbuck's. I buy my beans from Peaberry's of Colorado. Some of the best have been free trade coffees grown organically at high altitudes in Nicaragua, specially selected by Peaberry's owner for quality of flavor, carefully roasted, fresh ground, brewed through unbleached filters with pure water. Mmmm, Starbuck's can't touch this!. Sam, I would love to try your coffee if I'm in Astoria, please stay in business and fight those creeps at Starbuck's. I handle companies like Starbuck's by taking my money away from them, and guess what, a whole lot of those same companies have gone bankrupt and disappeared, though they thought they were invincible. I'm off to email Starbuck's and inform them they'll never see another penny from me, and that I'll encourage all of my friends (who by the way are some of their top employees) to find better jobs and quit. Much love Sam. Don't quit, maybe this is an opportunity to grow your company. Read "Blue Ocean Strategy" by W. Chan Kim.

What a bunch of crap... 03.Dec.2005 07:12

ginny macdva@cox.net

The more I read your comments the more disgusted I beacame.

How low can starbucks go? Clearly they will receive a letter from me and I would hope others as well. I plan on telling every person I see at my local charbucks in the Safeway nearby.

The judge must have come from the Bush Whitehouse. He should be off the bench, what a jerk. What if his name was Sam Buck??


Sorry about the news 03.Dec.2005 16:20

Q Madp www.SamBucksCoffeeHouse.com

Hi Sam,
I'm stuck in California (car broke down) and noticed a lot of hits to my website www.SamBucksCoffeeHouse.com . I got curious and found out the bad news. I think it suck. I think you should rename it, give it an corporate name like starbucksscrewslittlepeopleintostarvation or something. I hope the people in Astoria will do their best to keep starbucks from opening a store there. You know they are already looking for a site, and perhaps they will take you to court for legal fees and move you out onto the street. I think the ceo's of starbucks are some of the biggest a-holes out there. They are the rapist of the American working people. When I get back to Portland, I'll make adjustments to the website. Take care!!

9th Circuit Court, " Judge Haggerty", District of Oregon 03.Dec.2005 18:15

Sam Buck

This Judge disregarded our whole defense (literally). A total defiance of the Supreme Court. I hear he climbed the ranks from being a corporate attorney. I will post his conclusion soon.

I wonder if an investigative reporter will follow him into Starbucks??

I encourage everyone to support independent small business. Don't give STARBUCKS another penny.

If you're in the neighborhood stop in or visit ZAMBUX2 exactly 1 mile north of Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, Oregon at the blinking red four way stop.

Sam 04.Dec.2005 12:38


Please don't give up the fight. This whole bizarre "adventure" of yours is spreading around the country.  http://prorev.com/2005/12/court-rules-samantha-buck-must-pay.htm

I especially like a comment to the above Internet post: In answering your phones from now on, "How about -- "The Coffee House formerly known as Sambucks"?"

'We the People' are taking notice! Starbucks will end up paying dearly for this stupid action!

Starbucks had no choice 05.Dec.2005 01:17


The problem with the way that trademark law works is that if you do not vigorously defend your trademark, future infringers can claim that you don't care about your trademark. This is a real problem for trademark owners. Obviously we don't know what their thinking was, but they probably could have tried to settle this case without going to court. Perhaps they did - who knows?

An earlier comment clearly described what corporations are all about - making as much money as possible. If they could get away with grinding up babies and selling them as chicken feed, they would do it. It's the way our system is set up. The counterbalance to this system is supposed to be our government, acting in our collective interest. Unfortunately, our laws have allowed corporations to purchase politicians via legal but shady contributions, and they have done this. They would be stupid not to do this, since a few hundred thousand dollars invested in buying politicians can reap hundreds of millions in revenue.

The solution for us (we the people) is to work hard to elect good people that are not on corporate payrolls. Ralph Nader ( link to votenader.org)

Satanic concept of "starbucks" 27.Sep.2006 09:43

truth exposer

"Star" is in reference to the sun, hence the ancient egyption "SUN GOD"

"Bucks" is obvious, in is in reference to money.

therefore the 2 GODS of the satanic globalists,

the worship of money and the sun.