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info meeting: Volunteers needed for Dec. 10th WTO Protest

Over 30 organizations have come together to organize what we hope will be a massive rally and march in downtown Portland and a comprehensive teach-in about free trade. The Portland mobilization and march also commemorates International Human Rights Day, and will protest the erosion of workers' right to form unions.

Join a coalition of labor, environmental and community to say "No" to the WTO and "Yes" to the right to organize unions. From December 13-18, the World Trade Organization will meet in Hong Kong to implement anti-labor, anti-environmental, and anti-democratic policies. Widespread opposition has derailed these meetings in Seattle, WA in 1999 and in *Cancun, Mexico in 2003.

Two orientation meetings this week to find out more about the issues, what is being planned, and ways to plug in and volunteer.
Wednesday, November 30th 6:30 PM @ AFSCME Council 75, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland
Thursday, December 1st 6:20 PM - *film screening to follow @ the Clinton Street Theater, 522 SE Clinton St.

Come find out about the:

  • Protest on Saturday, December 10th
  • Teach-in on Saturday, December 17th
  • How you can plug in and volunteer
Comment: The positive alternative So-called "free" trade apologists will always try to put you down, saying that we can't just get rid of the WTO. These corrupt idiots think they can put you down just by asking you what your alternative is. Would you just stop international trade overnight, or what? It's like the opposition to Iraq withdrawal. DON'T LET THEM GIVE YOU THAT CRAP! There IS a positive program for global trade, and it's been on the table (although ignored by corporate media as well as by academia) since Seattle! The name of the alternative is the "Global Sustainable Development Resolution". Here's some good background on this issue from Rep.Peter DeFazio's web site


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