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On indicting a ham sandwich

Recently, while explaining away his troubles with a Texas grand jury, Tom DeLay (The hammer) quoted former New York Judge Sol Wachter, by saying that "grand juries, it's all one sided. It is all in what he presents the grand jury, how he spins, how he presents it. Everybody (Judge Wachter) says YOU CAN INDICT A HAM SANDWICH WITH A GRAND JURY. This is a ham sandwich indictment without the ham."
Maybe the hammer has shed some light upon how and why a grand jury here in Oregon could somehow find that there was no wrong doing, when two cops killed Fouad Kaady, who was unarmed, naked, injured, and catatonic. Maybe the ham was missing.

Maybe it is time to go past the grand jury, and maybe even past the District Attorney. This is a bogus process, and too many criminals with badges are being put back on the streets with license to kill again.
plenty of bacon, though 27.Nov.2005 09:06

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