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9/11Blogger Site Promoting DVD of 'No Planes' at WTC

Is it to make money? Is it to 'educate' people by asking if what hit the WTC towers were commercial jets and asserting that the ONLY damage to the Pentagon was a hole 16' wide (90' was more like the reality)? Is that how we 'grow' the 911 Movement, by spreading disinformation on our FRONT PAGE with one of the most hardcore HOAX films in existance next to In Plane Site??? But 911Blogger cites this as an 'incredible achievement,' just what those defending the official story ordered! Make everyone in the so-called 911 Movement look so looney that even the most skeptical of radio hosts, newspaper columnists and indymedia editors will think we're too nutty to host. Great going 911blogger!
Here's what's at the top of 911Blogger's website now:


Loose Change 2nd Edition Trailer Available

The first edition of Loose Change actually included video interviews with some of the firefighters from the famous discussion in the firehouse which was an incredible achievement in my book.

This edition appears to include video from the aftermath of when a plane crashed into the Empire State Building, which is huge!!

Check out the trailer here:


The official Loose Change website can be found here:


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(more disinfo - McNiven's site is considered to be disinfo and 911blogger is promoting it)


911blogger apparently started up in mid-spring 2005, and immediately got attention for copying a video of David Ray Griffin's successful lecture in Madison, Wisconsin (which was broadcast on the C-Span network). 911blogger got instant credibility from many sources for this video link, and emails were soon flying across the internet promoting this site as a place to visit for excellent videos. But what else is at this site?

911blogger features prominent links to WingTV (right-wing promoters and personal attacks of 9/11 researchers Michael Ruppert and Jim Hoffman), Karl Schwarz (an unknown, it would seem, but who links to Letsroll911 & Jack Blood, amongst others) as well as featuring the DVDs 'In Plane Site' and 'Loose Change,' which promote the memes of 'No Commercial Jets,' not only at the Pentagon but also at the WTC! 'Team 8' is featured on there, which promotes 'plane swapping,'

The 9/11 Truth Movement wouldn't even have the David Ray Griffin video had it not been for him. Try focusing on unity, and not who is disinfo and who isn't. Pointing out who is disinformation is disinformation.

The idea that 911blogger was somehow necessary for David Ray Griffin to have made this video is ridiculous. It's a nice touch that the defender of their tactic suggests that 9/11 skeptics should focus on unity (generally a good idea) even though the 911blogger site is promoting fake claims that many 9/11 skeptics are united in thinking are not true.
Loose Change Creator Korey Rowe - We had to go over there and get the terrorists 02.Dec.2005 15:30


Tuesday, July 23, 2002
'Terrorism has to be dealt with': Soldier recounts service
By Carolyn Norton
Staff Writer

ONEONTA Korey Rowe looks like your average 19-year-old.

Seeing him in a red Hawaiian shirt and shorts, you would never guess that Rowe returned last week from six months of U.S. Army duty in Afghanistan.

"The first two months took a long time," Rowe said, while sitting in the kitchen of his parents' Oneonta home. "But after a while you kind of forgot what it was like even to be in the real world."

Spread out on the table before Rowe were glossy photographs of the Afghanistan desert.

Army-green tents dot the sandy landscape. Weapons, ammunition and army vehicles sit in the backgrounds. One photograph shows Rowe dressed in military garb and a helmet, sleeping in a foxhole.

"What we were doing over there was important," Rowe said. "It's important not only for us, but for the rest of the world. Terrorism has to be dealt with."

Rowe, who earned his GED a year ago, said he never expected to be dealing with terrorism in a wartime setting.

He enlisted in the Army late in August 2001 and had just begun basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia when the Sept. 11 attacks happened.

A mere four months later, he found himself stepping off a plane in Kandahar.

"We landed, and as soon as we got off the plane, this guy said 'Don't step in the sand, it hasn't been cleared,'" Rowe said. "Then he walked away, and I just followed him, stepping in his foot steps."

Rowe said he spent the first few weeks securing the perimeter of a compound in Kandahar.

"It was pretty mellow," he said. "We didn't see all that much."

However, his battalion was shot at several times by Taliban supporters, he said.

"It was a little scary," he said. "It was definitely different. You don't get people shooting at you here in Oneonta."

Rowe and his battalion then went to Baghlan, where they participated in a Quick Reaction Force.

"In that area, a lot things happened pilots went down, helicopters went down," Rowe said. "If someone needed immediate help, we were there."

Rowe recalled he and other soldiers driving 45 minutes into a hot desert to pick up a downed pilot.

Then, in April or May, Rowe said he went back to Kandahar to again man the perimeter.

"By that time, it was really hot out there," he said. "We were sitting in these towers, and it was 115 degrees."

Finally, in May, Rowe and a group of soldiers were sent on a mission to destroy a suspected al-Qaida camp.

"We had satellite surveillance telling us there were terrorist camps," he said. "We trained and practiced and trained and practiced."

The group flew in at night and explored a maze of caves, only to find abandoned ammunition.

"We searched and blew up the caves to make it unusable," he said. "We were lucky there was no one there. We were lucky we didn't get attacked."

Rowe's father, Tom, describes being scared for his son.

"There were quite a few sleepless nights," he said. "We didn't know where he was all the time."

Korey said, although he never feared for his life, he was scared at some points.

"Sometimes when you're sleeping at night, they'd jolt you awake and tell you to get in the fox holes, because someone 200 meters away is getting fired at," Rowe said. "You're scared, but you're trained for it."

He said some soldiers in his unit had "confirmed kills" of the enemies during firefights, though he had none.

"No one really talks about it," Rowe said. "When you're staring at each other through the sights, it's either you kill them, or they kill you."

Tom Rowe said he didn't know how to feel when he heard about the Sept. 11 attacks, knowing his son had just joined the army.

"Since 9/11, when we were invaded, Korey's mom and myself had mixed feelings," he said. "But after talking to Korey for a while, and realizing that Korey was 100 percent behind what he was doing, it was a little better."

The biggest change in his son, Rowe said, has been mentally.

"He has matured immensely," he said. "Six months in Afghanistan has shown him how some people in other parts of the world live."

Korey Rowe agrees.

"The military is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself," he said.

He said being in Afghanistan has led to a greater understanding of the United States' mission there.

"Sept. 11 was something that directly affected every person in the U.S.," he said. "We had to go over there and get the terrorists. Some are still over there. Eventually it may be over, but not for a long time."

Carolyn Norton can be reached at:  cnorton@thedailystar.com or (607) 441-7218.