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DRecK MeGaZinE will KEep PoRTlanD QueeR!

I, Tony le Tigre, and a menagerie of local talent have created a new queer "megazine" called Dreck. Our mission it to reclaim the term "queer" as a synonym of "weird" more than a reference to someone's sexual orientation; and to start a local literature and arts journal that will eventually have as wide a circulation as WW or the Mercury.

Hi, humans! My name is Tony le Tigre and I've decided to start a new literature and arts journal or "megazine" here in PDX in this marvelous town where social gravity is at a minimum and creative insanity at a maximum. Once I took the first step I was amazed at how quickly things began to fall into place. Some very wonderful and enthusiastic people materialized almost immediately, and often just in the nick of time. My original concept evolved with their input, and I'm sure will continue to evolve in the future. We hope this is the beginning of something great that will last as long (and be at least as much decadent fun) as the Roman Empire!

We of Dreck 'Megazine' believe that in a town as weird, wonderful and alternative as Portland, there should be a queer-oriented publication that reflects the weird wonderful alternativeness of our community(ies) without compromise, without conformity or sanitization, and without restraint. Notice I said queer-oriented rather than queer. Although the current cultural definition of Queer as gay or lesbian will certainly pervade our pages, we wish to embrace a broader definition of Queer as an adjective referring to a person who deviates from the societal norm in any number of ways.

We want Dreck to be a publication in which people can be as political or as apolitical as they want; and to have a core of seriousness and artistic quality beneath a veneer of humor and frivolity.
The layout for the first issue is complete and within the next few days should be posted online for all to see at www.dreckweb.com (currently under construction). We have some fantastic material, both words and visuals, as I hope you will agree when you see the results. Our next problem is coming up with funding/advertising for the print run of the first issue, because I want it to be in hard copy as well as online. If anyone with prior experience has suggestions in this area, please contact me,  dedril@hotmail.com.

We are joining forces with QuArt, a local Queer Arts group, for a DRECK first-issue launch party which will take place on Thursday December 29th at the Know - 2026 NE Alberta - beginning at 8PM. There we plan to distribute copies of the first issue of Dreck free.

If you wish to join the Dreck mailing list, send submissions or contact us for any other reason please feel free to do so at the email address given


Tony LT

homepage: homepage: http://www.dreckweb.com (coming soon!)

Queer Sells..... 28.Nov.2005 10:34


The magazine just sounds like a yawn. Come oooon. It's as fun as those "keep portland weird stickers". I hope you try to put some substance in your magazine. We don't need one more merc or willy.

I also hope you are not trying to take the "cool" part of queer to benefit your little rag. It kinda smells like assimulationy culture for sale kinda thing. Queer has been a stuggle, fight and a movement for many. I hope that you acknowledge this or leave it be. Queer as folk has done enough already!

my advice 30.Nov.2005 17:25

tony le tigre

go ahead and read the thing before you make those kinds of accusations, okay?

me and some others have worked very hard to put some substance in Dreck.

one thing you can do is come to Noir on Friday December 16th where we'll be passing out free copies of the first issue.

if you're yawning, you might be tired.

Good point. 30.Nov.2005 22:15


Are you going to be handing all of your issues out for free? I also would like to know if you have a plan for the "substance" of the magazine/paper? Can you state goals beyond a report on weirdness/queerness in Portland and pitures of hipsters on the cover? I would otherwise agree with the canker.

goals 01.Dec.2005 14:44

tony le tigre

to provide portland with a quality literature & arts periodical that is printed in color on glossy paper, magazine-style, as opposed to a black & white homemade zine which there a million of.

also to give a voice to the more alternative, non-assimilationist queer community here to balance out that provided by Just Out (which likes to pretend that bisexuals don't exist).

"Queer Sells" doesn't mean much since we're free.

It's a lot easier to shoot someone else's idea down than to realize your own. The "hipster" on the cover is me, and since I'm doing layout, editing, fundraising, printing etc. myself, I get the cover of the first issue. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

Oh wait...it's free.