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Colin Powell

Announcing Colin Powell to speak at Willamette University
December 2, 2005 - march will meet at Willamette University and move to location of Powell's speech to raise funds for Willamette University, highlight black American accomplishments, and launch political damage control. Powell acquiesced to the My Lai Massacre without proper investigation and established himself as a team player. That led to his endorsement of the Iraq invasion, which compromised this nation's integrity. Please join us to say no to Powell.
Today at the Red and Black, I overheard a conversation by three gentlemen regarding surveillance that sounded remarkably like police work. Does anyone know the three gentlemen present at the Red and Black at 1 P.M. Friday, November 25? The older gentleman was stocky and spoke with a British accent. He was in his mid-fifties. A second gentleman was taller and muscular in his forties. He had sunken eyes, was blond, and had a long braided ponytail. He was the one instructing the third person in surveillance work. The third person was in his thirties with prominent tattoos on both arms and short dark hair. He was wearing an IWW teeshirt.
Beware of Traitors 01.Dec.2005 17:23

Was once approaced

Beware of people who can be swayed by bribery.
Years ago at a campout for the homeless downtown I was approached in a nearby coffee shop by a conservative looking man who said he noticed I had been speaking with (people who had influence)at the campout. And then proceeded to explain to me that it could mean a lot if someone could persaude the campers to leave. I was totally surprised, but at that point I knew the campout was making a difference. I let him know my morals werent that low and never would be. So beware of traitors.