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Do it now, send it to all senators, congress people NOW

2001 footage of Powell and Rice declaring that Iraq is not a threat.
This short clip from John Pilger's documentary, Breaking the Silence, contains 2001 footage of Powell and Rice declaring that Iraq is not a threat.

Send this to all senators, all congress people, all U.S and international media, your work, school, relatives and friends. And with it report that since U.S set it's feet in Iraq, it is the U.S who have used chemical weapons against Iraqis.

Bush, the hidden government behind him and their supporters MUST be stoped. They have comminted mass murder, torture, false imprisonment and they use chemical weapons in Iraq.


And here you can see the whole documentary.

or at

Mac users like me 24.Nov.2005 11:19

reader 2

QuickTime won't manage the .wmv file at all (at least not my free QT that goes with OS 10.2.6) so use the last link provided --


There you can still click on a link to the video -- but unless your system can handle Windows Media format, you won't be able to view it!

However, for those who want to see it in writing, TheMemoryHole has done a great job of providing transcripts at that link.

BTW: Most Congress people are very fast readers and also workaholics constantly under time pressure -- so, while they probably appreciate access to the videos, they are not likely going to want to see them before scanning the content in writing!

you can play .wmv files on a Mac all sorts of ways 24.Nov.2005 23:56


Here is a thread discussing several programs (some downloadable for free) that can be used to run Windows Media Files on a Macintosh (newer and older versions of operating systems):

You can find lots more than that, just by Googling:
playing .wmv files macintosh

thanks to Capt. Planet 26.Nov.2005 08:56

reader 2

I haven't found any actual free freeware, (not free trial ware), that looks any good -- but flip4Mac looks pretty good. However, I won't be able to afford it until sometime next year. It isn't expensive -- it's just that I am a very low income person, so $20 including S&H is out of my limits.