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Latest Call Out and Update from Tre Arrow - Nov. 22, 05

A message from Tre...
Hey to all of you out there. It's Tre from Wilkie. Please don't
misunderstand my last callout. This is no country club here! Wilkie offers
a few "privileges" that weren't available to me at North Fraser. I am
grateful to be able to access a few things which help to make this
challenging existence a bit more tolerable. This reality of living in a
cage is the most toxic, oppressive atmosphere I have ever endured. This is
a life governed by fear, with a schedule and routine of spinning clocks
and slamming metal doors. There are constant stresses and conflicts, but I
figure it's better to focus on the positive rather than the negative, eh?

This morning I glanced out the window and witnessed a few deer pouncing by
on the other side of the fence... What it's like to be a free wild animal!
And tonight i gazed out the window and viewed the North Star and Big
Dipper for thge first time in almost two years. It was a glorious sight,
reminding me whence we came, to where we may return, and how much
greatness & mystery lie beyond these Humyn-made walls...

-Letters to the Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler
-Submissions to the Minister
-My appeal

Thank you to all who have written your letter to the Minister. For those
who haven't written their letter yet...IT'S NOT TOO LATE! However, the
time is now, please don't wait any longer. The submissions to the Minister
are due by Dec. 5. He has until May to make his decision whether or not to
surrender me to the US. However, he may make his decision sooner, so
please write your letter ASAP, so he has your words of support to consider
when making his decision. Consider this letter writing campaign to the
Minister to be an enormous help to me in which you can easily take part.
Please see the previous callout, or go to www.trearrow.org for full
details about the letter writing campaign. If you don't have the time or
energy to send a copy to my lawyer Tim or to local newspaper editors
please just send your one letter to the Minister. Thanks again!

My legal defense team and I are working on the submissions to the Minister
of Justice which are due by December 5, 2005. Thanks to all those who are
helping with the work and research involved in this. The three main
arguments opposeing my extradition which make up "the submissions" are as

-This prosecution and extradition is politically motivated and I am being
targeted and persecuted for my political beliefs.

-Considering the well-documented abuses and violations of Prisoners'
rights in US prisons and my particular diet and religious beliefs, I will
not be able to get fair treatment if convicted of the charges.

-The sentencing I face in the US is not only inconsistent with Canadian
sentencing, it is also an example of overzealous targeting of
environmental Activists by the US government and the FBI.

At present no date has been set to appeal the committal order from
Magistrate Gill. It will most likely be in January or February of 2006.
Even though it would make lagal and logistical sense to make our
submissions to the Minister after the outcome of the appeal hearings, the
Minister has refused to wait, and is requiring us to file our submissions
by December 5, 2005.

Further details and more elaborate legal explanations to follow in a few

For more info: www.trearrow.org

Love, Peace, and Solidarity

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org