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PRo Immigrant Rally In Woodburn

We are helping our compañeros at PCUN that are facing down the hostility of anti-immigrant groups (the information is below). We at VOZ are trying to bring together people to go to Woodburn on December 3rd, but we need to know who has a car and can help bring people out to the protest. If you can help drive a great group of people, please let us know.
>VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project
>>330 SE 11th Avenue
>>Portland OR 97214
>>Phone (503) 233-6787
>>Fax (503) 232-6449
>>Dear PCUN Supporters:
Please join PCUN members, allies, and community members for a
>>rally when the Mexican Consulate comes to Woodburn.

>>Date: Saturday, December 3, 9 AM to 12:00 noon
>>Place: PCUN, 300 Young St, Woodburn, OR
>>Immigrant communities around Oregon have faced intimidation and
>>by the anti-immigrant group Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who has
>>followed the Mexican Consulate around the state to protest issuance of
>>Matricula cards - a card which is necessary identification for a Mexican
>>national to be able to return home. The Consulate offers services such as
>>Matricula issuance through their Consulado Movil, or Mobil Consulate, on
>>weekends to communities located outside the Portland metro area. For
>>coverage of the OFIR protests of the Consulate, go to the OFIR website:
>> http://www.oregonir.org/Right_Side_Page.htm.
>>At a rally in support of the Minutemen in Salem, last month, OFIR
>>the protest in Woodburn. PCUN is calling on immigrant community members
>>and>allies to be present December 3 to send a strong and visible message that
>>value immigrants' contributions and that immigrants deserve to be treated
>>with respect and dignity.
>>If you plan on joining us, please be prepared to take a pledge of
>>18 Noviembre 2005
>>Estimados apoyantes de PCUN:
>>Invitamos a miembros de PCUN, aliados y miembros de la comunidad a una
>>manifestación pro-inmigrante cuando el Consulado Mexicano viene a
>>Fecha: 3 Diciembre 2005, 9 AM
>>Lugar: PCUN, 300 Young St, Woodburn, Oregon
>>Comunidades inmigrantes en Oregon han enfrentado intimidación y acoso por
>>parte del grupo anti-inmigrante "Oregonienses para la reforma de
>>inmigración" (OFIR por sus siglas en ingles) quienes han seguido al
>>Consulado por todo el estado para protestar por la emision de la matricula
>>una tarjeta necesaria para que paisanos de Mexico puedan regresar a su
>>Para más información acerca de sus protestas puede ir a la pagina de
>>internet de los OFIR:  http://www.oregonir.org/Right_Side_Page.htm.
>>El mes pasado los OFIR tuvieron una manifestación en Salem en apoyo de los
>>"Minutemen" anunciaron su protesta en Woodburn. PCUN esta haciendo una
>>llamada a miembros de la comunidad inmigrante y aliados para estar
>>el 3 de Diciembre para mandar un mensaje fuerte que reconocemos las
>>contribuciones de inmigrantes y que debemos tratar a inmigrantes con
>>Si piensan venir favor de estar preparado para tomar una promesa de
Matricula 02.Dec.2005 21:54

Scott In PDX

Your are insane! Illegal aliens are not immigrants. They should be sent back to their country of origin. I have to obey laws, shouldn't people entering this country... you know - non citizens?