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Peter Young's Statement to the Court and Updates

Peter Young's Statement to the Court on sentencing
The following is Peter Young's statement to the court at his sentencing on November 8th, 2005. As Peter did a large amount of improvisation, the below text is not a verbatim record, but an approximate account based on his notes and the memory of supporters in the courtroom.
Peter Young
Peter Young
This is the customary time when the defendant expresses regret for the crimes they committed, so let me do that because I am not without my regrets. I am here today to be sentenced for my participation in releasing mink from 6 fur farms. I regret it was only 6. I'm also here today to be sentenced for my participation in the freeing of 8,000 mink from those farms. I regret it was only 8,000. It is my understanding of those 6 farms, only 2 of them have since shut down. I regret it was only 2.

More than anything, I regret my restraint, because whatever damage we did to those businesses, if those farms were left standing, and if one animal was left behind, then it wasn't enough.

I don't wish to validate this proceeding by begging for mercy or appealing to the conscience of the court, because I know if this system had a conscience I would not be here, and in my place would be all the butchers, vivisectors, and fur farmers of the world.

Just as I will remain unbowed before this court- who would see me imprisoned for an act of conscience- I will also deny the fur farmers in the room the pleasure of seeing me bow down before them. To those people here whose sheds I may have visited in 1997, let me tell you directly for the first time, it was a please to raid your farms, and to free those animals you held captive. It is to those animals I answer to, not you or this court. I will forever mark those nights on your property as the most rewarding experience of my life.

And to those farmers or other savages who may read my words in the future and smile at my fate, just remember: We have put more of you in bankruptcy than you have put liberators in prison. Don't forget that.

Let me thank everyone in the courtroom who came to support me today. It is my last wish before prison that each of you drive to a nearby fur farm tonight, tear down its fence and open every cage.

That's all
Peter Sentenced to Two Years

The bittersweet news we've all been waiting for is here...

As anticipated, on November 8th in Madison, Wisconsin Peter received a sentence of 2 years in Federal Prison. Before the end of the month, Peter will be picked up from Madison by the U.S. Marshals and begin his trip to prison. After federal prisoners are sentenced, the trip to prison is said to be an arduous one, generally taking 4 to 6 weeks, during this time Peter will spend time at various smaller jails around the country before resurfacing at his designated prison.

For "security reasons" the U.S. Marshals will not reveal Peter's whereabouts at any given time, and Peter will not be able to receive visits or mail. Additionally, the Bureau if Prisons will not reveal the prison to which Peter has been designated in advance- we won't know until Peter does, which won't be known to him until he arrives.

Peter's attorney has formally requested he be designated to the prison closes to his family, and if the BOP complies, Peter will be serving his time in Sheridan, Oregon (near Portland). Ultimately, the decision rests with the BOP. We don't have a specific release date, but accounting for good time and 6 months time served, we expect Peter to be out of prison and in a halfway house in January 2007, and out altogether the following March. We hope to see everyone at Peter's prison release party later that month!

Interview with Peter Now Available from No Compromise!
Peter's first interview with activist media can be read in No Compromise ..28!
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Report from Peter's Sentencing
When the U.S. Marshals escorted Peter into the courtroom at 1:30 on November 8th- he was greeted with a roar of cheers and applause. Over 50 people from across the country had converged to show their support, see Peter off to prison, and be present for a rare event in direct action history- the sentencing to prison of an activist convicted of liberating animals. After the bailiffs ceased threatening to remove the crowd if there were further "outbursts", the proceeding began.

Judge Crocker began by stating that he had received many letters from both sides- supporters of Peter, and fur farmers. Peter was provided with copies, and later told us letters in his defense outnumbered those from fur farmers 6 times.

The first extended phase was the debate over restitution. The prosecution was asking for $364,106 to cover losses for mink releases at the Turbak, Ott, Smieja, and Dittrich farms. It was revealed the prosecution did not feel they had sufficient evidence linking Peter to the Circle K (Sioux City, Iowa) and Fassett Fur Farm (Webster City, Iowa) releases to request restitution. To make their case for over $360,00, the prosecution began calling their witnesses. First to the stand was fur farmer Alex Ott, who attempted to justify what Peter and his lawyer felt were inflated damage claims. He recited usual fur industry script about released mink starving and dying of exposure, despite mink sheds existing outdoors, and the fur industry having yet to produce the body of one "starved mink". Mrs. Smieja was next, taking the place of her husband who we learned was now deceased, followed by Mrs. Turbac, both of whom appeared visibly nervous before a large audience of activists. Peter's attorney, Mr Kelly did a masterful job of attacking inconsistencies in their testimony, bringing both women to lose their composure at various times, and admitting they lied under oath in signed loss statements provided to the FBI. A fourth person- John Dittrich- was listed as a witness, but was also revealed to be among the growing list of deceased fur farmers. The judge expressed his wishes that "Mr Dittrich and Mr Smieja were in a better place" - a sentiment not shared by many of those in the room. After two hours, two recesses, and much debating, Peter's attorney was successful at reducing the order of restitution from $364,000 to $254,000 - cutting the prosecution's request by nearly a third!

The next item of debate centered on "Acceptance of Responsibility" - an important factor in federal sentencing which can bring a significant reduction in time, but in Peter's case it was of no consequence in the expanded sentence of two years. None the less, the prosecution argued that Peter was ineligible for the two-point decrease in his "offense level" citing his statement to the Associated Press in which he explained the necessity of his actions, and expressed that he had no regrets. Peter's attorney argued that a guilty plea and admission of his role in the fur farm raids itself qualified as "Acceptance of Responsibility". Judge Crocker stated his position that cutting fences and releasing mink under the cloak of darkness and disappearing into the night was the opposite of "Acceptance of Responsibility" and the prosecution's request was granted.

After a short recess, in a telling gesture the fur farmers were given sanctuary beside the FBI agents in the front row- normally reserved strictly for law enforcement. Peter's attorney also noted that while one FBI agent was usually present at Federal sentencings, there were four present this day, which he called "highly unusual."

The prosecution then made a request of the judge that as a condition of Peter's probation, he be barred from associating with animal rights activists. Judge Crocker cited First Amendment conflicts, and denied the request unless the prosecutor could offer something "more focused." Rather than refine his request to "AR activists with a criminal record," or something similar, he dropped the ball completely and withdrew the request. Peter intends to resume his (legal) activism upon release from prison, and called the prosecutions request a "close call."

And then it was time for closing statements. Prosecutor Robert Anderson was the first, making his case for imposing "the maximum sentence allowable under the law," citing totally fabricated statements from Peter stating that "he intends to raid more farms in the future!" Anderson's statements offered no surprises and inspired several yawns.

Next was Peter's attorney, who made several crucial points about the hysteria over politically motivated "crimes" and the zeal of Federal prosecutors in targeting people such as Peter for what in the eyes of the law is merely a property crime. He praised Peter's character and argued for leniency while also noting that Peter's co defendant received the maximum sentence despite his cooperation with the FBI, and that Peter expected nothing less than the maximum sentence of two years.

Last was Peter. What else can be said about the statement covered in dozens if not hundreds of newspapers worldwide the following day? It couldn't be said he held anything back. Read Peter's statement here to see what brought the audience to applause so raucous, the judge admonished- "Any more of that and I will clear this courtroom..."

In the end, Judge Crocker said what we were all expecting - "two years" and the gravel fell.

The following is the final breakdown of Peter's sentence:
Two years in federal prison, with the final two months to be served in a halfway house with work release privileges; 360 hours of community service at a charity to benefit "humans and no other species", $254,000 restitution, and one year probation.

That night Peter was able to visit with several supporters and pen pals at the jail, and the following day a small demo was held outside the window of Peter's cell to wish him goodbye...

What could of been a routine passing of another forgotten inmate into prison proved to be an incredible show of support with a larger turnout than anyone expected. Besides supporters who came from all over Wisconsin, activists also came from California, Oregon, Minnesota, Chicago, Ohio, and beyond, exceeding bench space and forcing those in attendance to take a seat on each others laps.

Peter wishes to thank everyone who came to support him on November 8th and invites everyone to make the trip to visit him in prison when he arrives so that he may thank you in person.

We hope a message carries to future activists who will cross legal lines to save animals that if you are caught- we are there for you. Congratulations to everyone who made November 8th 2005 a day to remember.

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportpeter.com

What a freakin Statement! 22.Nov.2005 10:38

Out Here for Them

Man. What a courageous and kick ass statement. Truly inspiring.

where are the mink farms? 22.Nov.2005 11:21

map quest

It would be in everyones best intrest to post the locations on all the mink farms and all of the other animal torture locations.

Right On! 22.Nov.2005 12:55

Impressed beyond belief.

God Bless You. You so eloquently stated your case.May all of us be able to have the strength and courage to do what you have done and to articulate it so well to a courtroom full of supporters and oppressers.You are a true symbol of idealism for your generation. When I see youth do what you have done; I know your generation has a chance of changing this corrupt system. Hang in there and may all be well with you in the pen. Remember, they can imprison your body,but they cant rob you of your mind. Whatever happens in your imprisonment, just remember the oppresser wants you to crack, So be strong young man and keep your faith. God will be watching over you. You will be in my prayers.

Peter the Martyr 22.Nov.2005 15:33

An impressed admirer

Dear Peter;
I was impressed with your articulate and sophisticated statement to the judge, court, supporters and opponents. You are truly an admirable representative of your generation. I read the article and felt that there is hope left for the human race with intelligent, well spoken youth such as your-self out there doing what is necessary to retain humanity in our global environment. My prayers will be with you in your journey into the oppressors dungeon. They will try to destroy what compassion you have. Just remember,They can lock up your body, but not your mind. Keep physically well and psychologically strong.Keep up the good fight, and God bless you for your sacrifice. You are indeed a hero for the cause of humanity.

List of Fur Farms 22.Nov.2005 16:35


Go to this website for a list of Fur Farms

A Mink being Liberated
A Mink being Liberated

Hang in There! 22.Nov.2005 17:32

Luke, CitizenAlertNetwork

More and more animal liberators and those who support animal rights causes will be sought out by Homeland Security as terrorist suspects so times are becoming increasingly dangerous for all who work toward the great day of liberation for all our animal friends.

What has gone down in the past is nothing compared to what lies in store as the pharmaceutical, food and other animal exploitation industries gain governmental and even military protection from all who threaten their bottom line.

Education of the public and future generations is the key.

Diesel Therapy Not Required 23.Nov.2005 08:14

stu sugarman

Normally, the BOP will tell the defendant where he is to be housed so that the defendant can make the trip on his own, and not be subjected to the awful prison bus trip -- also known as "diesel therapy." I wish I knew what happened in this case, and whether Peter's lawyer requested that Peter be allowed to turn himself in at the prison. My guess is the lawyer did so, as he seems to have done as good a job as anyone could.

peter fucking rocks 23.Nov.2005 15:13


do you think they would let him turn himself in after being on the run for 8 years. he might be considdered a flight risk. but given that hes only getting 2 years after being initially charged with 82, maybe they figure he wont care. especially since hes already been in for like 6 months of it and might get out earlier than that with good behavior. it would be interesting to know how they will proceed with that.

See Videos from the Resistance 24.Nov.2005 17:06


For the address of a fur farm near you, see this month's Videos from the Resistance show. Not only will you see the address of the largest mink farm in Oregon, you will also get to see the owner/butcher/proprietor.

Never let anyone walk past you wearing fur without calling them on it. People can be truly disgusting, and will take up any bad habit if not sanctioned for it. Make it unpleasant for them to display any skin that does not belong to them, and you will save the animals.

Lack of care 25.Nov.2005 15:57


All the time I see pompis woman & men wearing their fur coats or fur hats and they will stand around smoke there cigarettes and I dont see one person say anything to them. I think another protest on the corner of 5th by pioneer square mall would be good. Except much much bigger and alot more signs of cruelity to show what people are putting on themselves. Im sick of so much word but not enough action.

Spray paint 27.Nov.2005 14:36


The spray paint campaign was extremely effective and relatively low risk. Many people still won't wear fur in public because they're afraid they'll get sprayed. Time to bring it back!

Beautiful. True. 30.Apr.2006 19:29

Miranda Riane mirandariane@yahoo.com

The words Peter spoke were not only from the heart, but the truest of words. Everyone should have the feelings and sight he has. Peter, with as strong of feelings as you have expressed, the blind and uncaring members of society who have deprived you of your freedom will never be able to wear you down. Stay true to yourself and the ones who cannot speak for themselves, the animals. You will do just fine. So many belive in you, in what you have done. For all of who see you as a hero, for all the animals you have saved, thank you. Your one of the beautiful ones.

535 S. Waupaca ST.